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    nice, thanks for help, thought rest would get deleted too. now im satisfied lol

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    You can turn off the error display, but it is telling you that the camera isn't tracked. Once you run camera tracker you can turn the effect off or delete it. Its only purpose is to add a camera to the comp. Just delete the Camera Tracker effect on the footage layer and the problem goes away, the warning goes away and nothing changes in your comp. Once you run camera tracking and add a camera and layers you are done with the effect.


    The other option is to split the layer when the error appears. I had a shot the other day that needed Camera Tracking so I could remove some signage. I split the shot into 4 different sections, ran camera tracker on two of the sections, each about 40 frames long, then just set the in and out point for the cameras to match the sections of the shot that needed tracking. There were several advantages. The first - Camera tracking took and adding the about 5 minutes instead of the 20 minutes it would have taken to track the entire shot. Second, each track was more accurate than trying to track a lot of camera movement and perspective changes. The comp looked like this when it was done. Note that the FX has been turned off for both layers where I used Camera Tracker. I have also turned off Fix 1, the first fix for the sign on the wall and turned on Track Solid 1 so you can see how it fits over the sign that needed to be removed. I usually use the Overlay blend mode for my reference solids so I can see through them and check the accuracy of the placement and track. There is also a Lut applied that is the same LUT used in Premiere Pro so I could judge the effectiveness of the composite. When this comp was rendered to go back into the edit the Adjustment layer with the LUT was turned off so all of the color correction could be handled in Premiere Pro.

    Screenshot_2018-11-16 09.59.30_up8tJG.png

    I hope this helps. I don't think there is a single Excellent tutorial out there on how to use Camera Tracking. Maybe I should do one.

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  • 11/16/18--10:39: Re: CPU usage only 4-7%
  • Rendering time depends on what is going on in the frame and what you are doing in the comp. After Effects processes one frame at a time and does not utilize all cores or all resources. There is very little need to do so when you are only calculating the pixels in a single HD frame.


    After effects is not an NLE and should never be used for editing a movie. AE is for creating composites, animations and motion graphics that you edit into a final product in another app. If your 7-minute movie is 1 shot with several effects applied then seven hours of rendering for that specific composition may be entirely normal and the only option you have. If there are several shots in the comp and some of them could be processed in Premiere Pro then you should split things up. I do VFX composites all the time that take one or two minutes a frame to render. If my render takes longer than six or seven minutes a frame I redesign the shot. More than 90% of my VFX comps are one shot that is under seven seconds. Most of my animation projects are broken up into shots or sequences that are no longer than a sentence or phrase of narration. I would guess that the longest would be no more than 15 seconds. All of those parts are assembled in Premiere Pro.


    If you do a lot of rendering I suggest that you invest a hundred bucks in RenderGarden | by Mekajiki. It splits comps up your comp and assigns each section to the available cores you specify. Rendering is at least twice as fast and you can keep working in AE without any noticeable slowdown. Adding an MP4 and Production master to the render only adds a tiny bit to the render time. Most of my renders are done in about 1/4 the time it would take to get them done any other way. I never sit around and wait for renders.


    If you need specific help trying to speed up your workflow then we need complete workflow, system and render details. Just showing us the performance charts isn't helpful.

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    You left out the parentheses. You have to put in the whole arguement.

    freq = effect("Frequency")("ADBE Slider Control-0001");

    decay = effect("Decay")("ADBE Slider Control-0001");

    if(effect("Random Time")("ADBE Checkbox Control-0001")==0){

    retard = (textTotal-textIndex)*thisComp.frameDuration*effect("Offset")("ADBE Slider Control-0001");



         retard = random(0,1);}

    t = time - (inPoint + retard);

    startVal = [100,100,100];

    endVal = [0,0,0];

    duration = effect("Duration")("ADBE Slider Control-0001");

    if (t < duration){



    amp = (endVal - startVal)/duration;

    w = freq*Math.PI*2;

    endVal + amp*(Math.sin((t-duration)*w)/Math.exp(decay*(t-duration))/w);


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    You can add and modify any editable text property. I suggest you type animate text in the Search Help field and check out the User Guide and community resources. Don't use the Help menu, use Search Help in the top right corner of AE. Most of the existing text presets would be a good starting point for creating your own custom animation because they save time setting up animators, range, wiggle and expression sectors.


    When you come up with something you like, save it as your own custom animation preset. I have more than 200 of them that I have made and use all the time for everything from text animations to particle systems. They can be a great time saver.

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    I understand why, but I don't think it's the right approach.


    I just realised incremental saves create a new file for the curent version, not the previous one, so you lose the dynamic link from Premiere... not ideal. I'll stick to copypasting files around.

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    Is it possible to replace the audio of a video clip with another audio track?

    If yes in which way?


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    one simple way,

    turn off the Audio  switch for the video layer, then

    place the new audio layer on top/bottom of the video layer

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    Sure, here it is.


    Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 19.11.46.png

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    Rick, you of all people should know that most people "study" by utilizing community resources like forums, tutorials, and the guidance of seasoned pros. The only thing one accomplishes by belittling a novice is to make it painfully obvious how deeply one's slipped into the grumpy, "can't-do-teach" category of chatroom trolls.


    I followed the steps in this link provided above by Terry Gillespie, and it worked like a charm.

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  • 11/16/18--11:19: Re: AE 2019 crashing on save
  • I am having render problems with AE 2019 and lock ups...I can work on an old project after saving, but as soon as I go to render, freezes, glitches and lock ups occur. I had presets in my old render ques using H264 and I'm thinking those are causing crashes when I try to render. Adobe needs to fix this issue because I have a LOT of old projects that I'll need to work on!!!!


    Also, this is the first version without H264, and I can use other codecs, but only if I can get a render out!!! Help.

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    I am having render problems with AE 2019 and lock ups...I can work on an old project after saving, but as soon as I go to render, freezes, glitches and lock ups occur. I am using Prores codec. I had presets in my old render queue using H264 and I'm thinking those are causing crashes when I try to render. Adobe needs to fix this issue because I have a LOT of old projects that I'll need to work on!!!!


    I've tried importing into a new project to no avail.


    Also, this is the first version without H264, and I can use other codecs, but only if I can get a render out!!! Help.

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  • 11/16/18--11:25: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • hello thanks for the answer.


    it is ai composition with retain layers (therefore I expected vector to in it's best quality anywhere)

    and I need to upload animated GIF this size to a readymag web page

    I need to animate pupils and that is why I am so zoomed in

    because I need to see what I am doing to stay within boundaries of an eye

    I am going to try "turn on Collapse Transformation"

    only I am not sure where this option is


    thanks again

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    In C4D you will get an animated camera and a solid. If you set up an origin and ground plane before you added the camera and solid the C4D comp will probably make sense. If you did not set an origin and ground plane then the C4D file will still work but it's going to be a lot more difficult to figure out how things relate to each other.


    What are you trying to do with C4D Lite? What are you seeing when you open up the C4D comp. There is a bug in the latest version that opens up an empty project when you click on Show the first time. You need to load the file that is in your comp.


    That's about all I can tell you so far.

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    Thanks Rick,


    I like that suggestion a lot, really appreciate that. In this situation it's very important for the individual masks to be isolated and shaped very precisely. It's a video. The masks stay static. I'm just coloring each mask to create a kind of stained glass look over the video. Then I'm just going to spin the hue over the whole thing to give it some shifting color.


    I tried another approach where I'm using an individual layer of video for each shape with a hue/saturation effect simply applied to that layer with no compositing option, then masking out the surrounding area. It's rendering so much faster. I guess this is a pretty fundamental rendering workflow situation where it's simply faster to render single effects on multiple videos than multiple effects with compositing options on a single video...

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    Thanks Mohammad!

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  • 11/16/18--11:43: Re: h264 AE CS 2018
  • If you open an old AE project with an H264 codec still in the render queue log, you may get a lock up. I do and have determined that is the reason. If Adobe doesn't support h264, at least fix the software so it doesn't crash when it sees an old preset.


    Frustrating!!!!  I have a lot of old projects. If this is happening to you, be sure to clear out your render queue in old software before opening it in AE 2019.

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    Hi there,


    I've noticed relatively recently (maybe within the last month) that I've been having an issue with Helvetica/Helvetica Neue fonts.  I used to be able to install other variations of Helvetica in addition to the system fonts and they'd all appear in After Effects.  But now I have one machine missing a simple Bold version that I can't seem to install in one of my font managers (so I have to use the next best thing, Arial Bold).  Then on another machine, I've activated additional fonts, but they're not showing up.  I'm working on something that requires Helvetica 85 Heavy and 95 Black, but neither of those are appearing in After Effects.  They DO appear as Helvetica Neue (T1) in InDesign, Helvetica Neue (just as a duplicate version, no T1 or anything) in Illustrator and Photoshop.


    What can I do to resolve the issue in After Effects?

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  • 11/16/18--12:01: Re: Default thumbnail
  • It looks like setting a poster frame (the image the represents the video / serves as a thumbnail) is still in the feature request stage over at Dropbox: Solved: how to change or select a thumbnail on video files - Dropbox Community - 298848


    You could render a slate at the head of the video.  For example, with broadcast tv spots, it's common to render a 5 second slate at the head, then two seconds of black and then your video starts.  Although, this may not work for the intended us of your footage.





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    Im working on a PC with 16gb RAM, i7 3.60GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050.


    Everytime i use After Effects on my PC, i work for a while without any problem, but at some point, sometimes it takes 1 hour, sometimes it takes 15 minutes, the softwares freeze and then crashes and closes.


    Please, somebody can help me?

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