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  • 11/16/18--12:30: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • That is Collapse Transformation


    But you have to remember that with that turned on on your AI layer you will be able to scale your layer without loosing quality but when you will resize your composition 800% you will always see pixels because that will be X amount of pixels magnified in preview window 8 times so each pixel that ypou have you will see 8x bigger.
    There is a difference between scalling a layer in your composition and magnifying your composition preview window.

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    Servers get a whole lot more expensive if to fit a GPU on them... I am planing on purchasing refurbished servers at $300 a piece... A graphics card don't even fit those 1u servers I want. Should I choose servers that can have a GPU, the price will be 100% higher, so it is not an option for me because I am planing on acquiring 20 servers.


    I will not use any ray tracing or effects that cannot be computed 100% on CPU... With that in mind, you are saying 4k rendering will work fine without a GPU and plenty of RAM?

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    Inside AE, have you checked preferences/general/Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network? I had a similar problem, but doing this fixed it. Not sure if it will for you, but good luck.

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    H264 is no longer available in the version of After Effects, you Need to use Adobe Media Encoder

    you can refer to this link H.264 in After Effects H.264

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  • 11/16/18--12:44: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • I think the OP is getting confused between scaling and zooming.


    Scaling a vector wot degrade the pixels but magnifying in to 800% values will cause it to look pixelated and blurry when in fact it still has retained its original quality.

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  • 11/16/18--12:54: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • Probably. But let's wait for original post author to tell us what is exactly the issue.

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    I would probably have used two or three track mattes for two or three color adjustment layers. You could set up the stained glass window in Illustrator with each color on a separate layer, import as a comp and end up with different layers you could use as track mattes. 4 colors, give you 4 track matte layers. Put each above an adjustment layer with a color effect and you are good to go.

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    It should, but you'll only get one core per instance, to make the render farm work efficiently you will have to render image sequences. I think about 4 eight-core machines with a GPU and Render Garden on each would get the job done in less time, especially if you are sending multiple comps. That gives you 64 rendering cores. even if you only used half of the cores you would end up with 32 processors and a GPU working on your projects.

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    If you reset preferences you'll lose all the old presets. There is no reason a bad preset should crash the Render Cue anyway unless you try and use them.


    There are some issues with ProRez right now. What are your render settings? Have you researched the ProRez bugs?

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    Sorry I wasn't clear... I did change out all of my output module settings presets that used h264.  However, in an old project, I keep all of the comps listed from previous renders in the render queue in case I want to reference how long they took, settings or some other info. Any project I opened from previous versions of AE that had renders listed in the render queue that had h264 codecs caused the problems.


    My current solution... open the old project in AE 2018, clear out the render queue, then save... I can then open that project in AE 2019 and no problems occur.


    Of course I'd like Adobe to fix this glitch, but until they do, I have an extra step to take before opening and working on old projects.


    Thanks for your reply.

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    Thanks for the reply... I prefer not to go back to the old version.  Also, after I installed AE 2019, my 2018 AE software was gone (I think due to the update?). I have other macbooks with 2018 fortunately.

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    j'ai de nombreux bugs sur After Effects CC2019.

    Impossible de faire des rendus depuis la fenêtre de file d'attente de rendu. Lorsque je veux modifier les paramètres de modules de sortie par exemple, j'obtient un fenêtre blanche et les cliques mettent énormément de temps à réagir.

    Capture d’écran 2018-11-16 à 22.34.42.png

    Parfois, impossible d'ouvrir mes fichiers .aep, le seul moyen de rouvrir mon fichier à été de désinstaller et réinstaller After Effects (j'en suis à trois fois aujourd'hui..)

    After Effects plante souvent, rendant parfois mes derniers enregistrements .aep corrompus et impossible à rouvrir même après avoir réinstallé AE

    Que se passe-t-il?

    Je suis sur MacOS 10.14 Mojave


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    Hey Rick. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I tried a few things you suggested and they weren't quite what I was looking for. Here are the things you asked for. Hopefully this will better help you.


    Here's my timeline.

    Screen Grab.PNG

    I've used the expression from my first post in an expression selector. I've linked a few of the properties to sliders so I can change them more easily. Adding and modifying the position, scale, and rotation properties got me this result.




    Now I want to animate it back down using almost the same look. Starting at 'C' The letters would pop up and then go back down. As far as I know I'd need to add a new selector and animation property for each part of the wave - essentially keyframing a sine wave. I'd much rather use an expression since it's much quicker. Splitting the layer and adding a negative sign to the speed expression didn't work. In fact the animation doesn't even happen.


    My best guess as to what is happening is the expression is starting from the values I set and returning them to the default with the wave effect.


    It goes from

    Rotation: 33° to 0°

    Scale: 40% to 100%

    Position: 120 to 0


    How do I get the expression to invert so it goes

    Rotation: 0° to 33°

    Scale: 100% to 40%

    Position: 0 to 120


    I'm still pretty new at expressions more complicated than linking properties and the wiggle effect. Again any and all help is appreciated.


    Thank you!

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    OS X 10.13.6 — Mac Pro Late 6,1, 2.7GHz 12-Core, 64GB RAM, 2 x D700

    Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams.

    After Effects CC 16.0.0 (Build 235)


    Installing the OpenColorIO plugin (fnord software blog: OpenColorIO for After Effects) causes the error "Unable to obtain dynamiclink project" when running Warp Stabilizer VFX on a shot, regardless if the plugin is in use or not.  Removing the plug-in and running the Warp Stabilizer in the same project works.


    I have tried removing my entire Adobe CC install, running CC Cleaner, reinstalling, and still get the same error.  The plug-in is manually copied into After Effects' "Plug-ins" folder.  Are there other locations that the plug-in needs to be copied to for Warp Stabilizer VFX to work?

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    I have recently downloaded Cinema 4D education version R20 and Updated my after effects to AE CC 2019, when I activated the Cinema 4D educational version

    IMG_3699.JPG      IMG_3697.JPG   IMG_3710.JPG

    (for image 3 of the preferences in Cinema 4D education I have Highlight features R20, R19, R18 I want to know what that means? if that could help fix the problem? or is part of the problem?)

    I want to be able to work with After effects and Cinema 4D education version for my college projects so I called MAXON for help a employee told me to do this process

    IMG_3698.JPG           IMG_3702.JPG          IMG_3703.JPG

    (in the 3rd image of the Cinema 4D Installation I changed my Renderer TCP port from 5030 to 5027 nothing helped with that change)

    and since I installed the education version for my college work I am using this as renderer and "Edit Option" I got this message (so I went with restarting my computer)




    After I restarted my computer to make sure it worked I reopened After effects and I went through the process that my  professor did which was

    File > New > MAXON Cinema 4D

    but this happened


    But then I would click Okay and then my CINEMA 4D in my After Effects titled untitled.c4d


    would have this


    and in my after effects it would show up like this


    meaning that everything I make a new file I would have this text in cinema 4D education Cineware version and  I don't know why and both the Education and Cineware  software open each time I create a new Cinema file

    As well as the problem with my CINEMA 4D Lite when I downloaded After Effects is causing me problems, after changing the "Renderer and Edit Option" to the Education software of Cinema 4D the Lite software started to act up and now both software versions are causing me issues please anything to help would be grateful. My CINEMA 4D Lite wont open and I have called both Adobe and MAXON and both are as confused as I am, I don't know what to do.

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    Thanks, I had the same issue and it was driving me crazy.

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    Thank you, Rick Gerard, for your answer!


    I havetried RenderGarden in production and found it to be impressive, but ultimately it added complication to my workflow rather than alleviating frustration and streamlining.


    It is worth evaluating, for those who have not given it a spin, but it's not for me at this time.


    Interestingly, both RenderGarden and FFAStrans lean on FFmpeg to do the heavy lifting, IIRC. You may wish to explore FFAStrans for the transcoding portion of your own workflow. It's absolutely free, and it's amazingly robust.


    A few caveats: it won't render for you "out-of-the-box" as RG will, and it can be infuriatingly arcane.


    I'm sure that a workflow could be developed for it which would incorporate rendering: there is a node/module that can execute commands (with arguments, variables, flags, etc.)


    This means that FFAStrans could invoke AERENDER in much the same way as RenderGarden, BG Render, and RenderBoss.


    In fact, the abilities of FFAStrans are such that I can say with confidence that a workflow could be developed that would rival RG, BgR, or RB. What can you do when you combine all of the capabilities of FFmpeg, plus those of AviSynth, command-line execution, "farm" functionality, watchfolders, conditionals, variables, et cetera?


    Personally I don't have the skillset to develop such a workflow on my own, but I'd welcome the chance to work with someone to create it for the benefit of the AE community. Please get in touch if you're interested in collaborating!

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    I made a composition to apply adjustment layer with level effect, and when I use that composition in other compositions, the level effect disappears.

    Please give me an advice if anyone know what is causing this issue.



    Following is the details of the problem.


    In this image, adjustment layer with level effect is used to make dots of the inner circle bigger.

    scene-05-desk (0;00;02;11).jpg



    But when I use that composition in other scenes(and I'm using CC power pin to composite on 3d space), the level effect is gone.

    scene-05 (0;00;02;11).jpg

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    Hi Mylenium You are a legend. Thanks for the interim fix.


    Happy to see there are excellent folks on these forums! And, thanks for the quick response.


    Disclaimer: this last part is not directed at you...

    Python Generators don't work either, and there is not a way to easily cache those. Honestly, I find the whole action of caching to be cumbersome and an extra step in any pipeline so I try to avoid it (hence the procedural stuff).


    In my mind, it is very simple on the Cineware developers' end to include python availability in the Cineware package. I am kind of confused as to why a few objects were omitted when everything else works so seamlessly, including XPresso. Seems like they just forgot to check a box during the compile.

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    Here is what worked for me. The big difference that made me ask the same question is that I didn't uncheck the "Illustrator/PDF/EPS Sequence"



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