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    The particle color is coming from the emitter layer. What's going on there?


    Your particles are also very small. Only 2 pixels. It is possible that the small size combined with whatever is going on in the pre-comp that is used for the emitter could be causing some of the particles to be dark.  You've also got a huge number of particles per second. I would try increasing the size to about 4 pixels and check the comp that is used for the emitter.

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    Don't use paint. Use a shape layer with a stroke applied to a path. You can make the lines animate using trim paths. No matter what scale you use or where you place the camera the shape layer will be continuously rasterized and the edges will remain clean.


    You might want to consider creating all of your lines in Illustrator. Converting the simple strokes to paths will let you use trim paths or you could use shape layer paths as track mattes to reveal more complex shapes.


    Just to clarify things: When you use paint, the brush creates pixels. The path is a vector but the brush is made up of pixels. Paint is the last tool I would choose for a job like this.

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    Thank you so much! When I tried using the path, I suppose I tried using paint for the path, and it didn't really work very efficiently. Thanks for the extra tips, too!

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    Ok, so here's the "solution" for some reason in the particles where the layer emitter is, the Layer RGB usage needed to be set at NONE. I dont know why, but my other projects are set to RGB particle color by default, and just work fine. So the black particles magically disappeared when I checked it to none, and now I'm back on track. It amuses me sometimes how particular functions.



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    As always thanks for the insight Rick.


    Kind regards.

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    Suddenly I can't open Mocha in AE. When I try, Mocha pops up but then I get this message:


    "after effects error crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in mocha pro"


    No idea why, as nothing in my system gas changed. Any ideas why?



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    This is still an issue with C4D v20 and AE CC 16.  Thanks, Mylenium for your fix.

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    Is the image you're emitting from black and white?   If you're taking the particle color from a black and white image then some of you particles will be black. 

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    What are you system specs and are you using more than one monitor?

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    Here is another one. I don't wanna use Premiere cause I'm trying to make every shot sync up, and in Premiere, it doesn't look as good as in AE. Time Remap Syncing Tutorial w/ Graph Editor

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    I go with the one that fits the task at hand and am happy that all three options are available.


    Interestingly, since both the layer source and the Comp have a 1:1 aspect ratio, any of the theee fit options have the same result.


    Maybe that’s a sign we shouls all go buy lottery tickets!

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    CPU - i7 6700K

    Board - Z170A M3 Gaming

    RAM - G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM

    OS - Windows 10 Pro

    GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 1050


    Only 1 monitor. I get the error sometimes, sometimes not, with no clear change that would explain it.

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    Here’s a story for everyone’s amusement followed by a heart-felt question/plea.  Don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one before.


    I’m a fairly new user on Premiere (about 11 months) and an even newer one on After Effects. 


    Good news:  Learning curve on Premiere has been quick.  I had a good mentor and have a solid grasp of basic editing, titling, effects and effect controls, keyframing, etc.  The toughest thing was intelligent management and organization of source media before starting a project and getting “ahead of oneself.”


    Bad news:  Here at the retirement community TV station where I volunteer (think of the old days of ‘public access’ TV) we only have CS6 (and the relevant generation of hardware).  We ARE getting a second editing station with the newest Premier Pro version, but it is not yet installed.


    Even worse news:  Our upgraded subscription license for Premiere did NOT include an upgrade to After Effects with Cinema 4D Lite.  I can’t explain these decisions other than to say that when you’re the only person on site even remotely close to a graphic designer (much less a special effects editor) it’s really tough to sell a “vision” to the severely visually impaired.  It’s even tougher when you’re COMPLETELY self-taught on After Effects and barely know the first thing about the program.  Nonetheless, I have finally taken an existing 2D logo from Illustrator, converted it to extruded 3D, colorized and applied camera, lights and shading along with 720 degrees of rotation of gradually decelerating speed over a10 second duration.  Not too shabby for a rookie.


    It will come as no shock to most of you that it was at this point when I encountered an entire host of rendering issues I never knew existed or had run into in rendering Premier CS6 projects.  Old generation of software on old under powered equipment operated by the well-intentioned but functionally ignorant.  I feel like an ambitious EMT who has suddenly developed an interest in what feels like the broadcast version of brain surgery – electronically generated special effects, most particularly 3D and advanced animations.  (But thankfully, no VR or gaming – just TV broadcasting and maybe independent film).


    The heartfelt question/plea is, since I am not too far down this road, where do I go from here?  I am even questioning whether I should hitch my star to After Effects at all.  There are a few givens that may help some of you direct me.


    1. I’m on a Windows platform.  That will not change.
    2. Assume zero financial support from the station, either for training and education or upgrading software or hardware for anything outside Adobe Premiere.
    3. Finished rendered files (from whatever special effects program) must be importable as source media into Premiere.  That’s where we do our final editing.  That will not change.
    4. Personally, I’m in the market for a new desktop system.  I’m not even on Windows 10, and the home version of 7 is getting kind of slow, even for nothing more than mail and websurfing. But a multi-core, dual drive (one SSD) set up with a minimum of 16MB RAM and an accelerated graphics card is a financially ambitious jump for a system that will barely justify any of those enhancements less than 1/10th of one percent of the time.  The rest of the time, it’s mail, websites and MS-Word.
    5. Will new hardware and software upgrades even “solve” my problem? I want to learn this discipline, but my use of the finished product is for gratis distribution to a non-revenue producing broadcast operation with highly limited viewership.  We’re little more than hobbyists.  And next week, I’ll turn 69 years old.  There is nothing about this that is securing my future.


    But, gosh, it’s fun and stimulating to turn out “professional” work even if no profession is actually involved.  Thus, it feels like a worthy emotional investment, but the financial cost is highly questionable.  So if you were me and wanted to keep doing this on the days you weren’t playing golf or pickleball, what would you do?


    Thanks in advance.



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    I recently got Adobe After Effects 2018, so I'm not very familiar with anything, and if this is just a normal thing. I've tried looking at the forums to see if anyone else had this problem, or if this was a common problem, but I didn't find anything. Hopefully I'm not wasting anyone's time. So, I was working with the tutorial, and I come across Bug #1:

         When I try to upload 3 or more items, or change projects, Adobe After Effects just closes. My laptop meets all the requirements, but I'll list the specs below if any of you need it. It doesn't give me an error message, it just closes. This will probably happen with other things, but these are just the things that I've done that resulted in a crash.

    So minor issue, I open it again and upload files one by one, and I come across Bug #2:

         So up in the project corner, I click on the sample footage from the tutorial on their website, and the colour is extremely distorted. It's just green moving around along with some pink and purple. I tried doing this with a custom image as well, and the same thing happened. I put the image of what happened and what was supposed to happen below.

    I do not understand what I did wrong, if I did do something wrong. Once again, I apologize if this is just me being stupid, and I didn't do something important. Thank you for your time.

    LAPTOP SPECS: Lenovo Yoga 720

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550u CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.00 GHZ

    Installed RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)

    System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    Display: 1920p x 1080p

    Edition: Windows 10 Home

    Version: 1803

    Regular/What was supposed to happen: (Taken from the Basic Tutorial)

    why dis happen to me very sad.PNG

    Distorted Colour: (Taken from my laptop screen)

    why dis happen to me.PNG

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    lannyk4999468  wrote


    1. Will new hardware and software upgrades even “solve” my problem?


    I might have missed it but did you ever actually state what your problem was?

    As best as I can tell,  all you said about your actual issue was to describe it as "a host of rendering problems".

    You'll need to try and be more specific about the actual nature of the problems.

    What a shame....all that typing & you forgot to mention what your issue was

    Unless I missed something, in which case i apologize.

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    hahaha, you're right!

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    Yellow in corner and Red in perspective :


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    If you've upgraded to the latest Win 10 and drivers for your GPU and you're still facing this issue, then see if changing the GPU settings in the Project Settings Panel helps.


    If the problem persists, then please file a Bug Report.

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    The specific problem is I cannot get a "simple" 10 second rotating 3D logo to render at all.  One of the other editors assisting me got the rendering started and we estimated it was going to take 23 hours (Ray traced 3D).  At some point, the rendering failed, but the other editor who was there at the time did not get the error code or message.  I do not seem to have the option of rendering to Adobe Media Encoder.


    I don't know if this was a hardware problem or some mistake I am making in rendering or output settings.  This raises the issue of my overall unfamiliarity with AE and the best way to get training on an ancient version of the program (CS6) because that's all we have or likely will have for the foreseeable future.  But why on earth spend money on learning an outdated program (assuming I could even find hands-on mentoring) when a program several generations newer exists?  But is it worth it for ME to spend considerable personal funds on hardware, software AND training for what is already a completely volunteer effort?  Or might there be an easier, cheaper way (Blender, for instance) to get 3D and other advanced effects rendered as .MP4, .AVI, .MP2, .MTS, etc. files for importation into Premier?


    So you might say it is a multi-faceted problem, some facets of which are, understandably, not easily answered by others. I don't think I can supply enough information to solve my very specific problem, so I suppose I was looking for more general direction as to solving the broader one:  the best way to learn broadcast quality special effects generation (including the best program to use) for a small, non-profit TV station.


    Hopefully that makes it a little clearer.

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