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    For that shot, I would never go to Photoshop unless I needed the original background of the sign. Let's say that was the case. Here's the project what I would do.

    1. Pick a frame where the side of the apple box was as close as it gets to square to the camera.
    2. Export a frame as a PSD
    3. Draw a mask around the edge of the apple box
    4. Duplicate the layer using Ctrl/Cmnd + j to get a copy with just the cut out apple box
    5. Change to the selection tool (v) and transform the apple box to square it up to the frame using the Ctrl/Cmnd key to move the corners
    6. Add the new sign elements in another layer
    7. Save the PSD, import it to AE and drop it in the timeline above the footage
    8. Select the footage layer in AE and choose Track In Mocha from the Animation Menu (or from the Effect Menu in the latest version)
    9. Draw a spline around the outside edge of the Apple Box and track
    10. Adjust the surface to include the same area that I used in Photoshop
    11. Check the track to make sure it was good by adding an image like the 8 X 8 grid to the surface
    12. Export the corner pin data, or copy or just apply directly from the Effect Control Panel to the PSD

    All done, all through. Just for fun, I'll give it a try a little later today. It should take about 10 minutes.


    Edit: Took me 7:44...

    Here is the workflow.

    If all I needed was to add a text layer with a blend mode I could have eliminated the photoshop file entirely.

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    Try updating or rolling back your graphics driver directly from the video card manufacturer’s site.

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    Thank you Rick for recording and sharing that! I was doing everything correct, except for not scaling/distorting the sign on the Photoshop file itself before working in AE. It's much easier scaling it in Photoshop as you've shown


    I've marked your reply as correct and appreciate all of your help!


    Thank you!


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    After Effects warning: The directory '/ Users / gregory / Library' Preferences / adobe / after effects / 16.0 / parent directory spaces or permission rights.




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    I am currently attempting to make a intro in Adobe After Effects for my youtube intro starting with a crack effect then having a flame logo type entrance. I am currently making a crumbling type effect by using the "Shatter" effects. that looks something like this,

    crack exple.PNG

    from the center of the crack i want it to start crumbling than revealing the crack as it crumbles throughout. But I don't know how. Someone please explain before I go insane I have been experimenting with this for over 7 hours.

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    I don’t have time to post an example right now but you would use a custom shatter map and custom particle size. Yoi would probably also want to have two layers so if you want to reveal the crack. You could use a fractal noise layer to make the layer break apart instead of a Force.


    There are very few good tutorials on Shatter so the best thing to do is to check out the user guide. You can find it using the search help feature in the top right-hand corner of AE.

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    The PNG codec is not in video codec

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    You may need to change the permission of the folder. You move to the folder and right-click the folder. You choose Get Info.


    / Users / gregory / Library' Preferences / adobe / after effects / 16.0 /


    You find Sharing & Permissions at the bottom of the menu. You change Read only or Read & Write of eveyone section.

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    I am new to After Effects, so in technical terms I am confused with the break apart you talked about. I understand that you are short on time, but when you have time, could you please explain what you mean. I am using fractal noise for the animation of lava in the crack currently but i dont see how i could do what you are talking about.




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    Updated today to the latest version. Problem still there.

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    after effectかpremiere を使い編集した気がします。





    wakaranai - YouTube

    スクリーンショット 2018-11-19 13.38.44.png

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    In the User Manual under Simulation Effects, you'll find a link for Shatter effect.


    If you read that you'll get the basic idea of how Gradient Controls work. You will also find out how Custom Shatter Maps work.


    Here's what I would do:

    1. Create a shatter map that looks like this (easiest in Photosbhop
      Screenshot_2018-11-18 21.48.34_iq0dhs.png
    2. Use this as in Shatter and set white tiles to remain fixed.
    3. Create a gradient to control when what parts start to move and use that for Gradient control
    4. Animatinfluenceluende of the Gradient Control

    That's how to get started. If you have decent skills in Photoshop and you study the User Guide and maybe watch some of the tutorials they have links to you should be able to figure it out.

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    You also check this video tutorial to learn more about crack and shutter effects

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    Incase you didn't get what Toolfarm explain you can check this helpful link macOS Sierra: Set permissions for items on your Mac

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    As far as I know there is no keyboard shortcuts to open exact shape layer properties as you do with main layer properties by using shortcut.
    In my work I do two things to make my shape layers workflow faster.
    1. I use timeline search box and if I need to access all shapes transform properties I just start typing transf... - or any other word that Is what property I need to access.

    2. I use CTRL+ (mous click on shape properties toggle arrow to reviel all settings of that layer or that property

    Or combination of those two.


    You can find all AE keyboard shortcuts here: After Effects keyboard shortcuts reference  and you can reasign those shortcuts however you wish in AE by going to edit/Keyboard Shortcuts (or by using CTRL+ALT+' ) but there is no way to assign keyboard to what you wish to do.


    You can also make a feature request here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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    Muito Obrigado pela informação, alterei as permissões das pastas

    mas mesmo assim não abre, continua com a mesma mensagem.



    uso MacOs High Sierra 10.13.6

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    try to create a new Mac user account , and try again to run the app



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    Hi there,


    I have recently updated my creative cloud to the 2019 version. I know have that problem that After Effects won't export through Media Encoder. When i click Export > Add to Adobe Media Encoder, the Media encoder opens up, but there isn't anything that i can begin export. The Media Encoder works fine with Premiere Pro.


    Does anyone know how to connect or re-connect the Media Encoder to after effects?


    Best regards.

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  • 11/19/18--04:16: Camera focal lengh
  • i am importing a camera from c4d, this camera has the focal lenght animated.

    it seems that cineware is not able to import the focal lengh animation.

    so how do i gate the camera inside after effects?




    also this zoom value that ae camera is using doesnt make much sense to me, how can i see and animate focal lengh values in my ae timeline?


    thanks thanks!

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    thanks for the detailed additional information.

    my project worked out after deleting the camera tracker from the original video source.

    made a video of a vanishing point file, then camera tracked the video file but in the last second there where no movement on the z axis, just the camera moving up the y axis.

    this error came because of that

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