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    Pinch zoom never behaved as you would expect.


    Comp Panel:

    To zoom into a specific area in a comp center the selection tool on the area you want to move in on, Alt/Option and the selection tool will change to double arrows, one black, one white, two-finger drag scales on the center of the double selection tool. Personally, I like I a lot more than a pinch zoom in other apps. It is a lot easier to be accurate.



    Same behavior. Center the cursor on the time you want to take a closer look at and a two-finger move in or out on the timeline.


    Straight two-finger drag moves the timeline.


    The same trick works in the Premiere Pro timeline. Unfortunately, that is the only panel that the trick works.

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    Yeah I figured that out after spending a few minutes on pressing any major Key to see if this was doing anything.


    you got to get used to it though.

    Wonder why they added that key to enable this option...anyway...


    So that will do the trick I guess, at least I can access quickly on a particular key frame which is all we asked for after all.

    Still, I think some dudes from Adobe could have answered the poor guy begging for a proper reply which he totally deserves...


    the least thing they could do...


    Thank you Rick.

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    If you have 16GB of RAM in total, then After Effects is probably only seeing 10/12 for the cache once your operating system has taken a chunk. 12Gb is a lot for any sensible application, but unfortunately After Effects is insanely memory-hungry during renders, and will easily hoover up over 50GB per minute if it's available.


    When it runs out of RAM then it will start on virtual memory, but that is also limited by the OS swapfile size. Eventually it falls over. Assuming the composition is not over-spec (e.g. using 16 or 32bpc when 8 will do, or loading vast bitmaps then scaling them down to fit) then there's nothing much you can do other than buy more memory. Adobe shows no signs that they can make After Effects keep to sensible cache limits.

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    you don't give us any information about disk cash so did you give AE enough space on disk cash also can you share some screenshoot about you project including timeline and the effects you used.

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    Here you can download all requested information - WeTransfer. After Effects is crashing in "final" composition between 00:02:50:00 - 00:03:10:00, especially at 00:03:02:23.


    If it's not enough, please tell me what should I have to add more.

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    did you try to open on different PC?

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  • 11/21/18--00:24: Re: AE 2019 startup issue
  • Billiant, thank you very much, I appreciate your help!

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    Could you share the project with us?. Maybe we can save it as a new project file.

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  • 11/21/18--01:27: Re: Transparent Backgrounds
  • Hi


    Sorry as not sure if I am actually in the correct section  


    Am new to photoshop and also this forum


    Was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with regards to which photoshop do I use to


    A) Create Transparent Backgrounds on photos

    B) create more professional looking photos


    Thank you so much in advance for any help and advice as am finding this photoshop info etc etc so confusing



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  • 11/21/18--02:11: Re: Transparent Backgrounds
  • Actually you are in After Effects section and After Effects is more fo motion graphics and visual effects - short: for moving stuff and animating. What you are looking for is Photoshop section of our forums: Photoshop
    I'm not sure of what you are asking for as far as which Photoshop to use. If you are asking of which version of Photoshop to use - the answer is: any. What you are trying to do is the stuf that Photoshop from the begining was doing.

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    Thanks again for your time Rick!


    Yes I am ticking the 'Reduce Project' box. It would be pulling out a lot more files than just the .ai and sound files were that the case as it's a relatively large project.


    I've experimented with a few other projects and it seems to work fine there so something unique to how this project is arranged I assume. It's strange.


    Anyway, thank you again for the help!



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    I've recently updated my CC to v2019 and I'm having a lot of problems in both AE and PP accessing previous work.


    In AE I can open a previous project file, but cannot save it. Any time I try I get a message that reads After Effect Warning: Could not open the file "/volumes/...etc.aep". I have tried Saving As, moving the file from hard drive to Desktop and opening a new project to try and import the old files in. In all, even a new empty project file, I get the same message when trying to save.


    In PP when opening up a file previously edited in v2018, I get the message to Save As a new project file for v2019, which I do, and then I get the "locating media" loading bar. The bar gets around 3/4 of the way through and then just stops. It doesn't load any more no matter how long I leave it, and it results in a force quit every time.


    I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both Apps to no avail. Please help.



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    Shortest way:
    Instal previous versions of AE and PPro and work on your project there.
    As for not being able to save that can be because of some folder permisions in your operating system. That happens on Mac systems but i'm not using mac so maby someone else will help you more with some specifics.

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    Thank you this worked.  It's my goof and I apologize and I think I had the layers locked which kept me from making it work.


    Thank you.

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    Do this: Instead of opening the previous versions into AE and PP,  import them into CC2019


    Then save this as a new save file. Do not overwrite the old one.


    Let me know



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    Valeu mesmo, vc me salvou!!!@upslon

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    Hello everyone,


    I made an aninimation which uses many layers. These Layers all animate automaticly due to the expressions I'm using (I could post the code here but I don't think that would help. Let me know if you want it anyway).


    My problem is that I need the layer Index 2 to be "on top" of the layer Index 1. I can't just reverse all the layers because the timing of the animations is dependent on the Index number.


    So for example:


    I have 5 layers on top of each other. The Layer number 5 has to be visible. If I turn off visibility of layer nr. 5 layer nr. 4 should be visible and so on.


    Is there a way to do this? Thank you all in advance!




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    Check the flow chart for the selected comp. There may be more assets that you think.

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    please tell me too cause I wanna do it

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    If your expressions use the index of a layer as a reference and you need to move the layer but keep the reference you can do some math. I have a ton of expressions for a combined movement that uses (index + 1) to pull values from the layer below. If I needed to look at the layer above the reference would be thisComp.layer(index - 1).


    If it is any more complicated than that I need to see a screenshot of your project with the modified properties of the layers that are giving you problems revealed.

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