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    Thanks a lot!


    The movment of the first Layer is already defined by keyframes and the animation of the position is working properly. I might just try to change the pictures to 3d space and move those I want in the forground towords the camera. That should also solve my problem.  schrieb


    sif = effect("slideIn Frames")("Slider");

    sof= effect("slideOut Frames")("Slider");

    // find in and out point

    inTime = sif * thisComp.frameDuration;

      if (effect("Match SI SO")("Checkbox") == 0) {

      outTime = sof * thisComp.frameDuration;


      else if (effect("Match SI SO")("Checkbox") == 1) {

      outTime = inTime;


    // Fix  layer size when scaled

    sf = scale - [100, 100];

    xSize = width + (width * sf[0]/100);

    ySize = height + (height * sf[1]/100);

    realSize = [xSize, ySize];

    // Set Positions

    spx = 0 - realSize[0] + realSize[0]/2 ;

    rstx = value [0];

    rsty = value[1];

    epy = thisComp.height + realSize[1] - realSize[1]/2;

    // create movement

    freq = effect("bounce Frequency")("Slider");

            amplitude = effect("bounce Amplitude")("Slider");

            decay = effect("bounce Decay")("Slider");

        posCos = Math.abs(Math.cos(freq*time*2*Math.PI));

      nt = time-inPoint;

        y = amplitude*posCos/Math.exp(decay*nt);

    moveIn = Math.min(linear(time,inPoint,inPoint + inTime,spx  ,rstx-y));

    moveOut = Math.min(easeIn(time,outPoint - outTime,outPoint - thisComp.frameDuration,rsty ,epy));

    [moveIn, moveOut]


    This look very interesting! Do you happen to have a project file which has this applied? I would love to try this sometime!


    Thanks again!




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    False alarm.


    I went back through the logs and found the converted file deep in our archive on one of our servers.  I'm not sure how/why it ended up there but crisis averted, otherwise. Nothing in my auto-save or cache paths lead that deep in our servers; auto-save does it in the same folder and all of my media/data cash goes to an external beside my monitor. 


    Thanks for the feedback, and your time.  I'm going to follow through on the Adobe Cleaner Tool regardless, so thanks for the tips on that!



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    I don't know if it will work in German but here's the animation preset: Dropbox - flyInBounceDropOut.ffx


    Just download it and apply it to any layer. If you are using a photoshop layer then scale it to 20%, move it to the top right corner of the comp, apply the preset and preview. Then stop the preview, move the CTI to the place in the timeline where it has stopped moving, move the layer to a different position and change the scale, then preview again.


    Play with the sliders and see what you can change. If you have a half dozen product shots that you want to fly into a frame it takes about 30 seconds to get it set up.  One new product every 3 seconds, position all layers in their hero position, trim all layers to 3 seconds, select all layers, apply the preset, use the keyframe assistant to sequence all layers, move to the frame where you want all layers to drop out of frame and reset the out point and you are done.

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    Glad you are sorted.

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    Thanks! Will defently try that!




    Changing the layer space to 3D worked like a charm, in case anyone might be wondering the same thing!

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  • 11/21/18--11:42: Re: Bulge Line Effect
  • I do tend to agree that this is probably best done in the original artwork - eg: Photoshop or Illustrator. But here is a simple solution in AE:


    Duplicate your lines layer.


    Top layer: Effect > Roughen edges : tweak to taste, but don't worry about any parts disappearing. Note you can set the sacle value for Roughen Edges right up to 1,000% which will give you a smoother / larger scale variation.

    Set layer to multiply or darken blending mode if needed.


    Second layer: Effect > Simple choker: set choke matte to reduce the thickness of the lines to the minimum you want to see.


    The combination of the two layers should give you what you want.

    Pre-compose when done.

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    Yeah, I'm on 2.38 (even though it's set to auto update). Thanks for the tip. I'll go and grab the new version.

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    I know that AE uses a ton of RAM when rendering. I had to get these videos out and I ended up taking the files to a friend's laptop and rendered them from there. It was a basic laptop with only 8 gigs and it rendered them just fine. So why can't my desktop with double the RAM handle renders and previews?

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    Here are some of the project details: I allocated 13 out of my 16 gigs of RAM to AE. I created a folder on another hard drive with over 130 gigs available for the disk cache to dump into. I made the maximum disk cache size 20 gigs. The only effect I have on the individual layers/png images is motion blur. I included one of the error windows that pops up as well. I apologize if its a lot of information to sort through.






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  • 11/21/18--12:38: Re: Bulge Line Effect
  • Mike proposed a workable solution. Your stroked lines should be on a separate layer if you want maximum control. You may not need to use the matte choker and you probably want to stick with just lines on the layers with Roughen Edges applied. The Fill kind of fouls up the effect because it does not affect the inside part of the lines. Here's everything I did to run a test. Note the Border width is just shy of the stroke width. If you don't want parts of the lines to disappear you have to set the border to less than the thinnest line. You can also influence how much of the line goes away using Stretch Width or Height.

    Screenshot_2018-11-21 12.36.14_U3lt6I.png

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    Oh, I also have 1 mask in the project

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    I am not quite sure what you mean....

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    Thank-you so much for this :-)

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    Hey guys,


    So I just downloaded CC2019, and when I'm done editing a project I click Add to render queue.


    The render queue panel does not come up - basically nothing happens when I click Add to render queue, and the program doesn't respond properly after that.

    Like I try to hit "Save" but nothing happens. Magnify the timeline, and nothing happens, or move around the render area bar, nothing happens either. Same with clicking different things. I can click on objects on the main canvas and the selection changes, but then I can't do anything in the timeline.


    The program doesn't "freeze", I can still open windows and do some things, but I simply can't do much because it's all bugging and not responding to my input.


    What's going on?


    I'm on a new iMac Pro, 10 core, 2TB SSD, MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5.


    Thanks for your help.

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    Ok now it just crashed.

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    Are you a novice with After Effects?

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    Well, that's because Adobe REALLY screwed the pooch with this slow-motion train wreck of a release.  To salvage what you have, just export out of AE is a good, lossless codec -- forget about mp4's & h.264's.  Use something much better.  Cineform is nice.  Then take the resulting media file into AME for transcoding into the delivery media container & codec.


    Once that's all done, backsave your project to CC 2018 (look under Save As for it) and use CC 2018 until:

    1) Those geniuses in Seattle get their crap sufficiently together to make an application that normal people can download & use,

    2) You earn a degree in Information Technology / Computer Science or

    3) You discover that you're actually a 20+ year AE veteran and now intuitively know the ropes.


    Any one of the above will do.

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    filippov88438361  wrote

    We were able to open the project in CC 2019 and save down to 18 and it worked! So that can be a solution.

    Whatever was preventing CC 18 to open it, has been fixed in 19 and so all is well!


    I think that may be a first among After Effects users.

    I also recommend that you use CC 2019 ONLY for this purpose.  Of all the many new releases of After Effects, this may be Adobe's worst effort ever.  Repeated use of CC 2019 will expose this version's many bugs, typically at the worst time for you.

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    Walid try this please:


    Use the Adobe Cleaner Tool to uninstall AE



    Make sure you let it remove your preferences as well


    Reinstall and see if the problem persists



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    Unreal.... Why is that massively important detail not explicitly explained in the video?.

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