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  • 11/23/18--05:29: Re: Bulge Line Effect
  • Thank you to everyones suggestions! With combition of both the tips and settings I was able to achieve the look.


    Thanks once again!

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  • 11/23/18--06:05: HELP, I need this fixed ASAP
  • Hi Guys,

                   I have to finish this by tomorrow for a client

                   My project is based on a template which is giving me a problem

                   Its a logo reveal

                                            The Logo reveal masks the logo in a solid color

                                            and I can't change it to just show the logo without being masked

    Thanks in advance

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    I want to apologise if my question may look stupid cos I am new to AE. I have tried to find the answer, but everything I tried did not help.


    I have a clean vector illustration which I animate in AE. After I render my work in 4k resolution in QuickTime Player I see that my illustration looks pixelated.

    If I render in 2k format, the quality is perfect for me.



    Render settings - Quicktime Apple ProRes 4444 RGB+Alpha 3840X2160


    What I tried and did not help:

    • Choosing Continuous Rasterizing
    • Choosing More Accurate Antialiasing
    • Converting Vector layers to Shapes
    • Using different render options


    NB I work on Macbook Air Middle 2013, if this matters..

    Also NB My animation in 4k has been rejected by ESP Stock for "excessive aliasing"


    Please help me to understand why I cannot have the same quality of vector illustration animation in 4k as in 2k ?

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    You have to show us how your project looks like, what happends exactly - without that - no one can help you with so little information.

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    Hi markmelnik,


    Sorry to know that you're running into this issue where you're unable to use Adobe Media Encoder 2018 with After Effects 2019.


    I'm using 2019 version, but 2018 version of Encoder. May it be the problem?

    You're right. That's the problem here. Adobe Media Encoder 2018 won't be able to talk to After Effects 2019. Dynamic link always works with the same version of the apps.


    Please install Adobe Media Encoder 2019 to resolve this problem.




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  • 11/23/18--06:43: Re: Lag stopping preview
  • Hi nefastomordace1988,


    Sorry to hear about your annoyance with After Effects.

    Which version of After Effects are you working with? FAQ: How to find the exact version of After Effects you're using?

    Could you provide more details about what's going on exactly? I don't quite understand the problem here. You mentioned that you experience a lag before doing anything else, which is a generic statement. Could you provide some examples on what you try to do after stopping the preview?

    If it's possible for you to share a short video recording of the issue, that would be helpful.

    I haven't seen others reporting this problem but let's work on this together.

    Please come back with more details so that we can help you troubleshoot this.




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    Just a left field thought...
    How large is your original vector illustration - in pixel measurements?

    If it's relatively small compared to your 4k output, try scaling it up in your vector drawing application - Illustrator I assume, then try that in AE for 4k output.

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    Hi William A. Bohn,


    So sorry to hear about your crash while changing the font size. This is unexpected!

    Thanks for posting the crashed thread. Are you able to replicate this behavior every time you change the font size using the keyboard shortcuts? I tested it on an iMac but couldn't reproduce it.

    Please test it with a new project file and see if it works as expected.


    Keep us posted.



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    Thank you for your answer!


    Initially I imported illustration with size perfect matching 4k format. Tried making even bigger in AI and than scaling down in AF to match 4k, but still does not help...Compared to result in 2k looks pixelated..

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    Do you have 4K monitor and do you playback that 4K file in full resolution or your monitor is smaller and player have to rescale video to fit HD or smaller? If that is the case that can be just that ... QT Player doing bad job of downscaling your file for playback. Make your player to play at full resolution - you will not see full picture but you should see original quality without downscaling.

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    Yes - it maywell be a playback issue as imeilfx suggests.
    I'm assuming you are working in a 4k (3840X2160) comp in After Effects?

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    Hi craigi,


    Are you referring to the Home panel?


    If yes, you can turn it off in Preferences> General


    Let us know if that's it.


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  • 11/23/18--07:39: Re: Huge brush problem
  • Hey, when I uncheck the spacing, it started drawing just dots, like the spacing is 150% or something like that. Here are my settings for tablet.Screenshot_249.png

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  • 11/23/18--07:54: Re: Huge brush problem
  • Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 5.52.24 PM.png


    Left squiggle is with Bush Dynamic Size set to Pen Pressure

    Right is with Brush Dynamic Size set to off

    Set yours to off and u will get a smoother result


    I am on a Intuous Pro

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    Hi there


    I am looking for a way to live project footage coming from the camera of a mobile device and is connected to a single projector, on a large screen 5m x 5m. The tricky part is that I would like though this video to be projected in 25 smaller digital windows (5x5 screen 'split' in 5 1m windows on x and y direction) on that screen. Is there a way that after effects can 'direct' the footage in this 25 smaller windows?


    Should I be looking at a different program?


    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.





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    After Effects is not a live projection tool. Thing you need - if I undersstood you correctly - is some kind of live projection, VJ, mapping tool. Best in my opinion - and I'm saying that as a long time VJ and video mapping designer - would be Resolume. But you also have MadMapper, Grand VJ, Millumin 2, Isadora,  and even some free stuff.

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    Thanks so much for the quick response.

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  • 11/23/18--08:37: Re: Huge brush problem
  • Screenshot_250.png

    Left side is with pen pressure, right side is without. It´s still the same. I have no idea what i am doing wrong, everything was fine, few days ago, i could do a really nice circles, smooth circles, this is just rubbish

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  • 11/23/18--08:53: Re: Huge brush problem
  • Can you try WITHOUT the Wacom connected? I noticed a slight bug when I used mine on CC2019 where all the options in AE were greyed out if I started AE with the Wacom connected. Had yo switch off Wacom and switch back on to get the options back. Try using the mouse and see what happens

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