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    Sous le moteur de rendu 3D cinéma 4D, lorsque j'active la 3D par caractère, ils deviennent invisibles, je ne vois que les traits des contours de formes.

    Il y a il une solution svp?

    Je vous remercie.

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    >Third party plugins don't work like that
    For example the Knoll Light Factory had the issue, but they fixed it.
    The issue even got into the documentation of the render manager Deadline.

    Just google the following and the first link is a link to their documentation.
    "Knoll Light Factory plugin has also been known to cause this error message when it can’t get a license"

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    15 minutes of one effect is visually kind of nuts. Doing that in one AE comp is even a little more nuts. After Effects was designed from the start to do shots not make movies. More than 90% of my comps are one shot under seven seconds because there are almost no shots in any dramatic film that are longer than seven seconds. Most of the projects that I work on are between one and two hours long, and some of them involve hundreds of AEP project files with dozens of comps in each project.


    The easiest way to make a perfect loop is to make sure that the first and last frames are identical. This is challenging if you create fire with a particle effect like Trapcode Particular, but it is doable. I would try and make the loop about 10 or 15 seconds long. Nobody is going to notice the loop in a fire effect that is that long.


    An easy way to create the seamless loop would be two copies of particular with exactly the same settings offset enough that you can create a seamless dissolve, then repeat the process and render a section from the middle of the two dissolves. A perfect seamless loop should be the result. I did this in about 2 minutes using one of the Fire presets in Particular. Rendering the work area results in a seamless loop. You just have to create identical beginning and ending frames then set the out point of the render one frame before the identical frame.

    Screenshot_2018-11-23 14.14.40_rs76M5.png

    If you are working on a 15-minute shot that has looping footage then the challenge is to make a 10 or 15-second seamless loop, render that, then do the looping in your NLE. It's easy to set up.

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    The only way to do this in AE without 3rd party plug-ins is to put the clothing on a separate layer and use a distortion effect. Puppet Pin works for some styles, but you could also use everything from Liquify to  Displacement Map. There is nothing that will automatically make clothes look like they are actually flexing in AE or even any 3D app. They all require some setup and definition of parameters. You can't just select a layer and click a button.

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    Already tried their effects suite today, they use a red cross.

    Used their plugins years ago, red cross as well.

    Works in demo mode if you do not enter the registration code


    Just tried, they print demo into the image

    I already tried a list of the "most used AFX plugins",

    but these major vendors have either never had the issue or fixed it (Like Knoll fixed it).
    And as plugins with this error message issue are rare, I wanted to ask the community if someone KNOWS a plugin.

    As it is faster than to test 1000 plugins myself to find one.


    But it seems asking the community in this forum was not a good idea.

    I will try somewhere else.

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    Agreed Rick. A lot goes into proper cloth simulation, From daemons, deformers and emitters to attractors to turbulence displacement maps etc. AE cannot handle these ...yet

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    Best of luck to you

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  • 11/23/18--17:34: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Thanks, I got the spinning thing going so far.

    Missing those streaks of light thingy circling around...

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    On a Mac Install Adobe After Effects CC 2015. (Please note this can be done by going to the Adobe Creative Cloud app and click on the down arrow next to the after effects app and click on manage and then other versions) . Then go to the Plug-ins folder found in Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Plug-ins Find the plugin called lens blur copy it to the same location on the Adobe After Effects CC 2018. This is the easiest way.

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    I've been try for weeks to edit a video but every media file I use gets a weird, green distortion effect that I cannot find a fix to. I dont have this problem in premiere pro and yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program.glitch 1.PNGglitch 2.PNG

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  • 11/23/18--20:22: UI not showing up
  • My entire after effects window is just completely black. The welcome window appears normally but nothing else. I can see my cursor changing as I hover over parts of the window and can click hidden buttons if I click around enough. If I choose to pop out panels they render, but otherwise are invisible.


    I’ve reinstalled and cleaned my computer of all adobe files with adobe‘s cleaner app. My other adobe programs work fine.

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    I figured it out. The footage I was using, for some unknown reason, time code that was starting at 64 frames rather than 0???

    I had trimmed that footage in premiere pro before AE so some time code glitch carried over.

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    In most cases - that happends because of no updated GPU drivers - so do that first. And here you have similar issue and how to fix it (works with PPro, AE and AME) Image quality changes after saving the project. Green/pink haze on video.

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    As all of the peope before me said - there are no such plugin in AE that would give you that. Even if you even had project premade with some plugin and you don't have that plugin anymore - AE will tell you about missing plugins and fonts when you open the project but after ignoring that AE will render without any issues and popups or errors. So you can ask us or you can test 1000 plugins but you should not be mad on us or those 1000 plugin makers if you get answers that are not satisfying for you.

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    Mo Moolla is is absolutelly correct - for editing you should chose Premiere Pro because it is the software for cutting and editing video and then transfer (without rendering) to AE already edited footage for effects etc.
    Even if you don't wish to go to Premiere Pro of you don't have PPro - you can (not so officient as in PPro) do your edits in AE.  And as for precision of cutting AE and PPro are able to cut precisely to one frame so I'm not sure of what kind of precision you are talking about that Bandicut will give you but AE or PPro can't.

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    Long story short:
    - did yopu try to update GPU drivers?
    - do you have CUDA acceleration turned off?
    - what version of AE do you use and did that happened in previous version or only in new one


    Similar issue:

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  • 11/23/18--21:44: disk cache problems again
  • I am keep having this problem that "Your disk cache folder is on a drive that does not have enough available space to safely store the full amount specified in your preferences. Please make more space available or go to Media & Disk Cache preferences to change the folder or maximum disk cache size." I've already tried to empty my disk cache and reduce the maximum size of my disk cache, but the problem is still occurring. Can anyone help me out?

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    I have been working on a small project in After Effects CC 2019 for a class and have finished all necessary edits and was trying to export. The project just consists of one clip, cut up and re-positioned, with some rotoscoping. The main rotos are are about 2 seconds long and there are 2 of them. the other two are just rotos of objects sitting still. The total length of the composition is 44 seconds, 9 frames.


    At first, I tried doing what I normally would and sent it to Media Encoder to render through h.264. Whenever I started the render, the bar stayed on the prep stage and never actually started rendering. I thought it was just media encoder and decided to go the hard way and try exporting directly from AE into an AVI to be converted later.


    At first it didn't render at all, then it did render. Though this render was around 5 minutes long (I don't know why it was that long, the composition was set to 44 seconds, 9 frames) and had no video or audio in it.


    I have also tried exporting to TIFF or PNG sequences to be converted later but AME and After Effects refused to even start the render.


    I have tried to export it on two separate machines with the same results. If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated as my grade for the project depends on me getting this out.



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