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    I agree on this. I have looked at all possible solutions and nothing springs to mind.

    Its the OP's hardware thats the bottleneck namely Quicktime downscaling

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    I also have same problem! And I tried everything mentioned above. Today I even downloaded latest update for AE CC 2019, but still no luck and I got the same error message. So, I had to download earlier version AE CC 2018 where stabilizing and camera tracking are working.

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  • 11/24/18--02:41: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • I did use echo for the spins.

    But not getting those blurry circles around at all

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    It's interesting reading the comments, I wonder if the majority of people are actually grasping the issue?


    It's not that it looks a 'little rough' in After Effects, it's that it looks horrible. My workflow is (nowadays) to create the stuff in Illustrator if I have to, then import that into Photoshop (which understands Vector graphics and scaling! ) and then export either a nice large PNG or PSD file into After Effects.


    After Effects doesn't appear to play nicely with Illustrator Vector Graphics. Unless I'm missing the magic 'use the benefits of vector graphics to make it's sharp at any size' button in After Effects.

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  • 11/24/18--03:06: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • You can do that in severa ways.
    1. easiest way would be to put some glowy markers on person spinning before you recorded him - but I guess you can't redo that scene
    2. tweak glow and color plugins to highlite parts of your recording
    3.  in precoposition where you have your keyed out footage put some random glowy colorful shapes - make them 3D anchor to null object and spin them around the same way that your model is spinning, turn on motion blur and after little bit of tweaking you should see desirable result.

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    I agree on this. My jaw dropped when I read the following : "o got another fire 30 seconds long and duplicated layer many times to stretch out over 15 minutes:


    15 minutes in AE? Oh dear me. No no no. Thats just asking for trouble lol.

    As Rick pointed out AE was meant to service shots meant for visual effects.

    And these shots are rarely longer than 10 seconds. And in my experience 10secs is even too long, I average 3-6secs at max for high end visual effects shots.


    My recommendation is:

    Render a 30 sec fire clip out at full res.

    Bring it into PP. Use layers to overlay and use a suitable blend mode and and a simple effect to give the fire some variation.

    Look at this vid I made for you to check how to go about this


    This was the static image used




    Assets used: 1. Static Fireplace Image. 2. Fire Stock Footage

    With a little clever use of masks, coloring, speed changes  and blend modes you can get some really realistic results.

    This was all done in 3-5 mins to quickly demonstrate what can be accomplished with very little effort.

    Please do not make Comps of 15mins in AE lol.


    Trust this helps and please note this example I did was very basic but should give you some novel ideas



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  • 11/24/18--03:28: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • That's actually a good idea !


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  • 11/24/18--03:41: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • As Rick and imeiilfix have pointed out there are several ways to achieve this. From simple plugins to complex mocap workflows.


    They both have hit the nail on the head in terms of what you would need.


    In the MASK movie shot it is not just a simple Echo and trail effect added.

    They have created the object in 3D space with camera movement tracked by using tracking markers which get keyed out.

    In the movie you will notice the vortex wraps around Jim Carey which means 3D and particle work is involved.


    For you to achieve an almost exact output you would need to use software like Maya, C4D or something that allows 3D mapping.

    I think that is a thread on its own.


    For now, as a beginner in the vfx world make use of plugins that will help you. Also make use of Motion Blur give it more realism.


    imeilfx and Rick Gerard

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  • 11/24/18--03:59: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Mo Moolla

    You are right that what was made in Mask movie was pro cgi work that is why if if we would even start to think about comming close to that we should star with great shots on profesional green screen - and here we don't have that.

    And if we would have that good GS shots we could think about pro 3D work. I'm sure even that we could achieve all of that with AE (+Particular/Stardust) starting with good footage but here we have:

    - low quality gs scenes

    - person that - i guess - just started with AE 

    And I guess that is why we are not goin to 3D sofware or even to particular/stardust and other 3rd party plugins that are universe on its own but we are trying to find easiest and fastest way with easiest of tools and tricks to achieve the task.

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    sorry for my late reply. But my sister was giving birth to her second child so I was bit occupied.


    But so it seems I need to learn adobe premiere as well. Thank you all for taking the time to advice.

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  • 11/24/18--04:29: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • it does look better with collapse transformation on. still if I were about to animate pupils it is going to be shot in the dark


    iScreenshot 2018-11-24 at 15.25.30.png

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  • 11/24/18--04:30: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • imeilfx yup agreed. Finding the easiest solution with built in effects would be best. Its very easy to make someone become a "plugin addict" who can't even understand a track matte (lol Ive seen this many many times)

    So yours and Ricks advice is on the money,

    I wonder if OP understands the 3D workflow in AE. A camera could be a valuable asset given his footage.

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    Its a pleasure and congratulations on the new arrival.


    Any questions you are welcome to message me directly if needed



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  • 11/24/18--04:43: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • I've been using Maya and AE for more than 10 years, but for this project I have very little time, like a week to do a bunch of visual effects.

    I don't have time to go 3D for this one, even tho I might use element 3D, I'll see.


    For now what I've got so far works not too bad

    here is a screen shot ( NOT FINAL, the clip was just a test ) the actual footage will be filmed properly


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    Nutley  wrote


    It's interesting reading the comments, I wonder if the majority of people are actually grasping the issue?


    It's not that it looks a 'little rough' in After Effects, it's that it looks horrible.

    There is no bug, but user error is a definite possiblilty. Try this: put the AI layer that is giving you problems in a new composition,  set the composition magnification ratio to 100% or 200% if you have an HR display and the option to fit up to 200% is available,

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.00.19_JLjbYL.png

    press S to reveal scale, scale the layer to 1000%, press H to switch to the hand tool and move the comp panel around so you can see an edge, then switch Continuously Rasterize on an off by clicking this switch om the switches column.

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.06.29_Ev6bSv.png

    if the edge of the graphic does not change from this:

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.09.55_nKnf5N.png

    to this:
    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.10.51_psP3rT.pngthen the Illustrator layer has a rastor effect applied to it in Illustrator and it was improperly prepared for viedeo production. An example of a rastor effect in AI is Drop Shadow. There are several of them. Open the file in AI and fix it.


    If that test works then scale the layer to 100% and set the Magnification Ratio to 800% or more an d take a look at the edge again. If the horizontal or vertical edges are soft like this, then the artwork is not aligned to the pixel grid. You need to either accurately position the artwork in the comp or return to AI and line up the edges with the pixel grid. With the Magnification ratio is above 100% (200% for HR displays) diagonal lines or curves will have aliased edges but horizontal and vertial lines that are aligned to the pixel grid wil have sharp edges.


    Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 4.38.32 AM.png

    If you are scaling down artwork that has a thin line you have to make sure that that line is never less than 1 pixel wide. For example, if you have a 4 pixel (or point in AI) line and you scale the layer down to 25%, the line will now be 1 pixel wide. To stay sharp it must be perfectly aligned with the pixel grid and any curves or diagonal lines will soften and probably change color. If thin lines move they will flicker unless they move at precisely a whole number of pixels per frame. That's just how video works.


    So, if your vetor artwork does not stay sharp it was either improperly prepared for video production or you have made a workflow error in AE because there is no bug in any current version of AE that causes vector files to behave badly.

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  • 11/24/18--04:44: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • But we said to you that you are zooming in your composition window and that is why you have that low res. Lokk at that. Simple hd composition, simple small ai shape on big cavas. First part - zooming window (so what you are doing) second part - scaling your image).

    Untitled Project.gif
    Do you see the difference?

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  • 11/24/18--04:47: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Ok. And that looks good ... little bit of tweaking and you will get 100% of MASK look

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    Hey Rick,


    The 'Continuously Rasterise' button was indeed that magic button I was looking for.
    Thankyou very much for your help

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  • 11/24/18--04:51: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • If you duplicate that spinning layer and mess with the blend modes and opacity and maybe add a matte choker or play with the Alpha Channel curves you should be able to improve the look. My quick example was improved with nothing more than setting the top copy to screen:

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.49.25_QCwsHn.png

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  • 11/24/18--05:06: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Yep, looks better, here is it



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