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    white lines in difficult renders

    Mac Pro (Late 2013)

    3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

    32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

    AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB


    is their any extra information available on this apart from my mac needs fixing?

    has  anyone actually ha their mac "fixed" and did it wrk?

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    are there any more informations available on this?

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    how do you crank up  the fans?

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    I've seen these problems if you have modified the duration of the source footage or if you have precomposed the footage. Have you stretched in the timeline?

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  • 11/26/18--04:03: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Elements 3d render only on GPU, and it's related directly to texture size and as you mention you have some texture, shader  and bump map, so may your texture are very hight resolution and this block your GPU from reading the full resolution because your small VRAM,

    so try to remove the texture and do a render test, or try to scale down this texture at least.

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    Thanks for both of your replies Rick.  You are definitely at a higher level than I am.    After reading your reply I switched back to Premiere Pro and things have been MUCH easier.  I used a new hack to do the zoom in.  I cut the clip at the point I want to zoom (scale) in.  I can then zoom in on my son.  It's not quite as seamless but it works and is super simple.  Instead of putting a circle around him I used an arrow to point him out.  This allowed me to be less precise.


    Thanks for your help!



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    Hi Mo - Thanks for chiming in on my question.  The back and forth between you and Rick was helpful and I have been able to create that I wanted.



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    CC19 is a messy clusterfuck. It crashes so often, it makes me believe this is some amateur software. Plus it wants to collect about 50 Gigabyte of data when crash reporting. Damn terrible UX and product quality checking. I keep using CC18 until this mess gets solved.

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  • 11/26/18--05:03: Particle world freezing
  • Hi, i'm trying to make rain drops freeze in air. I managed to do that with particle world, the only problem is that particles keep appeareing and disappearing, is there a way to stop that?

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    Pleasure Michael and glad you are back up and running

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  • 11/26/18--05:28: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Agreed turn down the texture settings

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    Hi! Thanks for the answer!


    Yes, the first option would surely work but I'll leave it as last resort haha, I have a looot of images and videos, it would take a lot of time and as you said, I would lost the editability of them.


    The second one, I tried and some of the effects didn't transfer well.. and as I'm not so comfortable using AE re-doing them would take a while.


    But well, gotta keep trying.


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    Hi Rick! Thanks for the answers!


    The second option won't work, at least for this project. What I'll have it in mind for another one.


    Today I'll try the first options, I think it will work! I'll comment here how it went.



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    After Effects 2019, Windows 10

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    I have this problem and to me it's quite big of a deal. I am using After Effects CC2019 V16.0.0. on a Mac. When I try to open After Effects files that were created in After Effects CC2018, I get a message saying that my project is damaged. At first I actually thought that the project was indeed damaged so I had to recreate it (thank god it was not that big) But not this is happening multiple times with other projects that are too big to start from beginning. So I believe this is not a damage project, but a bug. I'm working for a television station and they won't accept that I simply say that I can't deliver this because the software doesn't work.


    First I get this message. I have to click ok many times to open the project.


    Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 14.00.22.png

    Then this massage:

    Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 14.00.36.png


    After I get all these messages and warnings, my project will open, but most of the layers in my compositions are gone, only null objects and adjustment layers are left.


    Operating system: macOS Mojave Version 10.14.1

    After Effects CC2019 Version 16.0.0

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    Hi. I am having a peculiar issue. My after effects (2019) is working fine, but whenever I try to render video via media encoder, it gets stuck on this screen:


    and it stays there for like an eternity. Nothing happens after that and I am unable to render video via AME. If I save the AEP and try to import it directly to the AME, it doesn't work either and gets stuck on the same screen. The only way I can render via AME if I import the MOV file which was rendered from After effects directly, but that takes a lot of time.

    The issue is not just with AME, or AE but none of the apps are able to connect to each other via Dynamic Link. I work on premiere pro as well and it is working fine, but it is unable to communicate with AE because of this Dynamic Link issue. Even the 2018 version apps could not connect to dynamic link and gets stuck on the same page forever.

    Please suggest what should I do in this scenario.


    Steps I have taken so far:

    - Uninstalled and reinstalled the entire suite

    - cleaned all cache etc

    - disabled bit defender firewall, windows firewall

    - many many times rebooted the computer

    - updated all the apps

    - updated GPU driver

    - alternated between GPU rendering and Software rendering


    Here are some stats which might help you to zero in on the issue:

    OS: Windows 10 X64

    Processor: i7-6700 HQ @ 2.60 Ghz

    RAM: 16 GB

    GPU: GeForce GTX 970M
    OnBoard Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530

    AME version: 13.0.1 (build 12), AE version: 16.0.0 (build 235)



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    Thanks for posting the screen recording, that was really helpful. The solution is a not-so-obvious "eye" icon that you have to enable to actually select your layer. Instead of clicking "layer 2," click the blank space on the left of the name to enable the layer visibility icon. This should do the trick.

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    hi, i have this on all ntense renders? Adobe says my mac is damaged. did you find any other solutions.

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    Same problem here. And even going back to CC2018 didn't help. Looks like AE is no longer connecting to Mediaencoder. If it would be possible to render MP4 / H264 from AE, like it used to be, I wouldn't care... huge disappointment.

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  • 11/26/18--07:48: Re: Particle world freezing
  • Pre-compose your particle layer moving all elements to the new comp, move the CTI to the spot in the main comp where the motion should stop, use the Animate>Time>Freeze Frame menu to stop the action at the current time.

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