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    Turn off hardware acceleration for the UI.

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    I have a problem with exported "Lossless w Alpha" movs are showing up

    as being progressive, rather than interlaced.


    We've double-checked all of our comp and output settings, and everything

    is correct, but the exported mov is progressive, not interlaced.  That's causing

    a big slowdown in productivity, as other computers in our shop are looking

    for QT movs that are interlaced.


    Systems affected info:


    iMac 5K 2017 - 10.13.1

    4.2 ghz i7

    64 gigs RAM

    Radeon Pro 580 8 GB

    running After Effects 2018


    as well as


    Mac Pro Late 2013 - 10.13.6

    3.5 ghz 6 core Intel Xeon E5

    16 gigs RAM

    AMD FirePro D700 6144MB

    running After Effects 2019


    Both systems exporting with the same bad results.

    The only workaround is to use After Effects 2015

    That still creates the expected and needed QT mov

    interlaced, but not a good long-term or productive



    Please help.

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  • 11/26/18--09:37: Re: Particle world freezing
  • I applied some expressions and effects like wiggle and turbulence displacement on the texture of the particles so that the water drops will feel more realistic. I don't want them to be completely frozen so I guess I need a different solution (correct me if I'm wrong). Thank you for the answer though 

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  • 11/26/18--10:16: Re: Particle world freezing
  • Test with these parameters of gravity, radius and speed in the Particle World, then you are doing your own tests modifying those parameters until you get what you need.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 13.13.36.png

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    Turns out after working with Adobe tech support that it was a bad plugin.  Not sure which one yet, but when I removed all of the plugin from the plugin folder, AE booted up perfectly.  I'll be going back in now restore one by one to figure out which plugin was the culprit.  Tech support said that 3rd party plugins will often have issues after an Adobe upgrade - which is exactly what happened in my case.

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    I have been working on a small project in After Effects CC 2019 for a class and have finished all necessary edits and was trying to export. The project just consists of one clip, cut up and re-positioned, with some rotoscoping. The main rotos are are about 2 seconds long and there are 2 of them. the other two are just rotos of objects sitting still. The total length of the composition is 44 seconds, 9 frames.


    At first, I tried doing what I normally would and sent it to Media Encoder to render through h.264. Whenever I started the render, the bar stayed on the prep stage and never actually started rendering. I thought it was just media encoder and decided to go the hard way and try exporting directly from AE into an AVI to be converted later.


    At first it didn't render at all, then it did render. Though this render was around 5 minutes long (I don't know why it was that long, the composition was set to 44 seconds, 9 frames) and had no video or audio in it.


    I have also tried exporting to TIFF or PNG sequences to be converted later but AME and After Effects refused to even start the render.


    I have tried to export it on two separate machines with the same results. If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated as my grade for the project depends on me getting this out.


    I have posted this once before and it seems to have stagnated with nothing working so I will address all of the replies from the last post.


    I have attempted to render directly from AE itself. It is in the active camera with no guide layers.


    There are pictures of the project in the discussion here: After Effects refusing to export, or export correctly.


    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do these projects open correctly in v15 (2018)? You can have both versions installed simultaneously.


    Instead of opening the projects, try importing them into a new empty project in v16 (2019). Any improvement?

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    How to quickly increase or decrease the time scale of the workspace? I searched the entire internet and found nothing. I am already sick every time manually clicking on different timebar sides to reduce or scale 100 times a minute! Thanks!


    For example in FL studio I can use mousewheel to change time scale of workspace!

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    Hello. How to change a time step in workspace? I mean the minimum time that the object moves in the work area. Or how to make objects attract to a certain unit of time reference? For example, 1 second, 0.5 seconds, 0.1 seconds, etc.? As in FL studio, for example.

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    How to bind a marker to the edge? How to do when changing the duration, it stayed at a fixed time from the end / beginning?2018-11-26_23-00-39.png

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    First time I use After Effects, following a tutorial I made a text with the stroke animation effect. When I export it I tried rendering as "QuickTime animation" and as "QuickTime PNG", both with RGB + Alpha. I also tried AVI and RGB + Alpha.


    When I paste my video in Vegas Pro 13, they still have a black background. None of the 3 ways I did it, I managed to make it work.


    Attachment captures to corroborate that my two elements, the text and the stroke, are correctly and without background. The brush stroke is from a PNG image


    Problema after effects.png


    I share the file on Drive. Maybe someone can help me.

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    Thanks David - that had me stumped! 


    I think the new sleeker interface and plugin workflow are great but perhaps that is an interface element they could tweak.

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    Your project keeps crashing my AE for some odd reason. Can someone on a Windows machine open it and check plz R Neil HaugenRick Gerard

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    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.32.38 PM.png


    As you can see this has transparency, The mistake you are making is in the render output settings


    Do this: Set your Color to Straight (Unmatted) in the main render output settings


    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.35.53 PM.png


    Here I show it looks in Premiere so u can see it has transparency. Sorry your png file was not included on Google drive so u r seeing the color bars instead.


    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.39.44 PM.png

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    in after effects we can use shortcut to move the CTi:


    page up : move 1 frame forward

    page down: move 1 frame backward


    if you press the shift key with page up or down it will

    incremen the movement 10 frames


    there is also “go to time“ command

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    I want to move a track for 30 frames per 1 step for examples, not CTi. How to do this?

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    Hello Rick Gerard,


    Thank you to the response to my question. I guess what I'm asking is how do i make the object that i created have more depth to it. I'm not working with a title, more with a logo. I used a picture that looks like metal and portraying it to look like its traced a shape with a laser I animated. When to object falls It doesn't have depth to the logo, but because it's a mask I don't know if I can create it to have depth.


    Thank you

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    Thank you Julian. This actually solved my problem. I was doing everything that has been discussed in this forum, nothing worked except yours. I do think there is a bug somewhere.

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    This worked like a charm! Thanks!

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    Hi Everyone,


    I'm trying to create a moving set of truchet tiles in After Effects. I found that using the Motion Tile effect on a single shape composition was great for duplicating, but unfortunately I can only seem to edit the width and height of the shapes, when ideally I'd like each of the triangles in the image to be touching.


    Does anyone know how to decrease the space between each shape?Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 22.33.44.png



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