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    Motion Tile works with the source layer. The size of your source layer is what you need to adjust. And in this case, it looks like you should increase the size of the triangle relative to the size of the image or keep the size of the triangle and decrease the padding, from the triangle to the edges of the image or do both.

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    You'll need the Oct Release of AE to access the Responsive Time feature.


    Learn how to create and work with responsive design - time in After Effects.

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    This is confusing.  Are you trying to change a layer's x-y-z position or the time of the layer's in point?

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  • 11/26/18--15:49: Re: Issue with video clips
  • Thank you!

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    If you download a pre-2018 AME, you will be able to convert your Movs to a format/CODEC for use in newer versions of Adobe's DVA apps.

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  • 11/26/18--15:50: Re: Issue with video clips
  • Thanks a lot!

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    As the title says after effects keep crashing. I could be doing something as menial as moving a text layer with no effects on it, to trying to save my project. It just crashes. I have to save after each adjustment or change I make in order not to lose my progress, but that also crashes the program pretty frequently. Today alone it's crashed 4 times in the last hour.


    I'd love any help or advice on this issue.

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    Hello, my name is Gabriel and i've created this account with the will to solve this problem. It's simple to understand, when i make a normal motion tracking and try to aplly it to a null object, the path that this object does doesn'nt follow it properly, it keeps shifting, is so strange. So i'm here to call for some help in what to do.


    Here are some pictures. Thank you for the attention!


    report 1.pngreport 2.png

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    I mean this:

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    My after effects kept doing the same thing too! Whenever I added a spin or just a regular transition to my video clips, My AE crashes and closes out. Its been crashing more than 20 times these past 3 days. My video clips also glitch really bad. I wish I still had the 2018 version but I hope it's just a bug or something...

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    Hello John and EScobar,


    I have a similar problem.


    When I use a slider control on a layer, media renderer is not rendering this information. In my case, i´m not using expressions.

    i´m using Slider Control to show a number increasing from 0 to 80imagem01_adobe_error.PNG





    As you can see the numbers does not show up on media encoder.


    My softwares are the both in the most recent version, both in english.

    I´m running a Win 10, intel i5-7600, 16gb RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti

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    I searched the error message. I did not find the specific solution. But this solution might work for you.


    Rendering only with half or quarter resolution makes the Reshape effect work properly.

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    Would you try to reset your current parameters to default?



    Reset preferences



    To restore the default preference settings, press and hold the following keys while the application is starting.

    • Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows)
    • Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS)


    Setting preferences in After Effects

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    I've been looking around YouTube and Google and can't find any tutorials or forums discussing this question specifically - I want to have letters of a word move towards the screen (so typically just changing the Z position), but I want the letters to all move apart from each other at an equal rate. I know there are better examples out there, but here are two attached below - the first is a little more obvious in the chorus when he says, "If I'm not afraid why" at 1:20ish, and the second example is in the second verse, specifically at 1:31 when she says "Every night."


    I'm sure there's a term for this style of animation, I'm just having trouble finding tutorials online anywhere. Can anyone explain an easy way of achieving this?





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    Hey ToolfarmJP,


    Thanks for your response! I just tried resetting preferences and the issue persists.

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    I managed to do it!! When I was trying what you Rick said, I found a way.. similar to yours.


    In Premiere Pro, I need to change and apply effects to the assets IN a Timeline, not on the Master. Then I just copy that clip/image (even multiple ones) from the TimeLine and past them in the Compositions I want to use them in AE.. and walla! everything worked.


    It's not a perfect solution, but at least it works for me.


    Thanks everyone!

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    An update: I updated my Nvidia driver to 417.01 (11.26.18), rebooted my machine, and the problem persists.


    At this point, I think it may be crashing 100% of the time.

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    This looks like Text Tracking and the Text Animator Property, "Tracking" is used. Google and you should find related tutorials.


    And ... as a bit of a shameless plug, I've developed a MoGRT for AE and Premiere Pro that has does such an effect and countless many others - here's an early promo video - typeGEMs V2 - per Character Type Tool for Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects - YouTube

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    Your Feature Region (smaller rectangle) looks to be too big for this use-case. Re-size said rectangle to an area that is only little bigger than the group of pixels you want to track.


    Tracking and stabilization motion workflows in After Effects

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    Thanks for the reply, here's some more information.


    ( I managed somehow to solve the issue by closing AE, then turning on and off the layers, moving the 3D stroke keyframes around and it eliminated the vanishing frame.) But for learning sake, I'd like to know more about this issue, what can cause it.


    Frame 10 and 12 are showing the text layer, and at frame 11, that's where the text is vanishing just one frame.


    Here is a screenshot of the modified properties. The Paths layer has trapcode 3D stroke applied to it.
    The bottom layer is alpha Matting the Paths above it. As seen the vanishing frame (Red Rectangle) is way later to where the properties are modified with the 3D stroke.



    Could there be a possibility because the file with placed in my external hard drive it was causing an issue with RAM, making

    it flash?



    Thank you.

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