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    Hello everyone,


    I'm working on a tutorial you can view here: After Effects Kinetic Typography Tutorial - Kinetic Typography Basics - Create a Basic Typography! - YouTube


    Unfortunately, I'm having an issue when applying a mask. I'm using a method shown in 5:45.

    It's working fairly well until I'm trying to apply "easy ease" to it and play with the curves on the speed graph. When I'm tweaking the curves to like that:I'm getting the fo:

    Can I ask for assistance please? I need it to stay in one place

    Many thanks :)

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    Set  spatial  interpolations  to linear.

    select both keyframes -> right click and choose keyframe interpolation

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    I have similar problem.  I have some project files that won't open which I started on After Effects CC2018.  Now that I've updated to AE CC2019, they will not open.  I don't have dynamic links for them, they are purely AE files (along with additional assets like .png/.wav/.mov of course).  I try to update the file to CC2019 of course, but it never makes progress past 0%.


    I tried the caps lock trick, opening an autosave file, and importing the file into a new project, to which none worked.


    Advice is appreciated.  Thank you!

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    Agreed +1

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  • 11/27/18--15:12: Multiple Comps video
  • I'm new with AE and I couldnt find anything about this online so Its probably something thats easy and im just not understanding.  I'm doing a project that I made multiple comps for.  I was under the impression that you could get the comps to play 1 after another in a single video file yet i cant figure this out.  How do you actually accomplish this?

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    The swf's I make in Animate 2019 is not playing in After Effects 2019 anymore. They did just fine in previous versions.


    I know I now can import the whole Animate file in AE, but that workflow is slower for me since any updates made in Animate does not automatically update in AE like the swf's used to do.


    It seems like swf's made in earlier versions of Animate still works fine.


    Does anybody have any ideas?

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  • 11/27/18--15:30: Re: Multiple Comps video
  • Easy!  Open up Premiere Pro, import your AE animations, put them in the desired order and export.  Nothin' to it.

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    -- OR --


    Do an Easy Ease in, get it right, then right-click on the keyframe and use Toggle Hold Keyframe.  The animation holds rock-steady until it encounters the next keyframe.

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    Dave yes also agreed. But if his keyframe interpolation is bezier he will still get a curve

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    Yes valenting, this appears to be a known issue. I believe we have a fix for this in an upcoming patch. Sorry for this issue.



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    Im not sure of the content of your project, but-

    If your preview area contains more than AE can cache, it will dump some of the previously cached content, then reload when it loops back to it. This starts to happen as the project gets larger, tho im not sure this is whats happening to you

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    Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 01.23.16.png

    Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 01.26.14.png

    After updating to Adobe CC 2019... I do this for a living so this is mega frustrating. Uninstalled and Clean install doesn't work. Tried EVERYTHING found on the internet. I think it's a bug in CC 2019 for iMac models 2011 (And older), because it's all working on the windows PC at the office.


    Running on a 27" 2011 iMac

    i7 3,4GHZ, 16GB RAM, AMD 2GB


    Downgrading to CC2017 works, but is not what i want... THIS SHOULD BE FIXED...

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    back in the day we would render out two sequences, one being the alpha channel on its own, to be composited later. this method would save on file size a little bit.

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    this video use after effect or adobe primer and what this templete


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    Modern, high-quality CODECs apply either very little or no compression to the Alpha Channel. This off course results in larger-than expected file sizes. However the huge file size can be reduced with a simple ZIP-type compression. So, ZIP your renders before sending them over to your client.

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    This is doing my head in and has only just started happening without me changing blending modes or anything.


    In the individual compositions (this is a sort of animated slide show), the colour blocks are sitting in the right order for them to be clear.


    In the full comp (wth all the little comps), the colour blocks on ONLY a select few have gone black.



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    My final desired outcome is to export a GIF from After Effects into my Adobe Portfolio site, I want my Masthead to have a bunch of animated things on it.


    I want to do short animations in Photoshop and bring each one into After effects to have them all going at the same time. Each animation is 2-4 frame loops. There are 15 separate animations.


    Can you tell me the right way to export or import into AE from PS? I want the whole composition to fill the entire screen (24 inch monitor) except for a 3 inch side margin on the left.


    I need to finish this right away and I know Photoshop much better, and don't have time to learn how to do the loops in After effects today. Thanks for your help.

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    Wait! So you wish to export short looping animations yes? And you are preparing those animations in Ps yes? I'm not sure of what do you mean when you say that you wish to play them at the same time - do you mean to stich all 15 animation on one screen in a grid and play them as one or what?
    But even if I'm not 100% clear of what you wish to achieve i what I described is what you need you can do all of that in PS and you don't need AE for that.
    To be honnest most people when in need of Gif and they are working in AE - they export AE animation as movie clip and in Ps converts that to gif.

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    About what template is that probably no one will be able to tell you. Even if that is some kind of template - there so many of them and most of us does not use paid templates to often that it wil be hard to find exact one. There is also possibility that it is not a tempate at all - and I guess that is the case here -  but original work.
    As how it was made - a lot is going on in this composition to give you step by step guide to achieve it but all of this is not some kind of special magic and don't need any special skills - this animation was made with basic knowledge of AE and basic tools. Some transitions, movement, rotation, opacity etc. So first - if you are new to AE start here:

    After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC


    After Effects Basic Training

    or many, many more

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    Thanks for reply. You are right, I do wish to stitch them all together on one composition. Can I do that in Photoshop?

    I thought you could only do one animation at a time in Ps? Can I get 15 independent gifs running in Ps at the same time?

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