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    UPDATE: I've updated the CPU, reset the prefs and even made sure the BIOS was updated. It's still crashing. Not every few minutes now, but about every 30. Again, it could be as menial as moving a text layer. Any more ideas? Thank you again for your suggestion before, I really thought it did the trick.

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    The horse needs to be on a separate layer. If the feet are going in and out of the water the separation is going to be more difficult. Without seeing the shot or at least a frame from it is pretty hard to suggest the most efficient technique. You can just drag a screenshot to the reply field on the forum and we can give you a better idea.


    If there is no detail in most of the black horse then it's going to be extremely difficult to turn the horse white. You will also have to worry about any water splashing in front of the horse because just adding a tint or providing an overlay is going to change the color values of the water drops a lot more than it changes the black. That's another reason we need to see at least a frame from the video you are working with.


    If I was asked to plan this kind of a shot I would, at the very least, start with a white horse. It's a lot easier to make a white horse look black than it is to make a black horse look white, but even that is going to be a real challenge. Here is what it looks like when you try and roto out a white horse and change it to black just using roto, multiply and color adjustments. The blacks build up faster than the white and you lose all detail. This only took about 2 minutes with an image from Adobe Stock, but it will give you the idea. It would take me a couple of hours just to perfect the roto and make the color corrections necessary to make the white horse look black.

    Screenshot_2018-11-28 10.43.09_lickQ1.png

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    Hey All,


    Just to add more. Was having the same crashing issues with AE, only mine was with zooming. Did some research and tried to reset AE preferences with the Ctrl+Alt+Shift option during AE startup. That didn't work.


    Looked for updates on the GPU, no updates needed.


    I tried renaming folders like Sanupam_Playtonia said to in the previous post and that did not work either, at least for me.

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    This worked for me!

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    What are your encoding settings? Only very specific outputs are supported by the HW encoder.

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    Match source


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    Only VBR 1-pass is supported. Neither is anything above 4:2:0 8-bit

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    It's set at VBR 1 pass, not sure what you mean by the second part.

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    Thanks a lot for this!

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    Can you share your system specs, as well as the exact version of your operating system? This could be a permissions issue. Are you getting the Adobe Crash Reporter when AE crashes? If so, you should fill it out saying exactly what you were doing when AE crashed, and don't forget to put your email address in. Someone on the AE team reads all of those, and they might even contact you for more info. If you're getting crash logs it might help to attach one here. Usually they're very complex and it might take an engineer to decipher, but sometimes you can see exactly where the problem is. In cases where I can decipher the crash logs they often point to a specific plug-in or GPU issue.

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  • 11/28/18--12:29: Re: Multiple Comps video
  • Thank you all!  That helps allot!

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    I installed Desktop Video 10.11.4 yesterday and just started having this After Effects error today.


    I am on a Mac v10.13.6


    2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5

    64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

    AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB

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    Whenever I try to put motion blur on my footage, it darkens it while the opacity is still at 100%.

    I did add a twixtor effect but I'm not sure if that's the problem because when I delete the effect, it remains dark.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 21.36.21.png

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    It does it when I close a project or quite AE.

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    Was there any resolution to this? I just discovered the problem with a client's project and tried installing 2019 and the issue is happening in both 2018 and 2019.

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    In AE, some Illustrator layers I imported appear in the project panel showing a 1.25 pixel ratio, while the comps are at 1.00.


    This requires using the "toggle pixel aspect ratio" button on the viewer panel to properly view the comp.


    Is there a way to adjust the layers in Ai so the vector art created there can import over at 1.00?

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    That line and the arrow notch above it are called the playhead.  

    Like many adobe software terms, it's a throwback term (to how old tape players would read a VHS cassette for example.) 
    In a tape player, the playhead is stationary and the tape moves across it. In After Effects or Premiere the footage stays put and the playhead moves across, showing exactly what frame is being rendered.

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    Who's making the Illustrator files?  Tell 'em to set Illustrator in square pixels.

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    It looks like you're just cutting from shot to shot.  Do you need the motion blur on that layer?

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    If I deselect "Blackmagic Playback" in the After Effects preferences, the problem goes does my HD client monitor.

    But at least I don't have to deal with the errors and lockups.


    Hope this helps.




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