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    You may have a permissions issue - are you the administrator of this machine?


    You might also try resetting your preferences: Press Cntl + Alt + Shift while it's starting, then click "Ok" when the pop-up appears.

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    Hi Kyle,


    thanks for your prompt reply.


    I am indeed the administrator of my iMac. I hold and pay for a full CC Suite subscription and until yesterday’s (first) attempt to download and try Ae, no other of my Apps failed. I don’t use or subscribe to any 3rd Party apps, extensions, plug ins, etc. I’m not good enough to make them work for me. My Mac is pure Apple and Adobe products. STRICTLY Plug and Play.


    I’ve a Case open with ADOBE and they gave me the same steps to follow for a re-start which I followed. However, the error message popped up at exactly the same point again. I’ve sent that message to Adobe for another attempt at a fix.




    Cheers and thanks again for your response.



    Lino Giangiordano

    0438 230 233







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    Forcing only needed if you also have dedicated GFX card in your PC. And in case of an iMac or Macbook Pro you can use a switcher.

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    So I was asking if there was a simpler way of doing it instead of changing a text layer to something else but doing it with the source text. Seems not.

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    I see you in the video clicking on the layer to select it, I've been trying that, the copy in edit menu is still greyed out.

    I tried to select all, and also select all frames and copy into new file, but that doesn't copy the smart object. I don't know.


    Also, do I need to convert my frame animation to a video timeline before converting to a smart object?


    And when I convert to a smart object do I need all the layers eye icons turned on? (When you create a frame animation then only one frame has the eye icon on)

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    It's simpler than the previously mentioned method. Thanks. Although not exactly what I thought though. Wish there was a way to do this in the source text already, without any effect.

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    Ok so if you are looking for just keyramable slider/percentage method - there is none.There are only workarounds that Rick and I mentioned.

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    Hi Guys! I got my comp queued now in AME directly from AE. Maybe this works for some of you.

    This can be done by queueing it in AE (normal Render Queue) and than hitting the 'Queue in AME' next to the 'Render'-button.


    But still can't make the connection with the Dynamic Link server, what seems to be the main issue here..

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    I did it with source text and a stroke animator. Took about 20 seconds. Throwing in the tracking is just a bonus. You can add as many animators as you like. That's how you animate source text. There are no effects involved, just animators. You can even save the animation as an enhanced graphics template and bring that kind of animation into Premiere Pro.


    I strongly suggest you type Animate Text in the Search Help field at the top right-hand corner of AE and check the User Guide. Don't search the help menu, use Search Help and study up. You will be amazed at how much you can do with some text animators.

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    As for motion blur - see that you have your timeline mb master switch on.

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    In After Effects, how do I render 15 different quicktime videos at the same time, with them all looping and of different durations?


    A side question, I also want to bring some illustrations from Ps into the same composition, what is the best method for importing those

    into AE? Should I import a Ps file of the image, or convert it into a png? or a screenshot? Thanks!

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    A) If you wish to render 15 different animations with different content or duration - you need to make 15 compositions with that content and/or duration. After that selet all of them and go to Edit>Add to Render Queue or Edit>Add to Adobe Media Encoder queue... - select codec and export properties and place where you wish to save your files.


    B) You can import and work on most of graphics formats in AE so it depends on what you wish to do and what is better for you. You can import Ps, AI, PNG, BMP, JPG and many many more to chose from.

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    Hi John,


    Thanks a lot for your help.


    1.  Toggling between JavaScript and Legacy ExtendedScript does not change anything.

    2.  Using the property index (1) causes AE to ignore the control layer too (now everything is red both in AE and AME ) (it makes no difference if I switch from Legacy to JavaScript)

    3.  Using English in AME makes no difference.


    The problem is still there.

    Have a nice day,



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    Yes- I tried that before and didn‘t work. Tried to match the ProRes’ file color space but it didn’t change a thing.

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    Are you working on Mac or Windows? ProRes works best for Apple. Try read all "managing colors in After Effects" link , there are several things you can do. Maybe you need match the ProRes and configure the output preview panel too. I found this The Adobe After Effects Import Guide (Part Two): Codecs


    But, if you export in another uncompressed format and re-import, don't work for you?

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    Hi all!

    I am digital nomad so using a laptop is a must for me.  I am using Acer Predator with i7 processor, 32GB RAM and GTX 1060 on board. Two month ago I bought LG 27UD88-W  4k monitor to use it in my office.

    What I notice is that when After Effects interface is stretched to full display it runs slower then if I use it only on the half of monitor. Basicaly it is impossible to make preview because it losing audio and I don't hear my preview.

    I used HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C cables and problem is for all of them. nVIdia says that this graphic card should handle even double 4k display resolution :/


    Anyone has the same problem?

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    I have the same problem.


    Expression: Opacity

    a = comp("nb_numbes").layer("TUNER").effect("Slider Control 10")("Slider");
    value = (a==3) ? 100 : 0;


    If I render the composition in AE, everything works correctly and the Opacity is either 100 or 0, depending on the value of "a". If I render the same composition in the Media Encoder, the opacity value is always 100.


    Did you find any solution?

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    I'm going to do animation for an 8 part video series. Each episode will have animations added to it. There will be some motion tracking, adding titles etc.


    I was wondering what would be a clean and efficient workflow going about adding the animations to the edits? Would rendering out a ProRes file from the editor and working from that in After Effects be a good idea? I'd like to keep things as clean and simple as possible.


    Important note: The edits have not been locked yet and there will be changes, how can I handle this best? I foresee some issues when the edit has been changed and I have to update the ProRes file, causing time shifts and messing up all the animation done previously..


    Thanks in advance!





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    All interface are slowing, or just the preview?  Are you already press ctrl+shift+esc to see what is going on?

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    If you are working full in Adobe universe I would suggest to you:
    a) make your editing in Premiere Pro
    b) send to AE (by dynamic link) only parts of your edits that will need motion graphics and animations
    c) render everything from PPro with Media Encoder
    That kind of workflow will give you flexibility and ease of introducing changes.


    More on that kind of workflow:

    Integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects with Animate CC

    Work seamlessly with After Effects |

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