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    Hi. You can split the layer twice (ending up with three layers) the add the reverb to the section that you want it on - though to be honest AE is terrible for manipulating sound and as Peru Bob suggests PP (or Audition) would be Infinitely better to use.

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    Hi Omer47,


    TowerGuy's solution is an easy one.    The more obvious solution would be to key frame the reverb on and off.  

    While there is no way to key frame "Reverb Time" attribute of the Reverb effect you can just key frame all the other attributes.   Set up the reverb how you want it.  Move the time indicator to where you want the reverb to start.  Key all the attributes.  Move to the time you want it to stop and key all the attributes again.  Now go to one frame before and one frame after your two existing keys and set all 5 attributes to zero.


    If you plan on using After Effects on a regular basis you should really spend the time going through some basic tutorials.   Simply knowing how to set keyframes is an indispensable aspect of using AE.

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    I’m on the verge of tears and under a lot of pressure – I’m working on a really important project for a client with a close deadline, and my program has decided to stop working. Every time I try to play the preview, it either comes up with an error message saying “Cache Preview needs 2 or more frames to play back”, or it manages to play a few milliseconds on repeat.


    This started happening when I was working on the largest composition in my project file – it has about 70 layers. Could this be the issue??


    What is causing this? The project that I’m working on is quite large, but I’ve been storing it on an external HD, and saving it every few minutes.  I also don’t run many programs when I’m working on AE, as I try not to max out the RAM. I’m intermediate in skill level, but I’ve never had this issue before and it’s really worrying me.


    Here is a list of the things that I tried (and haven’t worked)


    • - Purged All Memory and Disk Cache (cleared about 24 GB)
    • - Unchecked box in “Preferences – Memory” that says “Reduce cache size when system is low on memory”
    • - Tried splitting up my large 70 layer composition into two smaller ones
    • - Restarted and shut down my computer various times
    • - Restarted AE.
    • - Tried putting the preview quality on “Third” instead of “Auto”


    Despite all these methods, it still won’t let me play the preview, and therefore I can’t do any of my work.


    Please help me as I really have to finish this project to hand in to the client and am under a lot of stress.


    My AE version is CC 2018, and my computer is a MacBook Pro late 2013 version, about 4 and a half years in age.

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    You working directly in an external HD? Maybe it's the cause, put the project in local disk. Also, check this link:

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    I have the same problem here. It is highly annoying. Can't use files I used to use in my recent projects.

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  • 12/02/18--02:38: Horizontal comp guide
  • Hello,

    When I place a horizontal guide (not vertical) on my composition, after effect starts to slow down considerably!

    Someone in the same case?

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  • 12/02/18--03:56: AE CC19 crashes on OS Mojave
  • I just got a new iMac, OS Mojave, Intel Core i5 3,8 Ghz, Radeon Pro 580 8192 Mb, 8Gb RAM.

    It's brand new, the first thing I installed was Creative Cloud CC19, and After Effects started working fine, but now it crashes more and more often. I couldn't say any specific reason why it crashes. Sometimes it crashes while opening a project, sometimes while handling keyframes, sometimes while importing footage, or doing a time remapping or applying some color correction, or sometimes it just crashes at opening.


    I simply believe that AE CC19 is full of bugs that need to be fixed. I reinstalled CC18 so I can work :-(

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    For me, the issue was that my photoshop file contained groups. After manually removing all groups in photoshop, and applying the effects of those onto each layer that was in there seperately, importing into After Effects works.


    For future reference, my errors were

    * ae.blitpipe disengaged, when drag and dropping the psd file into AE

    * <Dynamic Link> Adobe After Effects CS6\Adobe Premiere Pro.exe, when importing File -> File -> Composition

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    Adobe removed most of the consumer-level Quicktime codecs (in After Effects) with the CC2018 release. So if before - in earlier version of AE you were able to play that file and in AE 2018 you can't - that mean that your file was compiled with codec that is not supported anymore.
    If that is the case - you have two choices:
    a) go back to earlier version of AE
    b) convert your files to format/codec that is supported in new AE

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    AE 2018 works! so yeah, i can continue working, but i worry that i won't be able to use 2019.. whatever i do it doesn't work.

    again, it was working great two days ago, and for some reason stop working..

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  • 12/02/18--07:42: Re: Horizontal comp guide
  • What release of AE you use? and what is you OS?

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  • 12/02/18--07:51: Re: Motion Design Technique
  • You need to create the animation in a comp with the half size of your final composition than duplicate this animation and flip one of them to the reverse direction, check this small file where i create a small example to let you understand who it work

    Dropbox - Arrow-Mirror.aep

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  • 12/02/18--08:54: Re: PresetsEffects.xml
  • Hopefully this will help - it works for some presets.

    Go to /Applications/Adobe/After Effects CC 2019/Adobe After Effects CC


    Right click on PresetEffects.xml and choose make alias.


    Copy the Alias to: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2019/Adobe After Effects CC

    remove the Alias suffix from the alias.


    Now your scripts should install - I've tried a few and 4/5 worked .


    Good luck!

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    Same issue on a built out iMac Pro.


    This is absolutely insane. Adobe needs to purge the customer service department of all these reps and get a solid team together.


    Kevin needs to be let go, I don't know where he learned how to help customers, but starting out with anything along the lines of "I'm sorry you're upset" or "I apologize for the inconvenience" is SO unacceptable. There is a chapter in the book, Rework, that discusses this method of poor customer service. If you spilled hot coffee on someone while riding the subway, would you say, "I apologize." or "I'm sorry you're upset"? Absolutely not. If you're providing a service that is paramount to someone's work, an interruption to that service is like spilling hot coffee all over them.


    An inconvenience is a long line at the grocery store. This is the farthest thing from an inconvenience.

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  • 12/02/18--10:02: What is that effect name ?
  • Hello i saw one music clip and i want to be learn some effects name


    example:  whats is glitchy effect name any tutorial ?




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    Hello everyone!



    I am making a short film and as part of it I wanted to make a few scene transitions like the ones in the game No More Heroes.



    What I'm looking to do is have an image appear multiple times on screen until it covers up the previous scene and then disappear revealing the next scene. If the effect can be random, that would be great but, right now, I'm just trying to see how this would even be done.



    Also? I need to be able to do this without needing to buy After Effects plug-ins, if I need to learn how to use expressions to do this, I'll do it, but I can't afford any plug-ins right now.


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    Hello there!


    I am using After Effect CS6. I am beginner. I am finding difficult to achieve the hexagonal animation (first one in the given link) in the link.


    I am using trim path and repeater in shape layer to get the desired animation. But the problem is firstly animation starting with the blank background. Secondly, as per GIF in the link, animation is moving radially outward from the centre which is not happening in my case. All animation in the hexagons are happening in the same time. Please suggest me how can I get the animation same as in the link. Thanks in advance.

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    You wrote: "Lol @ darion's "solution". Don't announce something as a solution when you don't actually understand the problem people are having and your "solution" is just the realisation that you weren't using your laptop properly. There aren't dozens of people here complaining about AE's pitiful UI because we all have laptops and forgot to set the CPU usage to 100%."


    Firstly YOUR problem is different to the original poster, so not sure what to say about that. Wasn't specifically trying to help you and your three screen issue. I do understand the issues people are having on this thread and sympathise greatly having struggled with similar on multiple machines.  I found this thread because I was experiencing similar performance issues as others here. I solved it for me and shared my solution (that is how help forums work no?).


    Sorry it didn't work for you or wasn't relevant to you and your 'big boy' screens.


    Secondly I wasn't using my laptop incorrectly as you so cynically suggested. So unnecessary of you to suggest incompetence like that. It was in fact a bug in Windows that was forcing the laptop to switch from low power mode to high another.



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    Hi everybody!


    I hope you can help me on something. Im using Camera 3D Tracker on a clip, I have analyse it and in the category ''show track point'' I selected 2d source because those point fit more with the mouvement of the clip. The probleme is that, compared to 3D solved, I can't right click on those point to create a null from them. The only option they give me when I right click on them is to delete them. I wanna know how to use the track point in 2d source mode!


    Thanks in advance ☺


    Marie-Christine Laniel

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    Calm down. Aim your frustration @ the AE-development team instead of eachother.


    The thread got hijacked by many people at the same time, cause there is a bigger issue then the guy not using his 100% CPU or the guy with the three screens or my adobe AE being slow.


    AE has gone off-road and that is what this thread has become about.


    I had to revert to AE 2014 to have performance again.


    Has anyone of the AE-dev team even tried opening a file back in the 2014 version and compared it to 2018? Really? Have you guys/females? Cause if you had, you would have never released a piece of crap version like EVERYTHING above 2014.


    21st Century. Thought we're be father then this by now. Guess not.

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