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    So I am working in a group so I saved it back in the folder and zipped the folder and sent it. I then realised some things were wrong so i unzipped the file and opened it again and that's where the issues went wrong.

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    So, I updated my After Effects a couple days ago & everything seemed fine until I needed to render. Every time I added my project to the render queue it either froze up or crashed. It only happened when I added it to the render queue. I could edit things fine. Finally I just exported to media encoder & rendered it that way. So now I've had to start a new project for work & now every time I change the time stamp it keeps crashing. I've uninstalled After Effects & reinstalled it, doesn't fix it. I've uninstalled my Creative Cloud & reinstalled it, doesn't fix it either. I don't know what else to do.

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    Rafaelgvalynt  wrote

    I'm not sure how to check my bit depth, is something wrong with these settings?

    Make sure these are 8.  Not 16 or 32.   Clicking on the BPC display in the project panel (circled) will open the dialogue


    Color depth - Wikipedia

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    Even at 8 bpc still greyed out unfortunately, SAGER is telling me that I can't enable my iGPU on the 9900k because it's a high end laptop and will only use the nvidia gpu.. why does quicksync have to use the iGPU :/

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    Please send us that file - something went wrong but what - without analysing that file its hard to say what.

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    I can guarantee you 100% it's on Adobe's end.

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    Creative Cloud checks if Intel hardware encoding is supported using undocumented code. Unlike with the old 'Cuda supported cards" check where you could just edit a text file, there is no way to either force it into believing a system is compatible, or to find out exactly why it's refusing to play ball. Adobe have been very vague about which CPU IDs are supposed to be supported, they point to the Intel feature matrix but then say it's not accurate.


    Folks who have got it working don't necessarily see a staggering improvement in render speed, so frankly if it's not working, don't worry too much about it. Even with the "software" encoder, a new i9 CPU will render much faster than average, and we've been living quite happily without hardware encoding for decades.

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    Hi everyone! I just helped another user with this problem and it had a pretty obscure answer so I wanted to come post it here.

    If there are any .XML files saved under this path, that seems to prevent launch.


    /Users/yourUserName/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/15.1/ModifiedWorkspaces

    Delete any XMLs in this folder and it will (hopefully) launch again.


    Unfortunately I do not know the Windows path! If someone finds it, please post it here.


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    hey guys !


    same problem here, but I install it with creative cloud


    when I try to start PS with creative cloud, nothing hapens, and when I search directly for PS in the searching windows toolbar, the same text error appears ( I have the dll files in System32;


    Anyone have an idea ?


    Thank per advance !

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  • 12/03/18--13:26: Problem with roundness
  • Hi guys!


    I got a new job and in my company the pc is new.

    After they install After Effects, the software don't obey my commands (LoL)...

    I try create a shape layer with rondness, but, the roudness created come with "flat" corner... How i fix this?



    Thank you ♥

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  • 12/03/18--13:42: Re: Problem with roundness
  • I’ve tried your case in after effects and in illustrator as well, with the same values in your screenshot and i get the same result as yours.


    to get a smooth rounded corners, in the height field  put the width‘s value divided by 4 , that does the job for me.

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  • 12/03/18--13:43: Re: Problem with roundness
  • There is no bug that I am aware of.


    First, check the Pixel Aspect ratio of your comp. You should always work with one of the Square PIxel presets unless you have an experts knowledge and experience in nonsquare video and cinema formats.


    Second, Make sure the radius makes sense and you have not added a stroke or other animators, and the scale of the layer and the rectangle has equal x and y values.


    When you post a screenshot of a layer that is giving you problems please reveal all modified properties of the layer by pressing the U key twice so we can see what is going on. I've duplicated your problem and the problem with the radius is obvious. Can you find it?

    Screenshot_2018-12-03 13.40.14_mQ96mv.png

    How about in this one?

    Screenshot_2018-12-03 13.41.45_DsSlBy.png

    One is the PAR of the composition - visible in the Project Panel because the layer is selected, the other has something to do with the transform properties of Rectangle 1.

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    Thanks fnord, I'll give it a shot when time permits.  For the record, I'm not sure if the speed issue isn't also a limitation on Adobe's end (?).

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    Please file a Bug Report - off course include the workflow that works as well as the one that crashes AE. Cheers!

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  • 12/03/18--14:23: Re: Looping Track Problem
  • Do you understand how the After Effects preview system is designed to work? How After Effects Caches preview frames to RAM? What the Green line in the timeline means?

    See: Preview without rendering in After Effects

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    Hey JozieB!

    Funny seeing you here, I helped you out on twitter earlier today! Did deleting those XML files we talked about get rid of this issue or is there something else I can do for you?



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    thanks.  my problem is now solved.

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    So I'm trying to 3d extrude and animate a logo. The logo is a red S with a white stroke over a bigger blue stroke. I took the logo in Illustrator and expanded the strokes and fill into 3 separate shapes with fills and no strokes. I then moved each shape into its own layer in illustrator before I imported the .ai file into After Effects. I imported as a composition and retained layer size and successfully got 3 layers. In Classic 3d when I check the 3d box on all the layers everything works fine. The second I change the renderer to Cinema 4d the transparency on each level turns black and goes over the colored part of the other layers. I hit the transparency grid to toggle it on and the black just turns to a transparency grid but still the grid blocks out some of the colored layers. I don's get it. The information for transparency is there but its not actually transparent. Very frustrating. Please help.2018-12-03.png

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    if I play the preview from the beginning and stop it around the end, the time indicator will jump to the middle. This is quite agrravating. Anyway I can fix this?

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    Would you also try CC Cleaner for complete uninstall?


    Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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