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    EDIT:  Beaten to the punch by Towerguy, with a very similar approach. :-)


    If I understand your question, you have a video file (recorded with Camtasia, presumably) of a drawing being progressively drawn.  The cursor position is represented throughout that video as a yellow circle.


    You can seperate the yellow cursor indicator with keying.  My approach would be:


    Put a white solid layer below your footage layer.

    Apply a Linear Colour Key to the footage, and sample the yellow colour.  Adjust settings until the yellow cleanly disappears.

    Duplicate the footage layer.  Create a new solid layer that is the colour you want the cursor to be - maybe the same yellow, maybe another colour. Place this solid layer below the uppermost footage layer.

    Set the Track Matte option on the new colour solid to "Alpha Inverted Matte".

    Precompose the new color solid and upper footage layer (if you want to keep things tidy).


    Now you have a cursor layer and the footage layer, independent of each other.


    You could also motion track the yellow cursor and then replace the cursor entirely with whatever indicator graphic or shape you wanted.

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    Thanks Andrew! Once again, I'm fully green when it comes to AE, so really have no idea what you're talking about but this will send me on a good trail to getting this done. What would be easier, your first suggestion or motion tracking? If only iPad drawing apps had tracking cursor options, or any cursor options at all. The tablet's so good to draw on but not built for animation files.


    Really appreciate your response!


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    Thank you for reminding me that everyone starts at the same level, and that basic knowledge of the program is essential to achieve progress. My delayed response due to my computer is not able to currently run After effects, so I'll have to try what you put in the video when I get it back running. Another Adobe associate also pointed me to using looping expressions when the clips are of varying durations, so they can loop simultaneously. Thanks for your attentiveness.

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    Amazing! Done. This has been a 30 hr search, I am very thankful.

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    Short answer: Yes.
    Longer:  you can track anything what have movement in it so also cartoons/animations. If you are starting in AE it would be the best forypou to start here with the basics of AE: Adobe AE basics 
    And as for tracking that link should give you some answers on what and how you can track: Tracking and stabilization motion workflows in After Effects 

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    Is there a shortcut that replaces "home" key?

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    Ok. So several issues - and sorry to say - most of them your fault
    1. as for AE motion tracker generating to small or to large text later - there is no to much than you can do. So just let AE generate that text and then adjust it to your liking
    2. When you are adjusting it - use that panel - not font size as you did on the begining of your video2018-12-05_07-14-21.png
    3. Any AE layer moves around anchor point so if you have anchor point off the screen and you scale - it will scale to the anchor point so in your case (1:40 of your vid) off the screen


    And when you are asking why it is pivotung there not in the center - that is the answer - becaue there is anchor point and not in the center
    4. close to the end ov your video your text is going of the tracking place. And that is because when you were moving your layer from lefy off screen side tyo the center you were moving it freely in XYZ and not along those axis. On the picture your cursor showes that you are moving your layer freely and when you do that - there is no way to put your layer exactly in the spot that it should be on tracked plane/point by hand.
    to move yoyr layer along axis that you need you have to go to Transform/Position and move XYZ (first picture) or by grabbing XYZ anchor point axis arrows on your picture (blue, green and red arrows).


    And small quick video of simple tracking and how you should manipulate your layer in 3d spacetrack.gif

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  • 12/04/18--23:36: Re: rendering
  • For starters you should listen what Rick linked and learn some basics otherwise it will be quite hard to explain what you need to do.
    You wrote that duration of your videos/animations is 5 min 06 sec but actual timeline length is 28 minutes. So ... do you export your video as a 28 minutes clip or 5:06?
    What you are puting into AE is important when we are talking about AE workflow, speed of animating, render time etc but what you are puting in is not so important when we are talking about final file size.
    We need to know:
    a) what is the resolution, framerate and duration of your final composition - final composition mean the composition that you are trying to render (Composition>Composition Settings


    b) then we need to know how do you try to export your file - by Render Queue or AME Render Queue


    Only based on that we can know (more or less) what codecs you can use and what formats and how to configure them
    c) and what codec/format did you use to get so large file size?


    If you need smaller file size you should use codec h265 or h264 in mp4 format.

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    Use Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow to get the same result as Home key.
    Or you can just adjust/change keyboard shortcut for that function - or any other - by going to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts


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    Try maby open that project in new one

    1. Create new clean project

    2. Import project causing crashes into that new one.

    3. If project open without crash - save that project as a new one.

    In most cases that should help. Let us know.


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    The purple screen is completely new though, usually it just freezes the clip. I have the project set to MPE Software Only but that also doesn't seem to improve the situation.


    I am working on a 2018 Mac mini. I don't believe you can manually update the GPU.. it updates with the OS.


    Thanks for the help!

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  • 12/05/18--00:07: getting a weird crash
  • initially, I would open the file and got :

    unable to eecute script at line 41. after effects error: missing data file


    Did some research and a lot of people were having problems with library, so I thought I would close it per suggestion, and it stopped that error but I still get this one and am stuck here:


    A copy of your project was saved at: /Users/wutronic/Google Drive/work/time travel alchemy/to post/week preview/006_2.aep.


    Last log message was: <4368405952> <D_MCEXPp_UnFlattenOption> <5> Error: dispose exporter ( 1)



    Generating crash log, which may take a few minutes.


    This file is saved in multiple iterations and they all get this error now, there is no way it was a corrupt file either since chances of them ALL going corrupt is insanely low. Kinda of stuck as to why all the iterations of this file are jacked. Any ideas? It smells like a bug.

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    Unfortunately that didn't happen - As soon as I imported the project it crashed

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  • 12/05/18--01:01: Re: getting a weird crash
  • so update: after reinstalling I got the file to open one time, but after this one time it started crashing again. This is a completely new install with no plugins on it even.

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    Buying new in 2018, a reasonably fast Intel CPU is probably still the best compromise of cost and performance. AMD Ryzen/Threadrippers are pointless as we're not multi-core for normal operations. If you do lots of very heavy C4D integration then there's an advantage in cores over speed, but AMD still doesn't stand up.


    Many professionals use Xeon workstations, simply because After Effects used to be multi-core and a twin-2683 system would batter the competition. No point in throwing those machines away, especially if you're using non-Adobe software that can still take advantage.


    The big thing for After Effects is RAM. Tons of it. AE will kick sand in the face of a mere 128GB if you're rendering complex timelines and high color depth. Xeon boards still hold their own in that respect.



    Suggest you visit our hardware forum - it's under the PrPro group but it's not specific to just that application.


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    It would help to see your glow settings.  Have you turned the intensity up?  Do you have set to be based on color channels or alpha channel?


    Also if you could describe your process step by step, as if you were writing a tutorial how to do what you did.

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    Turning off 'advanced layers' which is on by default fixed this for me, thanks dude!

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    You are welcome. Glad that it helped.

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    Hi everybody,


    I am trying to make a shape layer appear in a similar way as this: Material Design Blinds Transition ( After Effects Project Files ) ★ AE Templates ★ 2018 - YouTube

    The example presented is a bit more sophisticated than I need. I just want the venetian blinds to appear subsequently. Unfortunately, I can't figure out such a little detail. Does anyone have any ideas?


    Thank you very much!

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  • 12/05/18--06:42: Puppet Pin, Parenting and 3D
  • Came across what I thought would be a simple problem that has become very obtuse.


    I have character in an animation... it needs to be  3D layer in order to sometimes go in front and sometimes behind other objects in the scene. (Unless I'm totally missing something and you can keyframe layer stacking order?)


    I would like to use Puppet pins to make the legs of the creature bend, so it can bounce.


    I want to have the arms and head be parented to the the body, which is bouncing up and down on the legs.


    I've tried using a puppet pin on the body and then parenting the arm's anchor point to that pin. This works great in 2D, but when it's 3D it doesn't work.


    I feel like I'm overlooking something really obvious here. Thanks.

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