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    Card Dance or Card Wipe.


    The User Guide will show you how to use the effects. Find t info quickly by typing Card Dance in the search help field at the top right corner of AE,

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    Thank you for the insight.


    i just really need my question answered at this point still ... ^^ is there a point to overclocking more than the first Core for performance? Or can I increase AE performance more by OCing more than 1 Core (Say 2 Cores or All 8 Cores)?


    That’s all I want to know despite professionals not Overclocking their Rigs lol..


    thank you..

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    I'm working with Puppet Tool from time to time but always try to avoid it because of problems like this.


    Maybe you can drop 3D if you duplicate your creature (put it into a precomp for better handling, if not already) and put it above the layer stack. When you just cut, or switch opacity, when ever you want to be behind or before something.



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    Yup, same here. I've been using CC 2018, gave up on CC 2019 when it constantly crashed on (nearly!) opening.


    I'm running it on a Win10pro PC - is that what you're using too?


    I've a hunch it's something to do with 3rd party plugins not playing nicely. When I first tried CC 2019 I noticed one of the error messages referenced a folder where plugins are stored so I started removing them one by one. Eventually AE opened, once, and then went straight back to crashing each time!

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    My question is fairly simple but haven't found a good solution yet.

    The image below shows all key-frames have been placed on a layer



    I am wondering is there any ways that can quickly space out those dots evenly. like this image below:



    I use photoshop / illustrator as well. they have a series of buttons like this:


    Does After Effect has something similar tools like that as well? if not, how can i quickly achieve the evenly space out dots.


    Thanks, Appreciated

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    hello so I am trying to mask this "snow globe" so it comes out of the "base" of the snow.


    The original colour of the snow globe is a teal (as seen below):


    but as you can see, when I turn on the layer (unhide the layer) it doesn't mask the globe shape as if it were coming out of the base of the globe.


    I have a slide here for the layers in case I might be missing something or I'm just straight up dumb.



    Final premise: I would like to retain the shape colour while still being able to Track Matte the snow globe as if it were coming out of the base of the globe. Is there a way? Is it because I didn't convert the vector files in Illustrator to shape files in AE? I'm sorry if its an obvious mistake, I'm new to the AE world haha. Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    Same here! AE crashing when applying the plug in or when opening a project with it enabled.
    Pain in the *** cuz i need to open up an older project for a client.
    No update on the Videocopilot website either.

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    By altering the positions of the keyframes on the timeline, you'll also alter the speed at which the property in question animates.

    Do you want to do that?

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    yes.. i don't mind the speed. i just want to make the space between each dot the same, so i don't have to eyeball it every time.


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    I think this may be the first time no one has cared about the speed of an animation!

    First, make all your keyframes.  Then you can use the Rove Across Time command.  I haven't used it in a LONG time, I'd have to look up how to use it, but it's the closest thing AE has to what you want to do in any kind of automated way.


    And even then they probably won't be evenly spaced.  For that you have to rely on good 'ol arithmetic.  Chances are pretty good you won't be able to use arithmetic, either -- when you divide the number of keyframes by the number of frames they span you'll probably come up with fractions of frames -- and you can't move the timeline cursor in fractions of frames.  So you're stuck.


    Now, Rove Across Time will put keyframes in between actual frames.  But again, they won't be evenly spaced.



    I'm not really sure what your goal is in doing this other than to make the spacing of your keyframes look nice and tidy, which isn't the goal of animating in After Effects.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, what i mean i don't mind changing the speed of the animation is because i want each key frame (the dots) separated equally. for example: i move the circle from left to right in 2.5 seconds, and move it back to left in 2.5 seconds. i wish there is a way to copy and paste the key-frame repeatedly exactly 2.5 seconds apart. so i don't have to drag each dot individually apart to match the 2.5s.

    What i am wish for is i can place those dots randomly in the beginning and space them out equally with one or two clicks. it is a tedious work to move each dot and make sure they all have the same distance between each other.


    Hopefully I've made my questions more clear now, and wish Adobe or some scripts have a quick solution for this. since this problem has been solved in both photo-shop and illustrator.

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  • 12/05/18--09:17: Re: rendering
  • I did read the basics once before this large file. I will revisit. My thought is maybe I did not match up all things as I should have.

    I did use render queue.  I will try AME in this case. 2 screen shots of project and composition panels.Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.45.20 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.58.16 AM.png

    I note that duration changed since I first wrote down info in my last reply.

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    Dear Rick,


    Thanks a lot! After testing the effects mentioned by you i am using the Card Wipe. It is closer to what I need. The card dance is rotating the raws all at the same time as well.


    I still didn't obtain that perfect control over how the blinds rotate, but I will come with an update after I test longer. In any case, you gave me a great start!

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  • 12/05/18--09:38: Re: rendering
  • Ok. So we don't have everything to help you but based on what you have tell me do you really need 2000x2000 composition? How will you play your video, on what display, where. 2kx2k pixels is little bit weird aspect and resolution so examine if that is what you need to export.
    Below I prepared small video on how to render a composition into mp4/h264 - file will not be smallest but for sure should  be much smaller than 300gb as your original export. Hope that it will help you - let us know.


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    Overclocking will theoretically give you more speed when using CPU rendering, yes, just keep in mind a lot of AE's effects are now GPU accelerated, so you may not see as much benefit as you'd think.


    As for overclocking your GPU, if you're familiar with how that works, go for it. You can push it up a bit (especially if it's an Nvidia card) without affecting your system's stability, and the same with CPU overclocking - just don't push it to the edge and you won't affect your system's stability. I'd suggest OCing all cores to keep things simple.


    But I'm just one of those professionals who overclocks .

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    I have 80 images scattered in a 2D scene and I wanted the camera to move and zoom in on each of those pictures every 2 seconds.

    What's the best way to do this?

    Sem título1.png

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    Hi everyone,


    I'm putting together a short animation of a character walking with a briefcase. The arms and legs have been animated with paths inside of shape layers and the briefcase has been added as a vector graphic. I've gotten as far as parenting the briefcase to the arm (which is parented to the torso). This results in the briefcase moving the distance of the character but nothing else. I want the briefcase to follow the end of the character's arm (as illustrated in image 2). Could any of y'all, with your super AE skillz, help a noob out?





    Image 1 -

    Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 17.51.36.png





    Image 2 -


    Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 18.01.37.png

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    I just answered this on the Creative COW's AE forum.

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    Very helpful, thank you!!

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    All I did was drag a pick a basic glow effect on the word and place it on the text.  Once I hit the 3D object button and the effects went away and the text became red.  The text was just the outline (no fill), which I'm guessing can't be a 3D object?  I don't see why you can't have just an outline as 3D text though.  I've had no issues on older versions.


    I did another test and it does the same thing for a shape layer too, where the I put a glow, blur, anything on it and it shows up fine but once it's a 3D object it disappears.


    It's not an issue of using too much of an effect.  It's the effects not showing up once I hit the switch and make it a 3D object.

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