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    Thanks Lucas for looking into it!


    I tried Kaleida CC effect but no luck.


    I created a hexagon with trim path, then I am surrounding the centre hexagon with hexagons using repeater and so on.. to complete the full screen. I am getting the almost same animation as in the link. Few problems are:


    1. Animation is starting with blank screen.
    2. All the animation happening in the same time which is not the case with animation in the link.Animation starts with centre then moving radially outward in the link's GIF.


    Is my approach to achieve this animation right? If not please suggest me.


    Thanks in advance


    PS : I am beginner, just working around to learn.

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    Hello - I had the same problem. Scrubbing, I saw my animation, but preview produced a Black Screen.

    In the Preview window, I changed the Range to "Work Area" and now everything is running fine!

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    3D off.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.01.30 PM (2).png

    3D on.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.01.59 PM.png

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    I've done this numerous times. My best advice would be to parent the camera to a null object, Then animate the position of the null by copying the position of each picture to a new keyframe.


    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for providing proper screen shots (instead of cropped ones)   The problem is that you have fast draft enabled.


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    Gutterfish, Great catch.


    In the future, when you have problems with a layer the easiest way to find the problem would be to start by soloing the layer, then select the text layer, press the U key twice, check the modified properties of the layer in the timeline and start resetting or changing the values until the effect gives you what you want.  If soloing the layer fixes the problem then you have another layer that is causing the problem. If resetting the everything that has been modified fixes the problem then it is something going on with the effects you have added.


    Your screenshots would be better if you just showed us everything that had been done to the text layer (could). I don't know about any text animators or layer styles that may have been applied.


    If that troubleshooting that way does not fix the problem try creating a new comp with just a text layer and glow applied and see what you get. If you can make it work in the new comp just copy and paste the layer to your original comp.


    The other option would be to pre-compose the text layer, open the pre-comp, apply Glow to an adjustment layer, then collapse transformations in the main comp.


    I copied your Glow settings and had no problems with CC 18 or 19. There must be something else I don't see that is going on with your layers.


    It also looks to me like you are trying to put together a complete video in one comp. The comp looks like it is about 3 minutes long. I think you will find it easier to break the comp up into much smaller parts. When I do this kind of work my comps are never longer than a sentence or phrase or two. It makes putting the entire project and especially dealing with changes a lot easier and faster.

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    Hi there,

    I made a project in french, but I need to "duplicate" the movie in several languages.

    I would need your advice in order to follow the best process...



    Is it better to duplicate the project (on for each language) or to duplicate in the same project the comps ?
    Or do you know or practice different solution ?
    Of course, what I would avoid is to have too many changes if I need to add or correct something in few days or weeks...


    Thank you for your ideas and your experiences,

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    OMG thank you so much!

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    Thank you for your both for your input, advice and time.

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    I would use a two-node camera, add a null, hold down the shift key to parent the null to the camera and snap the null to the camera's position, then remove the parent, then parent the camera to the null so you are moving the camera with the null. Now press Alt/Option  + p to set a position keyframe and then Alt/Option + a to add a point of interest keyframe. Then I would copy the position property of the first image you wanted to focus on and paste it to the Point of Interest of the camera. Then animate the position of the null to move the camera. When you have the first move into position completed add a keyframe for the Point of Interest, move down the timeline to where you want to have the camera focus on the center of the next image, copy the second image position value and paste it to the Point of interest, then back up and animate the position of the null to move the camera.


    Repeat this process 80 times.


    Another option would be to just leave the camera in one spot and fly each image up and into position. The easiest solution depends on what kind of camera move you want to do.


    The only other option would be to write an expression that cycled through the photo layers one at a time, grabbed the position of the layers, then transferred that info to the Point of Intrest property. If you were really good at expressions you could use layer markers, or distance from the camera to ease into and out of a move to each new image as the camera approached. It would probably be quicker to just run through the process of setting point of interest and Null keyframes for each of the camera moves.


    I can't help myself. I'm going to make a comment on your design idea. Pulling back and pushing into a new image every 2 seconds is going to be visually confusing and can bet awfully boring very quickly. The general idea is pretty good but I would try and come up with something a little more creative for that kind of a project.

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    No worries.  I had no idea Fast Draft effected 3D text in that way.  I learned something new today

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    I am working on a similar project. What I have done is set up a "layout" comp, with all my elements layed out, then nest that into a "viewport" or "camera" comp, where I can animate position and scale as needed. Scale is tricky because it will scale from the layers anchor point, which is not going to be center view. You could do better with a camera layer, it will let you zoom in/out center view. just make that nested layer a 3D layer.


    ( I have things going on in my project that make using a camera problematic, so I have to use scale as zoom )

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    Hey is anyone here i need someone to respond, my ae cc 2018 is also crashing.

    I can stay on for 40 seconds before clicking an effects, enabling a switch, editing my comp settings and it crashing.

    I have reinstalled 4 times I am running on a windows 10 razer.

    I have a fresh ae so there are no plugins or added features from other developers.

    Please let met know what is happening and how to fix, if you would like a video of it crashing let me know.

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    I have the exact problem with both AE CC 2018 and 2019 after upgrading to Desktop Video 10.11.4 (with Decklink 4K Extreme output).


    Rolling back to 10.11.1 resolved the issue.


    Appears to be AE-specific, I did not have the issue with Premiere or Resolve.

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    @ Josh


    Have you tried the above? Making sure OS and drivers are current & wiping preferences tend to solve the majority of these issues.


    What GPU is in your system?


    To clarify, are you doing a specific, repeatable sequence of things that's triggering the crash?

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    PS - I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12 which is NOT supported by Desktop Video 10.11.4. Could have also been a contributing factor...

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    Thanks. I thought of that solution for the 3D layer thing, but it's more complex than that - like weaving in and out between other characters.


    In some ways I'm happy to see that maybe I'm not just overlooking something obvious!

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    ScooterD76  wrote


    ( I have things going on in my project that make using a camera problematic, so I have to use scale as zoom )

    All it takes is a better understanding of AE's 3D space to avoid animating scale. Moves tend to look unnatural unless you implement exponential scale. I do this kind of project several times a year and about 60% of them involve flying 3D layers into position and then moving them out. The rest of the time I just move the camera, but none of my comps are ever longer than a sentence or phrase. I edit all the moves together in an NLE or if the project is very simple and the audio track is already produced I'll just seuence a bunch of comps in a master comp.

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    There can be no layer movement on a puppet pin layer. No position, scale or rotation keyframes. There is nothing preventing you from making the layer 3D, pre-composing it, and then animating position scale and rotation. If you also make the nested comp 3D you can pre-compose the pre-composed Puppet Pin 3D comp and then animate camera or layer position in 3D space. You just can't do it all on one layer.


    Did you follow that?


    Make your character move their arms and legs using puppet pin


    Animate the position of the Pre-composed character layer.

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    It's definitely possible. Do you have any Transform settings on the briefcase? Which might be stopping it from following the arm at any point?

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