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    Hi Kevin.  With a lot of trial and error.  I was able to get fairly close to what we needed to do.  GREAT for cool videos and gee whiz visuals.  However to be accurate for the engineering we are trying to accomplish not so much.

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    Are you using the latest release of ProEXR? (version 2.0, Nov 2018) from


    After Effects' handling of EXRs through a third party plugin is not exactly superb, and frankly if you're getting the right result in Nuke, then stay in Nuke.

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    I think problem is rendered file in blender. I tried a sequence of rendered in maya. There is no problem.

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  • 12/06/18--04:33: Blurry Render
  • Ok guys, I have not changed anything or updated. I am running AE 2018 When I render in H.264 match source adaptive (1.1 & 4.3) my panelview looks crisp but all outputs are pixelated and blurry. I have no idea why its now doing this after rendering thousands of videos in portrait modes it looks terrible. A 2 minute file at high bitrate is now only about 2mb?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • 12/06/18--04:43: Re: Blurry Render
  • Are you using AME for H264 output?


    Without a screenshot of those render settings, we can only guess what's going on.

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  • 12/06/18--05:19: Re: Blurry Render
  • It just look as some harsh compression. So as martinr84659894 said. Show us your render settings and how do you export. With AE or by AME. To h264 in mov container or h264 in mp4 container?

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    Track Mattes need to be above the layer they're matting. Your setup should look like this:


    Top layer: "Snow Globe Matte" — a rectangle that covers the entire width of the comp and goes up to the part of the snow that you want the globe to come out of. This layer should be turned off. Also, if you reorder things with your existing layers, rather than start over, make sure the mode to this layer is now set to "None."


    Bottom layer: "Snow Globe" — Your snow globe layer that you want to animate. You don't have to convert this to a native Shape Layer. Set the mode of this layer to "Alpha Inv." so it's revealed when it rotates out of the bounds of the layer.

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    It worked fixing it from freezing or crashing when moving the time stamp but it still won't let me go to the render queue. If I click on the render queue or add to it, After Effects freezes.

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    I would like to know what the best software is to use to create handwriting text animation? Something similar to this video:


    upsc interview questions and answers |Akshara Concepts|| true news - YouTube



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    You can do that kind of animations in several ways:\

    a) you can just record your hand drawing and writing
    b) animate simple revealing of texts and drawings + still image of hand drawing them (animation from link was made like that)
    c) mix of both of them


    As for technique b) look at those links:

    After Effects Tutorial: Chalkboard Animation Part 1 - YouTube

    After Effects Tutorial: Chalkboard Animation Part 2 - YouTube

    After Effects - Effect of Drawing Cartoon by Hand - YouTube

    How to make whiteboard animation in Adobe After Effects - YouTube

    Whiteboard Animation in Adobe After Effects - YouTube

    And for start you should learn some AE basics: Adobe After Effects Learn & Support

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    Dave, buddy, the original question wasn't asking for technicalities - it was asking if AE might benefit from some extra juice going through the CPU to gain some extra speed. Which it will, same as with any other CPU-intensive software, and OCing all the cores is likely to keep things a bit more stable (which has been my experience for the past couple decades or so). As for GPU acceleration, much like CPU, a bit of extra power isn't going to hurt anything so long as it's not pushed to the edge, as made clear in the accepted answer, for tools which take advantage of GPU acceleration. Going off about Xeon CPUs when the OP made it clear he's already purchased the PC isn't going to help anyone.

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    I wanna make a svg animation with the tool "lottie". I created a waving flag with the effect "wave wrap". Unfortunately "lootie" doesn't support this effect. Is there a possibility to convert the effect to a path? Or do you have another idea?

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    I am attempting to replicate a TV intro. When choosing the theme (The Weekenders Link><) I thought I would be able to find a Gif version of the tie-dye backgrounds to overlay into my video but i'm having a ton of trouble. SO, thats why I'm here, I'm not too versed in advanced video editing so I was wondering if theres a way for me to remove the person dancing (at the time the video is linked) and just keep the back ground? I know this will be more difficult since the background is moving as well. I have access to full Adobe Creative Cloud and Imovie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    That would be a job for After Effects.  It would require a lot of work even for an experienced user.

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  • 12/06/18--08:45: FX not rendering in AE 2019
  • Since updating to AE 2019 on my 2013 Mac Pro I've had some wierd issues with effects rendering.


    In most cases the problem happens when I convert an old project up to the new AE - frustrating, but okay, I can deal with it.



    Today I'm trying to render a project that has a layer with a Light Rays 2.5 effect. This project started out as a CC2019 project, so it's not upconversion. It does not throw any errors, and the render preview in my master comp looks fine.


    However, when I render the video to a file, the Light Rays effect just doesn't render. In fact that entire layer just doesn't exist in the render with no explanation why. IT's not a guide layer, and the embedded comps aren't even set to pass-through render.


    I've tried rendering with the default "Lossless" output, and using ProRes 422. I've tried, Software, Metal, and OpenCL rendering, all to the same result.  I've tried making the layer 3D or not (the surrounding layers are 3D).


    I'm not sure what even to try next. It's difficult to test since the effect works fine in preview. No other effect or layer is randomly disappearing.

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    Personally, I think you are using the wrong tool. Adobe Animate supports a lot more web formats.


    The only option I know of using After Effects is to animate a vector path using keyframes or an expression driving nulls on a path because as soon as you turn vectors into pixels you lose the SVG advantage. All of the distort plugins I know of turn vectors into pixels.

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    First, try exporting a frame as Photoshop Layers. That only takes a second and it will tell you if you would have success using the Render Cue. If the PSD looks OK then use the Render Cue and the Default Lossless Preset for the Output Module to render a DI that you can render using the AME to render your deliverable file.


    Second, start a new comp, copy the layer that is giving you problems in the original comp and paste. Make sure Active Camera is selected and check the preview. If it is good, then try rendering a five or 10 frame test. If that render works, delete the layer in the original comp and replace it with the one in the test comp.


    If all that fails, and AE is up to date and your plug-in is up to date, let us know. Maybe there is something else we can try.

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    It would be a lot simpler to re create - Just some simple tiling shapes that could be easily created in illustrator and animated in AE

    ( 2 blocks of tile pattern keyframed into a loopable sequence )

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