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    Знімок екрана 2018-12-06 о 19.45.54.png

    I had the same issue only with gradient overlays - when I removed them - shapes where created perfectly.

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    This script doesn't work for me in CC2019. A few versions ago AE used to behave better: if you queued multiple frame ranges it would... *gasp* render those frame ranges! Now it seems that all render job queues reflect the CURRENT In/Out markers! I fail to see how this is helpful at all and manually editing the output settings > custom per job is obscenely tedious.


    Please vote for my feature request to revert this back to what it was and how one would expect the render queue to behave.


    Render queue multiple frame ranges – Adobe video & audio apps

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    Okay, I ran a number of rendering tests, trying the Master comp, as well as the sub-comp that directly contained the layer with the effect.


    The effect name is CC Light Burst 2.5 - sorry, I spoke incorrectly the first time. This is a built in effect in AE.


    (Master comp) Save Frame as Photoshop Layers: Successfully rendered the effect

    (Subcomp) Save Frame as Photoshop Layers: Successfully rendered the effect


    (Master Comp) Default Lossless Output (Render queue): FX failed to render

    (Sub comp) Default Lossless Output (Render Queue): FX failed to render


    (Sub Comp) - FX layer copied to new composition, Default Lossless Output (Render Queue): FX failed to render


    (Master Comp) H.264 Vimeo 1080p preset (AME): FX failed to Render

    (Sub Comp) H.264 Vimeo 1080p preset (AME): Successful render



    For further clarification, when I turn the effect off, the layer it is applied to renders just fine in all circumstances. When the effect is on, the entire layer simply does not render.

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    So you want us to help you steal copyrighted content.


    How about no.

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    The original question is "Should I bother overclocking ALL 8 cores or just overclock 1 core?". The subsequent question to me was "Which CPU do professionals (that focus on AE SPECIFICALLY) use?" Nobody mentioned GPUs until you. It certainly doesn't pertain to the topic at hand.


    Don't presume that I'm anyone's "buddy".

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    Hi! im using Adobe CC 2019, i've imported a video and turn off the EYE because i just want the audio. When i convert the audio with the Keyframe Assist - Convert Audio to Keyframes, a Null called Audio Amplitude appear but it has a keyframe in ALL frames, so is not detecting my audio. What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I didn’t know one question was gonna stir such controversy lol.


    Maybe I should have restated my question, which should have been: Are there greater performance benefits from Overclocking 8 Cores as opposed to Overclocking just 1 Core? (Or is the difference negligable?)

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    kevinh23223536  wrote

    Are there greater performance benefits from Overclocking 8 Cores as opposed to OCing 1 Core? (Or is the difference negligable?)


    As I said earlier today it's impossible to give an answer. AE doesn't lock itself to a single core - if you watch a system performance graph you'll see thre workload being shared across every (virtual) core; it's annoying that AE doesn't try to use 100% of the CPU like it did in the past, but Adobe decided to remove that feature in the quest for.. something...


    Whether the asymmetrical clock setup is a "benefit" is unknowable - it depends what's in the timeline, what else your OS is doing in the background, how fast the storage drives react, etc. etc. - you can compare render times yourself by queuing the same comp twice with different OC settings but it would only be pertinent to that project at that moment in time. It's not like gaming where a generic 'benchmark' CPU score will guarantee you perform 0.01% better than the next guy - the general principle that a faster processor will render faster is true, but once you get into 0.1GHz unicore stepping differences it's all meaningless.

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    That's a bummer, I'm sorry to hear that. Here's a couple more ideas.

    1. File > Project Settings > change your render settings to either "Metal" or "Software Only"

    2. After Effects CC > Preferences > Media & Disk Cache > "Empty Disk Cache"


    What version of After Effects are you in?


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    I am at my wits end with this. Been fighting it for about three days now trying to figure out what the issue is.


    Enclosed are two shots of my timeline. These shots are literally the exact same shot and take from the camera just with some shots in-between from editing. #1 is how it is supposed to look and up until about three days ago everything looked like this. Then randomly - and I have added nothing to the files (actually been working on audio these last few days) - the image in various places started looking like #2.




    A) It seems to be random but eventually the whole timeline ends up like that.

    B) I've cleared caches. Deleted/reinstalled software. Turned off all Plugins. Reinstalled all plugins. Nothing seems to effect it.

    C) When I render before it all eventually looks like that it will render parts looking like #1 and like #2.


    I know this isn't going to remotely be enough info so I'll just start by saying what info can I give that can help us solve this?






    iMac Pro 10.14.1

    AE 16.0.0 bld 235

    Magic Bullet Suite 13

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    What makes you think it's not detecting your audio? Do you mean because there are still keyframes even when your audio is silent? Check those sections, the keyframes will likely be at a neutral value, but this is how that function works. The amplitude of non-existent volume is 0dB, so it puts a keyframe there. Your video clip still has an audio track, there are just no levels.

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    In the project settings, which color space are you using?

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    Version 16.0

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    Changing the render settings finally got it to work without freezing!

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    I'm so glad to hear that! If you experience any other issues you can make a post in this thread and I'll get an email, or make a new post on here. I'll be around.



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    I'm no overclocking expert, but when I was recently looking at processors, I saw a decent amount of info indicating that the 9900k already runs pretty hot. I'd make sure your cooling is up to snuff before you OC.

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    Have you tried exporting to an image sequence?
    I'm not sure why it would work, per se, but based on your info above, it's what I'd try.

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    Here are the settings. I haven't touched them. Footage was also shot Canon 5D 2.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.41.05 PM.png

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    Also, I just recorded my screen with me scrub on THE EXACT same shot and you can watch it change in the middle of the shot.


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  • 12/06/18--12:05: Re: Home button
  • OK, so, just to make things abundantly clear: Is there definitely no way to edit your toolbar to get rid of the Home button?

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