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  • 12/06/18--21:29: Re: Blurry Render
  • You need to post a screen grab of the compression settings, ie the data rate being used.


    If your file is coming out at 2MB then clearly it is being very heavily compressed. Perhaps something has gone wrong with your compression preset.   Click on the Match Source-high bitrate text in AME and go into the video compression settings. Assuming you're creating content for a social media platform, make sure your data rate is at least 5Mb per second.

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  • 12/06/18--21:54: Re: Blurry Render
  • Guys are right. What we need to see is settings of preset that you use:


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    What's this switcher you are referring to?

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    Also, one can see the sample of UX effect here

    I am new to UX design. It would be helpful if one can guide me how to learn that specific effect After Effect software.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue.... adobe after effect cc 2019 complete unsusable

    follow up

    Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 15.51.02.jpg

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    You must learn hot to create a 3D box inside after effects and use your own composition for each face of this box,

    anyway here's is a simple script allow you to create a 3D box with few clicks with null controller to control the rotation of box,

    the last step is to animate the box and replace the solids with your own compositions

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    Hallo everybody,

    I have a comp with 19 markers and I have to move frequently to them but i can't find the proper shortcut. We can use only 1 - 9  buttons to move to these markers, but I have more... 19 markers, exactly. Is there another way to make this simple operation...?

    Many thanks for a reply!

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  • 12/07/18--01:01: Re: Blurry Render
  • Is it correct, that your comp is 1000x1000px? This is a weird format for video.


    And please, learn something about codecs.

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  • 12/07/18--01:45: Centered wave warp
  • Hi,


    I'm animating the wave length of a wave warp but would like the animation to be centered so that additional waves comes from both sides. Right now the wave is left aligned and all the additional waves come in from the right.


    I've tried to have two lines to animate and to flip one horizontally but the wave warp effect seemt to disregard the orientation of the line.

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    You will have to wait until Adobe fixes this with an update.

    Meanwhile you can go back and install the 2018 version of AE and AME in your Creative Cloud app.

    This version works flawlessly.



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    This solution fixed the problem for me, thanks!


    This answer should be marked as the solution, until Adobe fixes the bug in an upcoming update.

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  • 12/07/18--02:21: Re: Blurry Render
  • It's for FB & Insta ads

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  • 12/07/18--02:21: Re: Blurry Render
  • Thanks a million, you answered everything for me

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  • 12/07/18--02:32: Re: Centered wave warp
  • To change direction of wave you have to change Direction value in Wave Warp effect settings


    As for making wave warp to generate waves from left and right to the center you have several choices. Three of them are:
    a) duplicate your layer and change direction of Waves on second layer. Then move or mask parts that you dont need to see (depends of what you animating)
    b) use Mirror effetc on top of Wave Warp
    c) put Wave Warp on layer, pre comp that layer, duplicate, rotate that duplicated layer. After that move or mask depend on what you ar actually warping.


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    You need to add the widths and heights to the position rather than just absolutely setting it relative to the layer/ group.



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         Hy. My Problem is that i cannot import a file File Version 15.1.1 with After Effects CC2017 V Can anyone help me what i can do?

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    I have a problem with AE 2019, using OBJ files in Trapcode Particular, obj's created in a 3d Software as well as the build in obj's form particular. AE 2018 works fine.

    Anyone else has the same issue?

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    It's just like the title.

    During rendering, when enter the section where apply the directional blur effec, the rendering just stops.

    No error message appears.

    Randering just stops quietly.

    h.264, PNQ sequence, Media Encoder,

    It's the same in any way.



    I'm using it.

    After Effects CC 2018,

    Media Encoder CC 2018



    Win10 64bit,

    AMD ryzen 5 1600 Six-core processor,

    RAM 16 GB,

    geforce GTX 1050



    what can i do ?






    제목 그대로 입니다.

    랜더링 중, 방향흐림 효과를 적용 시킨 구간에 돌입하면 랜더링이 그냥 멈춰버립니다.

    아무런 오류 메시지도 뜨지 않습니다.

    랜더링이 그냥, 조용히 멈춰버립니다.

    h.264, PNQ sequence,  Media Encoder,

    어떤 방법을 써도 똑같습니다



    나는 사용중이다.

    After Effects CC 2018,

    Media Encoder CC2018



    윈10 64bit,

    AMD rezen 5 1600 Six-core prosessor,

    ram 16 GB,

    geforce GTX 1050.



    무엇을 해야 합니까?

    제발 도와주세요.

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  • 12/07/18--04:46: Re: Centered wave warp
  • Thank you for your answer!


    I tried direction and mirror effect but neither worked as I'm animating the width.


    The pre comp worked but the two ends don't line up unfortunatly.



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