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    Oh god same here! Premiere Pro 2019 is blazing fast! AE is sluggish to say the least! The playhead just doesn't react properly to the mouse clicks!

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    Wow, rude much? Typical internet know it all, belittles others for not knowing something but offers no solutions.

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    Good evening everyone,


    Is there a way to copy Keyframes across different layers in one go?


    I always have to select > copy per layer and paste individually.

    if I select multiple layers keyframes, I create a copy of the layers instead.


    Thank you for your help,


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    You just need to re-think the logic of this a little bit.


    If the corner of the box needs to be locked to a corner of your safe area, that's what should be driving the positioning, not the text.

    Box gets dimensions from text.
    Text is parented to box.
    Box anchor point is locked to bottom left/right corner of itself.
    Box position is locked to the bottom left/right corner of safe area.

    While it would certainly be possible to create one rig that does both left/right, I think it's much simpler to just make two setups, one for each side.


    (I added a few static expressions just to keep the positions locked in place/avoid accidental dragging.)


    Here's a rig that should work for the left, regardless of how much text you have in here. Let me know if you don't understand how to adapt it for the right side.



    Text Box Rig

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    What about when graphic designers design print material for years in ID and then the company hires a motion graphics artist who wants to animate those files?


    Adobe could create a better workflow.


    Your a**hole answer isn't helping anyone. Maybe just don't comment if you aren't going to be any help.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found this answer to be more clear than the above Adobe Staff answer, as you have provided both reproduction steps as well as visual examples. Your answer solved this frustrating problem within 30 seconds, where the "Correct Answer" from the Adobe Staff member was too ambiguous which led me to searching my root OS for AE Preferences. Nicely done sir!

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    Hi guys, tanks to all of you for the support.

    My solution was download the VideoCopilot's Sure Target plugin. This plugin helped me a lot and let the process faster, I couldn't animate each picture one by one on the time.


    0 0  escreveu


    I can't help myself. I'm going to make a comment on your design idea. Pulling back and pushing into a new image every 2 seconds is going to be visually confusing and can bet awfully boring very quickly. The general idea is pretty good but I would try and come up with something a little more creative for that kind of a project.

    This was because there were lots of photos for a short time, but there was also time for the exchange transition.



    Thanks for the tips, they will be very useful.

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    I am using a built in After Effects face tracking (detailed features).

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    Thanks for all the links you've posted, to tell you the truth i am little overwhelmed by all the information you have posted. If it's not too much to ask what guide/tutorial would be best to follow if i wanted to create option b from your list above?



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    I gues first two links will give you most. So first learn AE basics and then listen and learn what is in firs o ftwo of videos thatr I posted.

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    Yes i did start watching the first video, the reason i didn't continue all the way through it was because he said he posted a link in his video description to a background that you can download but that link does not exist?

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    Thanks so much Kyle! That worked wonderfully. I was able to switch it to the right no problem.

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  • 12/07/18--12:05: Re: Missing Bezier Handles
  • I may be missing something with this, but, when I 'Separate Dimensions', an other wise simple ease on my 'Position' movement, seems to go out of whack, and get somewhat unwieldy.


    I don't seem able to keep my actual movement linearly. Is anyone else encountering this?


    I understand the purpose of having the separate control over X,Y,Z, but wish I could simply add an easy to my A to B movement.Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.58.11 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.58.17 AM.png

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    Same problem here, specs:


    (2x) Intel 8-Core Xeon E5-2620 V4  (Running in Performance Mode)

    64GB ECC RAM

    3x 1080Ti (Only one set to be used by AE in NVIDIA Control Panel)

    500GB SSD Local Disk

    256GB SSD Cache Drive

    (2x) 4K Monitors each running on it's own 1080Ti


    Is everyone else running on a 4K monitor? I've been testing this out and tinkering and obsessing over it for weeks. More and more I'm coming to the conclusion that the UI redraw issue, specifically for 4k Monitors is still not fully fixed. Coupled with AE seeing better performance on single core speeds. References to the single core speed utilization over number of cores. For the life of me I don't know why Adobe would decide to place their UI on a single core (if indeed that is what has happened) and prioritize clock speeds over core count. Considering work is only going to get higher and higher res in the future. But, I want to stress we have no idea what the AE Dev's have to deal with, are dealing with currently, and I sympathize. I suppose I just want to be heard.


    If the hard news is that I need to update my machine with a higher clock speed CPU I'd like to know from the software makers themselves so I'm not wasting money on hardware I never needed. Inversely movingly absurdly slowly just trying to work on simple tasks.


    I've tried talking to support but whoever was on the other side of the computer was only able to give boiler plate suggestions (Purge Cache, Reset Preferences, etc.) They apologized profusely and simply said they were sorry. I believe the case number is still open because my issue is still not resolved.


    Could a dev chime in? Maybe someone close to the dev team that can give better insight to this? If I have to get a new CPU with a higher core speed, please, just tell me. I want AE to work for me again. It opens, it scrubs a couple layers ok, but as soon as I start to really get to work, I'd say 10+ layers it's just unacceptably sluggish.

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    Buen Dia:

    Como se instalar la version mas reciente Nvidia Optix 5.1.1 en After Effects
    para sustituir el archivo C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2019\Support Files
         optix.1.dll que viene en esa version


    He visto que instalan la version, pero como hacer para una version mas nueva y que funcione perfectamente.

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    As you've probably noticed, you can copy from one layer and then paste to one layer or multiple layers but you cannot copy from multiple layers and then paste to one layer nor multiple layers.


    Unfortunately, there's no method to tell AE which contents from which layers should go to which layers.  It would be great if a dialog box appeared with a pick whip to draw between the copy from layers and the paste to layers.

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    You can copy keyframes from one layer to another, but only from only one property at a time

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    Actually, you can copy multiple properties.  The paste action should result in the keyframes going onto the corresponding properties of the selected layer or layers.


    If you haven't tried it yet, try copying to "like" properties.  For example, the keyframes for Position can get copied to Anchor Point. 


    Although, sometimes rather than copy and paste it can be just as easy, or easier, to link the parameter on what would have been the paste Layer to the parameter on what would have been the copy Layer.

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    Let's say my main timeline is at 5s when it starts to display a precomposition. This means my precomposition's timeline will be at 5s too.


    How can I make it so my precomposition starts play at 0s instead of 5s? I want my precomp to start form the beginning whenever & wherever it appears on the timeline.

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