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    Really this issue is little complicated did you try the solution in this video GPU Acceleration In Premiere Pro and After Effects 2017! - YouTube 

    also can you confirm that you have the latest driver of your Graphic card?

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    try to remove the corrupt footage you use. and if it's necessary to use this footage try to convert it to dome different codec like apple ProRez

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  • 12/18/18--08:09: Re: Video distortion
  • Yep, this has been covered several times here in the forums.
    Try updating graphics drivers and/or encoding footage to a different format.

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    Such technology can (and does) exist, but it takes more than your phone to capture that kind of data.

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  • 12/13/18--15:57: AE MOTION TRACKER IS GARBAGE
  • I've noticed for sometime now, but today it really has come to head... in After Effects, i have noticed that you can track something perfectly (manually frame by frame of course, AE on it's own can't track anything)... so with the tracking done and the info added to either a null object or a effect (in this case, the distortion mesh offset in the Liquify effect) hit apply and what do you get? THE TRACK GOING ALL OVER THE PLACE NO WHERE NEAR WHERE THE TRACK EVER WAS!!! YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE EFFECT, CAN SEE IT IN THE MESH WHEN TICKING IT FOR VIEWING, EVEN THE [reference to profanity removed by moderator] TRACK WIRE FRAME CAN BE SEEN DIPPING BELOW WHERE A TRACK MARK EVER WAS.






    The track looks accurate before applied to anything, once applied all the work is completely ruined...


    pretty infuriating... not sure anyone has a solution as it IS 100% the software being a worthless dumper fire no where near worth what it is costing it's users.

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    Rick Gerard and imeilfx



    Thank you so much.  This is quite helpful.  I really appreciate the suggestions and info.

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  • 12/18/18--09:08: Re: AE 2018 multi processing
  • studiob16692241  wrote


    Why don't we all continually request multi-processing for AE, if we all petition this, they should surely act on it at some stage...


    It's the highest-rated request on the After Effects user voice page. You can keep adding your votes there. It's a petition that the AE team actually looks at. It's the best way to make your voice heard.


    However, I would suggest being more specific than the vague request for "multiprocessing".


    The problem is that AE does have multiprocessing. That is, the current version of AE you have right now uses multiple threads and multiple cores of your machine. The UI and renderer run on entirely separate threads (which is why interacting with AE is a lot smoother now than it was in older versions) and several of the effects render across all your cores (the grain effects and Camera Shake Deblur among other things) as well as the effects that are GPU-accelerated are rather multithreaded (as massive multithreading is how GPU rendering is able to be fast).


    So, requests for what you want AE to have need to be a lot more specific and focused on the end result. Rendering multiple frames simultaneously (which, I'm guessing, is what most people mean when they say "multi-processing") is one thing, but if there were a more efficient way to render faster by utilizing computer hardware better and it was faster than rendering multiple frames simultaneously, wouldn't that be better? So, if you want faster rendering, ask for that. Don't ask for the return of a specific way of getting there. (The old render multiple frames simultaneously thing was fairly buggy - a lot of people seem to have forgotten how frustrating it could be. I mean, besides the flickering and inconsistency between frames that would sometimes occur and besides the fact that it could take forever to start rendering as it spun up the multiple instances of AE in the background, often an incompatible effect or expression would cause it to fall back to rendering one frame at a time, but much slower than the current version of AE does!)

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    I'm attempting to stitch two 180-degree files together as a single 360 video in AE. Each file is 2K (2048 x 2048) with a circular mask (honestly, the "floor" file is a jpg with a circular mask). I've successfully stitched them using this video.


    This is the result so far. Ignore the really ugly clone stamping, and the fact that the sound is fuct (this is a VERY rough draft): what I'm trying to eliminate are the black holes at the top and bottom. They are especially apparent in the middle of the video. I'm wondering if the fact that they aren't actually generated from a 360 camera is creating some sort of odd effect, like trying to gather the black edges of the footage as well as the image? The black hole appears in AE as well as on Vimeo. I'm not using the highest res available on purpose.


    Any thoughts or tips on eliminating the black holes would be appreciated.

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  • 12/18/18--10:03: Total newbie question
  • Completely new to AE. Just opened it for the first time and got this message.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 10.42.31 AM.png


    Can someone explain it to me in plain English? I have an iMac, these are my drives.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.02.42 AM.png

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  • 12/18/18--10:06: Re: AE 2018 multi processing
  • Yes rendering multiple frames was buggy, so why not just fix it instead of abandoning it?  I'd rather have it and toggle it on/off then just kill it.  I would hope there are some well paid and competent coders over there that could have solved it by now.   Catering to new users preferring to create on tiny tablets, seems to be their focus now.

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    @ADMIN: Can I edit the title of this thread to better reflect the issue and outcome?

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    bandicam 2018 12 18 19 59 41 856 - YouTube


    What is the effect used in the title "reklama"? I forgot what his name is.

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    If I see correctly - you are polish so lets talk polish (If you are not - sorry for that weird gibberish that you are about to read )
    To czego szukasz nie jest efektem - to prosta animacja tekstu która można wykonać posługując się prostymi animatorami w After Effects na warstwie tekstowej.
    Ewentualnie możesz skorzystac z gotowych text pressetów. I tak na pierwszy rzut oka dość podobnymi do tego jak jest ten napis animowany (choć nie identycznymi) będą presety:

    Stretch In Each Word

    Stretch In Each Line

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    Where exactly is that file? Is that what it's called? I can't find it anywhere...

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  • 12/18/18--11:56: Re: Total newbie question
  • You have the answer in that message from AE.
    Your cahce size that you specified in preferences is more than you have on drive that you specified to be cache disc. As you are newbie - those are probably default settings in your AE.
    To access those settings you have to go to Edit>Preferences>Media & Disk Cache

    You can turn off disk cache completly  (uncheck that blue mark) or edit preferences to your discs. So 1 chose place where your cache wil be stored (chose folder) - best wuold be ssd drive that is not system one. Then you have to chose max Disk Cache size (it should be about less than 80% of your free space avaliable.
    After that you will not see that message.
    But that message is just information and it is not disturb any AE work or stability (more or less).

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    I'm trying to track a footage in the new Mocha AE 2019 plugin. Everything seems fine until i try to import the track motion into After Effects.


    When you hit the "Create Track Data" button, it was supposed to import the keyframes from mocha, into the layer you're trying to apply to, but nothing happens with my composition. I can apply an mask following the path i did in mocha, but the tracking just doesn't work.


    What can i be doing wrong?

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    Super. Cieszę się że mogłem pomóc. Miłej zabawy w AE i wesołych świąt.

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    Once you have selected the tracker in the Create Track Data button, you must use the Export Option and Layer Export to options in order to use the tracked data in any of your layers and the click the Apply Export button.


    Captura de pantalla 2018-12-18 a las 22.01.33.png

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    No tak, pomyliło mi się. Miałem oczywiście na myśli animację, a nie żaden efekt.

    Dzięki za pomoc, chodziło o Stretch In Each Line.

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    Same for me. it is on my PC and MAC. Frame frezes then it crashes AE over and over again. same issues on both systems

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