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    I have the same problem in windows environment... Tried 10.11.2, 10.11.3  and now riunning 10.11.4.

    When I close after effects, it wrecks havoc on the entire system for 30s.

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  • 12/19/18--03:19: Re: Video distortion
  • Thanks guys! I already tried updating AE and it didn't solve the problem. It also happens in both AE 2018 and 2019. Gonna try the suggestions in those other topics.


    And @Kyle, I know that whenever I ask a question here there's a decent chance that it has been asked in a previous topic, i get that reply every single time. The problem is that it's very difficult to find those topics between the thousands of topics on this forum when you don't know what keywords to search for.

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  • 12/19/18--04:02: Re: AE 2019 Keeps Crashing
  • So i want to give an update on the problem, Updating drivers did not work.

    Just some things i noticed though;


    it hangs for a while but then as soon as the crash window pops up it starts working again (behind the crash window) but obviously as soon as you click submit it closes the whole program

    I had a look in task manager while it was hanging and it showed after effects as being suspended ?


    So back to square one of not having a clue as to what is going on

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  • 12/19/18--04:10: Re: AE 2019 Keeps Crashing
  • I'm going to ask my first question again.  Have you tried opening other projects to see if it's just this one?  I've experienced this same symptom before and it is often associated with a corrupted project. 



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    10.11.1 will fix it for you. Please email Blackmagic support as they are still in denial about it. I just get the usual 'We're not seeing it here' line.

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  • 12/19/18--05:35: Re: AE 2019 Keeps Crashing
  • Hi Eric sorry I forgot to say that it has happened with other projects to, it normally always happens with big projects though

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    I am a VR Noob and this is probably something painfully obvious but I can't seem to figure it out....


    When I create a VR Comp in the VR Comp Editor by selecting the comp with my 360 still image I get the normal VR2 Edit/VR2 Output comps, but in the edit comp I cannot see my footage. If I disable the VR Camera layer my footage appears. I can't rotate the camera either. I have tried it with both 2D and 3D edit options and it's the same. The annoying thing is I did it yesterday (in exactly the same way, I think) and it worked fine.


    I hit create 3D Edit, I select the comp with the 360 still, I don't adjust any of the settings and hit create, my comp windows appear but the Edit one shows no footage (the layer is there just invisible, and appears when camera is toggled off).


    Please help I'm tearing my hair out.



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    I tried re-rendering the clips in AME to different formats. They all end up glitching and freezing in the composition panel unfortunately. The original files are Apple ProRes. I just reinstalled the entire OS and reinstalled After Effects. No luck..

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    I have a 360 comp that i want to export.

    In the comp i have

    • a .c4d file (linked to a the c4d 3d project file)
    • some graphics
    • 360 footage.


    Unwrapping in a good export doesnt work with Vr Comp editor.

    footage only works fine, but not with 3d files and graphics.


    Please help

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    I have a comp which includes:

    - a 360° recording on a tripod

    - some shape layers with text

    - a 3d cinema 4D project file with 3d object that are in the scene.


    The 360 scene works great, but i cannot get a good unwrapped version for a export for youtube.

    i get a image of  6 fields, not 1 nice stitched version for youtube.


    anyone ?

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  • 12/19/18--07:06: Re: Video distortion
  • To anyone reading this with the same problem, this worked for me.


    File > Project settings > Video Rendering and Effects > Set to "use Mercury GPY Acceleration (CUDA)"


    I don't know what this function does and if this is a good solution or not, but it works for now.

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  • 12/19/18--07:12: Re: Video distortion
  • Yep, and apologies if my reply came off as snippy. I normally would have posted links to the related discussions , but imeifx had already done so.


    Disabling the GPU acceleration may work for now, though you'll likely feel slowdown in your projects. Did you follow some of the suggestions listed in the links above?

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    A listing of your machine's hardware would also be helpful for us to diagnose the issue.

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    Are your video card drivers up to date?

    Are you using any third-party (non-Adobe) effects plugins?


    Please post your machine's hardware specs.


    Also helpful would be a screenshot of your AE interface. Select all the layers in your comp, hit UU then post the screenshots. This will show us everything that has been changed from default values.

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    I will move your question to the After Effects forum.

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    Do a test and render out to a .DPX sequence and let me know what happens

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    They demo'd something at MAX (during Sneaks) this year that was definitely along these lines, but specifically for controlling the camera view in a piece of 3d software.


    Something like Project Aero seems to be good at finding surfaces to attach AR elements to, but I don't think it's actually aware of it's surroundings, per se. Perhaps that would be enough for what you're after - try signing up for the beta! I wonder if in the future, it might be able to function as a camera data capture device that could export to AE...?

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    If you need to do video editing i think better will be to use Adobe Premiere Pro that is made for editing
    After Effects is motion graphics and compositing tool.


    As for instalation any of those please give us more about what you are doing.
    Did you download Creative Cloud app? And if you try to install what is happening? What informations you have during that process? Do you have enough space avaliable on your hdd to instal After Effects?

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    Ah yes.   I was thinking about the technology that maps the immediate area around the phone using some sort of something like sonar or something .   But that would be useless for camera matching.

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    I bought a new Alienware Area 51 R5 in October. Nothing but problems.

    I can't find a solution.


    The PC locks up (mouse moves however nothing is click-able or responsive.. eventually the mouse freezes too.. no task manager nothing, have to do a hard reboot)

    This occurs nearly all the time when doing a RAM preview of 4k down sampled to 1080, with time warp assigned.


    When I RAM preview, it works for about 30 seconds to 3 minutes then the PC locks up.

    i9 7900x

    32 GB DDR4 2666MHz (4x8GB)

    512 PCIe SSD

    Nvidia GTX 1080


    The first PC Dell sent was freezing outside and inside After Effects so they replaced it with another new Alienware. This one (current unit) was getting BSOD instead of freezing but with multiple errors:




    I since removed all external drives and put the video files on the internal stock SDD. (Eliminated all USB devices other than keyboard and mouse) now it locks up without a BSOD requiring a hard reboot, like the first PC they sent was doing.


    Other troubleshooting:

    Reinstalled Windows X3

    Removed and resintalled Nvidia Drivers multiple times

    Checkdisk etc... ran the RAM test to confirm it was OK.. all good

    Technically all the hardware should be good as it's a second PC straight from Dell.. I doubt they'd send two faulty PCs.

    I tried to disable the Video Card processing in After Effects (what was that thing.. Mercury something? Anyways.. disabled it, still freezes)

    No other applications are installed, just After Effects, Lightroom and Photoshop


    I'm really stumped... and now Dell is giving me a hard time about returning this thing...


    I have a few guesses however I'm not sure: Maybe there's a SSD conflict? I heard that can cause bizzare freezing. (however it happens when all the external drives are removed)... or the CPU is overheating?? I've underclocked the CPU and the same issues is happening..


    Please.. I'm all ears. HELP!

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