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    PROBLEM SOLVED. Examine (view) all PNG files in the folder containing such image sequence (e.g., ASSETS). Note the files that are corrupt. Copy PNG sequence file preceding or following the damaged PNG file to a location of your choice, rename it to the damaged PNG file, then move and replace the copied PNG to the corrupt file location. Do this for all damaged PNG files. Voila! It worked for me.

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    Derrick please let me know how it goes



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    I just synced my settings in After Effects CC 2019 from my macbook pro to my imac (both running the latest version of Mac OS Mojave), but I can't for the life of me find where Adobe stores the custom keyboard shortcuts file for After Effects. It's nowhere to be found - not in Library, not in the Adobe or Apple cloud folders, nowhere. When I do the sync, AE on my macbook says settings are synced. But when I open AE on my iMac, I'm still stuck with the same Adobe default keyboard settings and no other shortcut files. This is beyond frustrating. As I need to be working on my iMac with my own AE keyboard settings. Tried googling this and can't find any answers so far.


    Is it no longer possible to sync keyboard settings in After Effects from one mac to another? Do I have to have both computers open and manually copy every keyboard shortcut? Has Adobe removed syncing ability for AE keyboard shortcuts between computers?


    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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    Thanks Kyle - i will try that.

    So, once I am done, I "collect Files" and these will be copied in the same folder as my project?


    Thanks again for your help


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    Here's a sample project using this piece of Adobe Stock footage: 203730786 which looks like it has similar motion - moving down a highway....

    Screenshot_2018-12-22 08.46.10_v0ImGf.png

    You will find the project file here: Dropbox - 3D laser blast.aep


    I split the footage on the section where I wanted the laser blast to happen, pre-composed to make Stabilize Motion easier, selected position, scale and rotation and tracked the two cars so the geometry between them would stay the same, Added a shape layer, made it 3D and rotated it in Y so the perspective matched the perspective between the cars, added a camera with a 35mm lens to approximately match the angle of view of the lens used to create the shot, added a glow and trim paths, added a solid layer with a lens flare for the transfer of energy, set a few keyframes and adjusted the timing, added the null and an expression for position, scale and rotation to the null, then moved to the first frame of the stabilized footage and parented the stabilized footage, the shape layer and the solid with the lens flare to the null to return the motion to the shot and add motion to the effects layers. Total time, about five minutes. About 1/10 the work of trying to use Camera Tracking to pull off the shot. The expressions I added to put the motion back in the shot have been saved as an animation preset. It was created right after AE added 3D layers to the toolbox and I can't count the number of times I have used it since then. I have more than 200 that I made and probably another 200 that I have bought to speed up my workflow. The sample project also demonstrates an important part of the workflow. I have only worked on the frames that are necessary for the shot by splitting the footage so I am only messing with the frames that will actually be in the final shot.


    Here's a gif (created in Photoshop from a half rez lossless export of a portion of the project) that shows how it looks. Another 10 minutes fine-tuning the timing and polishing the effect and the shot would work just fine:



    EDIT: I just noticed that I didn't match the OP's footage, I matched another sample. Maybe I'll run another project with a Frisby after lunch. The process would be exactly the same. Stabilize position rotation and scale, add the line, and then put the motion back in the shot.


    Ok, 5 minutes with this footage: 126321339 gives me this: Dropbox - Frisby.aep


    and it looks like this:

    Screenshot_2018-12-22 09.43.19_7Fobyo.png

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    So, once I am done, I "collect Files" and these will be copied in the same folder as my project?

    it will ask you where to collect the project files to.


    these resources will explain it:
    Using Collect Files to Share an After Effects Project
    Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC

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  • 12/22/18--10:56: After Effects
  • Hi

    I am Sumant

    I have laptop configuration is 2gb Graphics, 8gb RAM, i7 6th generation, still the after effects not working properly its get hang while performing the operation.

    Even inserting the audio file in project the sound is not coming properly, the sound of  audio file get corrupted.

    Tell me the After Effects system requirement and also tell me the solution for audio files.

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  • 12/22/18--11:12: Re: After Effects
  • Are you new to After Effects? Previews on a system like that would probably work just fine at quarter resolution. You just have to understand how After Effects handles previews.

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    I seldom collect files. I just manage projects using the same system that I used and that most film production facilities have used for about 100 years. Project/Scene/Take or Project/Page/Type. Neither Premiere Pro or After Effects does anything but point to assets. Drive space is incredibly affordable now, so it doesn't make much sense to me to start making copies of my footage. As long as you are organized there is no reason to ever loose footage.

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    My layer was originally a graphic rainbow before I auto-traced it. I know that you can fill it but only with a single color, so is it possible to make that auto-traced layer have its original colors?

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    birdus_  wrote


    I'm new to AE so bear with me if my lingo is off.


    ... In AE I drag the clip down into the timeline, then click Stabilize Motion in the Tracker panel. I

    So, why am I not seeing the footage stabilized and why isn't it appearing back in Premiere?




    When you use Dynamic link it creates a comp. You are creating a new comp in the timeline so the dynamic link does not have anything to look for. Make sure you do all of your work in the comp that is created when you select a clip in Premiere Pro and select Create new After Effects Comp from Selected...


    If that still does not work then make sure that AE and Premiere Pro are both up to date.

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    Nice one RIck. I’m going to grab that stock footage of the cars on the highway and see what I can come up with when I have some time. I have a few ideas playing around in my head.

    Will  you posted.



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    I haven't actually ever opened after effects

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    In AE settings there's a button to open the main preferences file.  The shortcuts file is in the same location.


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  • 12/22/18--13:00: Re: Essential Graphics
  • I was looking for this same functionality-

    I want to be able to quickly duplicate or migrate existing Essential Graphic settings from one comp in AE to another, without having to rebuild each essential graphic panel manually when I create new comp/.mogrt.  I could have swore I could do this months ago..  Is this possible in the current version?


    The use is for creating separate assets  (unique .mogrts for onscreen text, lower thirds, other titles, etc), but using the same core animations from the same master comp, so drawing upon much of the same essential graphics controls. 

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    My bad.  The shortcuts file was there only prior to the new shortcut editor.

    If you didn't save your shortcut preferences with a unique name then AE defaults to saving it as "custom.txt" which you can see at the top

    of the shotrcut editor in AE.

    It's still in that same folder as the main prefs but in a folder called "aeks".

    If you do not see it there simply search for system for "custom.txt" or whatever name you saved it as which is displayed at the top of the shortcut editor


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    Yep, you'll get a few options. You can choose to collect only a single composition vs the whole project, etc.


    Personally, I collect every project once it's delivered and ready to be archived. There are a few other commands next to it, like Consolidate Footage and Reduce Project (which is helpful, but should definitely be used very intentionally) that can help slim down a project before collecting, if necessary.

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    Make sure your video card drivers are up to date. If you have other A/V hardware, you might try disabling it to see if that's a factor.
    Try uninstalling/reinstalling After Effects.
    If you still have no luck, I would contact Adobe support directly. (These are primarily user-to-user forums.)

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    Can you post some screenshots of your project? (Ideally a before/after.)
    I'm having a little trouble interpreting exactly what you're trying to achieve.

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    Kyle is right, we are not sure what you want to do. in general, Ae's auto trace will only create masks from the layer, not colorize it or convert it into vector shapes.  it's not intended to be a method for converting a bitmap texture into vector artwork - you might want to do that in illustrator's image trace

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