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    In simple terms - no.

    When you auto-trace you are simply making a mask from the outline of your layer. If you tick the 'apply to new layer' option - which it sounds like you have done, that mask is applied to a new solid layer. A solid is simply a rectangle of flat colour.


    If you auto-trace a layer without the 'apply to new layer' option - the auto-trace mask will be applied directly to the active layer - eg: your graphic rainbow. In that case you will see the rainbow - as it's inside the vector mask, but the rainbow itself won't be vectorised.

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    After resolving the camera and choosing a point on the 3D Camera Tracker, I try to click a point and select "Create Text and Camera". However, this crashes Adobe After Effects every single time. I can however choose any other option.

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    Hello everyone!


    I would like to know if someone can PLEASE explain to me how to achieve this really nice "glimmer/shimmer" or "glow" effect that I saw used on the logo for Olay at the very end of a commercial.  Here is the link to the commercial: Olay TV Commercial, 'What Matters Most' -


    I have also seen this effect used on the logo for the Delta Faucet commercial, here is a link to the commercial where you can clearly see the effect: The Perfect Touch (:30) - YouTube


    If you look very closely at the end of the commercial, you'll see a soft shimmer type of effect that slowly moves along the letters of the Olay logo.  The effect extends beyond the letters and is not restricted to the shape of the letters, as would be the case with the Light Sweep effect.  It also makes areas of the letters glow.


    I have not seen this particular effect used anywhere else, I have searched YouTube, Google, etc.  I am aware of the more common ways to create a sparkle or glint in After Effects (light sweep, etc.) but if there is someone out there who knows how to closely re-create the particular effect seen in the commercial, I would be so thankful and grateful! Blessings!

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  • 12/22/18--14:48: Can't launch AFX
  • How do I get help for this:

    Adobe After Effect CC 2017 cannot be opened because of a problem.

    Check with the developer to make sure Adobe After Effects CC 2017 works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and OS X.

    Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.


    I've called


    looked for updates

    looked for support



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    Well, as an immediate option: I suggest "Create null and Camera" - and then parent your text to the null.

    If you hold down shift when doing the parenting the text will jump to the position of the null.

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    Broadly speaking:

    Duplicate your text or logo layer.


    Top layer - set to screen or add blending mode
    Light sweep using Light Reception = Cutout

    Add some blur effect


    Bottom layer

    Your base text or logo layer.

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    Thank you for that super fast reply! Okay great I will follow your instructions! Many thanks to you I appreciate you! Happy Holidays

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    Hello guys, I'm having quite an annoying problem with my composition. I have a few layers and some of them disappear after 00:10:20. I didn't change opacity, size, or position, the videos are about 15 seconds long but they keep disappearing. Can you help me?




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    Thanks for the replies, guys. I have the latest updates and I don't think I was creating an additional composition.


    I tried to do this again, and it worked. I have no idea what I did differently. Presumably something. Or maybe just computer software misbehaving.



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    How I can back to install the previouse version of Adobe Premier Pro and After effect on creative cloud .

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    It just occurred to me, I may have been clicking "Track" rather than "Stabilize." Just wanted to throw that out there.


    Anyway, thanks for the assistance.



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    Also try to clear Ae's preferences:


    Close Ae.


    When clic to open Ae, immediately press Shft + Alt + Cmd and keep pressing these three keys until If you see a dialog box where you are asked if you want to delete the preferences, press OK.

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    We can't tell.  We can't see any of the modified and animated properties.

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    Stabilize it in Premiere Pro and then launch it to After Effects, it can work like that. Or simply export the minute to a format and codec that does not lose quality, then bring it to After Effects and do the editing you need. Then you import the After Effects project to Premiere Pro so you can insert the composition already edited and stabilized.

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  • 12/22/18--19:11: Re: Can't launch AFX
  • Well, what is the precise version of your operating system?  That's what the error message is talking about!

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    Captura de pantalla 2018-12-22 a la(s) 22.12.01.png

    Captura de pantalla 2018-12-22 a la(s) 22.12.12.png

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    What do you mean "crashes After Effects"? Could you upload a screenshot or something like that to see what exactly is going on?

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  • 12/22/18--19:29: Re: Can't launch AFX
  • If you get an error message you have a screenshot to know what it is about.


    However, try this before:


    - Close Ae.


    - When click to open Ae, immediately press Shft + Alt + Cmd and keep pressing these three keys until If you see a dialog box where you are asked if you want to delete the preferences, press OK.

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    Select the Julia layer and press UU to reveal all changed properties.  Post a pic of that please.


    Also, double click on the Julia layer to open it in the layer view window. Is the black section visible in this window?

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    how do you uninstall user preferences. Is that by going into the roaming folder?

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