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    I can't reproduce your problem. I suspect a cache issue.


    I would probably have put a colored solid above the hyperlapse footage, set the blend mode of the solid to screen or multiply so you can easily see through the layer, animated a mask on the solid, then used that as a track matte for the train. I find it easier to manipulate the masks if I work this way. I would also not set a keyframe at every frame unless there is no other way to pull off the matte. Take this shot for example - 162965230, It is the closest thing I could quickly find that kind of looked like your shot.  


    It took me just under 5 minutes to animate the mask for the end of the bridge. Just a few keyframes. As you can see in the screenshot


    Screenshot_2018-12-24 16.10.08_C9oRrv.png

    If you are interested you can download the clip from Adobe Stock (free preview) and take a look at the project file. All that is left is to turn the solid into a track matte and use that for whatever effect you want.  Here's the project file: Dropbox - Hand RotoCC (15.x).aep

    (note: if your browser adds a .txt extension to the .aep file you can just delete it. Here's the final...

    Screenshot_2018-12-24 16.22.19_maMyD2.png

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    After Effects 2019 has pretty much gone haywire on me. I am getting the entry point not found for most plugins/effects (including built-in ones). For example, a project I worked on earlier in the day using Element 3D now says entry point not found. But it's also happened with Jaws, Kaleida, Composite, Stardust, and others. I uninstalled and re-installed AFX from the CC desktop app to no avail. I even tried rolling back my Quadro drivers (then made them current again when it didn't yield results.) Ideas? Thoughts? TIA>

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    I have encountered the same. I think the i9 7900x fails when running 20 threads. If you right click AE and select assignment, shut down half the threads.. voila your PC will stop crashing..

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    I have and it still crashes.

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    saving keyframes.PNG

    I just created my own video transition and would like to save the keyframes as a preset so I don't have to keep doing this over and over again with every video. However, when I select the two videos which are in my comp, the Save Animation Preset option is grayed out. Most instructions on the Internet deal with saving effects, not keyframes. This would save me a lot of time to just apply the preset to two videos and not have to create each individual keyframe over and over again with every video transition I wish to create. Thank you.

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    I am not quite sure why this was marked as helpful.  I still can't get an .MP4 file created.

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    Animation Presets and Keyframed Properties can all be recorded using Animation Presets. Most users do talk more about using Effects as Animation Presets more than properties. To save your KEYFRAMED PROPERTIES, do the following:




    1. SELECT the PROPERTIES you wish to save. For example, if you wanted to record your OPACITY and SCALING animated keyframes, SHIFT+CLICK and select the OPACITY and SCALING properties. This will also select your KEYFRAMES.


    2. Go to ANIMATION > SAVE ANIMATION PRESET... to save.


    To apply your keyframes to any future layer, just select any layer and go to ANIMATION > APPLY ANIMATION PRESET.


    For additional, more elaborate animations, I highly recommend using the GRAPHICS ESSENTIALS panel to record and export as a self-contained .MOGRT file. Hope this helps!

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    Ok. Your AE and PPro are 2019 but in newest versions (december update) or earlier? If earlier - please update to newest versions.
    After Effects 16.0.1
    Adobe Premiere Pro 13.0.2


    Adobe Media Encoder 13.0.2


    after that - try to render your files.
    You can also look there: Image quality changes after saving the project. Green/pink haze on video. 


    And for rendering your mp4/h264 use preset "Match Source - high bitrate.


    Let us know if that helped.

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    As guys said - you are doing it wrong. File prepared like that will not scale up as vector and will not convert to shape as you need it to. To do that you have to prepare that file as vector in AI not just import bitmape and mask in AI.
    And as a start - please read about importing different file types to AE and how to do that correctly: Preparing and importing still images in After Effects

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  • 12/24/18--23:20: Re: After Effects Laptop
  • As byroncortezh if you have restricted resources you have to work with your head to make most of what you can get with what you have.

    So first I would - if you are begginer - recomend you to learn some basics of AE. You can start here:
    After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC 
    Also read on how to prepare your still files for AE: Preparing and importing still images in After Effects

    Here you have to remmember one thing that most of beginners don't know and dont remember. Use you photos in as small resolution as you can. If f. eg. you need to use image/photo in your composition in AE (let's say that your composition is full HD 1920x1080 pixels) and your photos made with your camera or high def scans are f. eg. 18 megapixels (that is 5184 x 3456 pixels) and you are sure that you will not scale up/zoom in on that image in your animation more than your composition size (full HD). Don't import that 18megapixels image to your ccomposition in AE. Open that image in Photoshop and scale it down to more or less what you will use it as maximum in AE so in our case Full HD.  If you will use smaller images (like flags in your example videos) and they're not scalling/zooming/enlarging to full screen of your composition (or in most cases/scenes they are not) - prepare smaller files in Photoshop and then import.
    Why is that? That is because AE is always looking at a surce while rendering so if you put lets say 10 flag images at full hd, 2 to 4 18 megapixels photos into your composition, AE will take your source photos and even if they just get to 30-50% of full screen in your scene (so 1/4 of full hd) it will have to examine and cound all 18 megapixels of each image and scale it down to your composition. That will:
    a) kill AE
    b) frustrate you because work with that big files (that you don't need in that scene) on slower computer will be hard and slow
    c) kill your CPU wile rendering
    c) kill you when you see how much time AE need to render that simple animation

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    You could use image trace in Ai to convert it to vector, then it will convert to shape in Ae.

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    Thank you ver much. It worked

    had to disable my windows defender for smooth installation.

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    I'm using AE CC 2017 and trying to work with EGP for the first time.

    I followed this tutorial exactly:


    However, after nesting the comp in step 3 and going for step 4 whch says "Select your Master Comp in your timeline and click the dropdown menu. You’ll see ‘transform’ and a new menu item called ‘Master Properties’." - I don't see the Master Properties option in my dropdown list..


    Any idea?

    Thank you

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    Because an issue in my Windows 10 I use A system restore to an earlier point, after doing that when I go to Adobe Creative Cloud I see the following term in front of Adobe After Effect CC app that say: Trial (Expires in 3 days) , ALSO  i see that After Effect is not listed in INSTALLED APPLICATION  SO IT CANNOT RUN

    To resolve this issue I made the following trials to resolve my issue but without any positive results

    1. Undo restore point

    2. Use another TWO Adobe ID

    I hope the right solution

    With regards

    My issue with After Effect.png

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    Thank your Roel.

    These 2 link are exactly what I needed.

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    Many thanks, 3rd option solved my problem!

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    No luck with the antivirus

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    Where is the mediacore folder located?


    Merry Christmas.

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    You need AE CC 15.1 to get the Master Properties feature.

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    In that case, what's the point of the EGP inside AE?

    I mean, what's the normal usecase in this case?

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