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    It is a new feature. You need 2018 or later. That's the point.

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  • 12/25/18--09:34: Create new composition links
  • I am working on a video with 2 separate shots.  I completed the effects for the first shot and wanted to save some time re-using those elements in the 2nd. This first shot was completed using 5 compositions nested simply 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5.


    If I wanted to save time in creating the second shot some of the compositions/elements of the first, say comp #4, is it possible to duplicate them and the comp before them - and force AE to re-link to the duplicated comps?


    The 2nd shot requires modifying some of the elements and I don't want the first shot to be affected, so without having to re-do alot of the work, is there a means within AE to force it to re-link to another comp nested within it?


    Hope I'm making myself clear here.

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    Master Properties was function introduced in After Effects CC 2018 (15) so it is not possible to use it in earlier version. And before you could use EGP with functions that it offered  - but not with Essential Properties.
    As for question what is the use of EGP - mostly it is the way for ypou to prepare your animation for editor that works in premiere pro, that does not know AE but need AE animations (lower thirds, intros etc) but with ability to change text in lower third or color of logo bacground etc.

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    True comp duplicator script

    alse true layer duplicator script.


    Google and you shall find.

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    I see, thanks for clearing that up

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    Or you can simply duplicate all of the comps in the Project Panel, or start a new project and import your first project.

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    I am sorry Rick, it seems like you are from 1998.
    Mp4 is in some web applications the only format that works at ALL! Welcome to 2018 (soon 19) > a gif for example uses less colours and takes more space.
    MP4 Does not have a frame, can be used for animated loops perfectly for example LOGOS or thumbnails if you have a portfolio page. seanclarky > in case I find a solution, I will post it. I am just about to! How to Export Transparent Background Videos in Adobe After Effects CC Tutorial - YouTube
    This is just one tutorial I found..  so people, why do you even answer anyone, if you don't have a solution to his problem.






    IF YOU SEE NO POINT JUST S... T:... F:.... U.... and let other people help! Seriously.

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    matthiasn63276080  wrote


    I am sorry Rick, it seems like you are from 1998.
    Mp4 is in some web applications the only format that works at ALL! Welcome to 2018 (soon 19) > a gif for example uses less colours and takes more space.

    MP4 is an 8-bit video format that does not support transparency. It only supports 3 channels. Read the specifications. Here's one white papeer for you: 20111116 Adobe Microsoft Fragmented MP4 fMP4 White Paper - SourceForge


    Media players can be programmed to loop, an MP4 file cannot. I've been studying digital formats for more than 20 years and have participated directly in the development of several of them. The tutorial you pointed to is by an amateur that is suggesting changing the output module to custom settings that are actually not optimized for rendering alpha channels and are no different than the existing Lossless with Alpha preset that exists. The tutorial has nothing at all to do with creating an MP4 with transparency because there is no such thing. The original question was how do you export an MP4 with transparency, the answer is - you choose another format and if you need MP4 for web compatibility you are using a format that will not work.

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    I've recentely changed my GPU from a GTX 780 to a GTX 1070 Ti, switched from Win 7 to Win 10 and upgraded to the new After Effects CC 2019: I hoped that all of this would improve my workflow, but since this happened I find After Effects going slower, in particular my CPU is jumping all the way to 100% usage even with small tasks.


    Last day I was working on a still frame that had both a very easy Trapcode Particular snow-like layer and a Camera-Lens Blur effect on the background: i was typing a text, something like "Merry Christmas" and as soon as i started to scale up the text my CPU would go 100%, which was pretty bizzare counting that it wasn't even a Full HD comp.


    My CPU is a Intel Core i7 4770k 3,50 ghz quad core: it's almost 5 years old i know, but not that bad to not being able to scale a text .

    My RAM  is a dual channel DDR3 16 GB 1600 mhz.



    What should i do? I would like to improve both the ram and the cpu, but i don't have the money right now: moreover i wanted to improve my workflow by switching to a new gpu and new software, not slowing it down... Its' really annoying and most importantly feels like something is wrong.



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    Did you ever figure this out? It keeps happening to me when I try and render my project, and I need to get something done tomorrow.

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  • 12/25/18--17:13: Rendering Compressed
  • When I try and render in After Effects, it shows up compressed into my files. I use AVI (+have tried other formats), but when I render the composition size is sort of put into a rectangle. It kind of looks like it was squeezed into a 4:3 size and I don't know how to fix it. My original composition was 640x1080 and I have a frame rate of 59.94. I tried using quicktime but it still rendered the same and the H.264 won't show up (I use windows)

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    Im pretty sure I have CC2019 for both. Should Unistall and Re-install?

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    Here's an example:


    I tried the "character Offset" animation, but the changes were too much.


    Since my English is no good, if you have any questions, please let me know and I will try my best to explain.

    Thank you for your time and reply.

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  • 12/25/18--22:01: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • So Im trying to render my 53 second video from after effects, but H.264 is not there. Are there any other alternatives?

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  • 12/25/18--22:51: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • What version of AE are you using? And how do you try to render:
    - by Render Queue
    - or by AME Render Queue
    If you try to render by Render queue - you will not find h264 there and that is normal- if you use AME for rendering you should have h264 and if you don't - there is something wrong.
    So which option do you use?
    More on how to render from AE and which option of rendering to chose you will find here: Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC 

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  • 12/25/18--23:03: Re: Rendering Compressed
  • I'm not sure what do you mean by saying "compressed" - do you  mean squeezed on width or height?
    If that is the case you have to:
    a) check if you use square pixels in your composition (in most cases it is good to use those)


    b) if you use square pixels and you have aspect ratio)resoution as you 've said - check if you use codec/codec settings that forced some fixed aspect ratio for output (if you do that is why you get distorted video clip
    c) if you use codec that does not distort/force fixed resolution - check if your media payer play video in aspect that was rendered in or it fits to screen that you have


    And I guess (by reading your post) that you use Render Queue for your h264 final file. If that is the case - you should use Adobe media Encoder render queue instead.
    More on how to render from AE you will find here: Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC 

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  • 12/25/18--23:05: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • After realizing I couldn’t render through the Render Queue I opted for AME. I went to ‘file’ and then ‘add after effects composition’. After that, I located my composition and clicked on it, but I would only get a message on the bottom of the window saying ‘connected to Dynamic Link server’. However, it would not give me the option ‘Ok’ to actually link the composition to AME, therefore nothing will load. Then, I went back to ‘file’ and chose ‘add source...’ and selected the composition through there. After pressing ’open’ I would get two windows. One was an “Import from after effects composition” window, but nothing was on the actual window to select. And then another window showed “Add items to queue”. The bar would be full for that window but wouldn’t actually load. Both Windows gave the ‘cancel’ option  without loading anything. I noticed AME DOES HAVE H.264, but It doesn’t even load the videos. Any thoughts? And thank you for the link!

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  • 12/25/18--23:27: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • Ok so first if you have any issues with Dynamic Link before doing any more compicated try to reset AE and AME or even reset your computer.
    Then easiest and most officient (in most cases) way of using AME for renderer would be going to (in AE) Composition>Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue ...


    that should star AME and add your composition to AME render queue - from there you will be able to chose what container, what codec and with what settings you need your final render to make. There will be much longer list of codecs than from AE render queue


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    with character offset you can't get a words can make sense, so you can do it manually if you want it to be similare to the exemple you send, you can simply add keyframes to the text source.



    really i don't know if you can mimic this effects with expression.

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    Thank you very much, you solved my problem.. Because I am a beginner... the first time I refer to the "source text" feature.



    Thank you very much for your answer.

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