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  • 12/26/18--15:40: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • Sorry I am new to this! By restarting do you mean the actual Mac or the application itself? And if it’s the applicatio, how do you actually do that? Do you just close the tab? Or is there a specific way. Again, my apologies I am new to this.

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    i do experience an issue for a while, where i am unable to start Adobe After Effects CC 2017. I get the following message:




    I get this message on AE CC 2019, 2018 and 2017 (all these versions became unusable). When launching the GPUSniffer it detects my GPU (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960), but notices me with "not choosen because of a initalization failure".

    I updated my Nvidia drivers, rolled back older ones, updated anything that could affect this. I uninstalled/reinstalled AE multiple times using the Adobe Cleaner. I started my PC in Safe-mode and still got this error message. I sent a Crash Report to Adobe quite a while ago but never got reply. I dont use any Plug-Ins and i already rolled-back any preferences and settings - no luck.


    My System:


    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Windows 10 64-Bit

    Intel I7 3.4Ghz

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

    16 GB RAM


    I would appreciate any help, since i am basically out of solutions and pretty close to just uninstall and cancel my Adobe-Account.



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  • 12/26/18--17:01: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • Yes, the actual Mac.


    There's "restart" for the computer and "relaunch" for the application.

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  • 12/26/18--17:09: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • On the off chance that Dynamic Link doesn't get your Comp into Adobe Media Encoder as expected, plan B would be to render a movie file on the After Effects side using Best Settings / Lossless (the file will be big) in the After Effects Render Queue and then add the resulting movie file to Adobe Media Encoder to encode the H264 file.

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    Thank you Andrew this IS the correct answer!

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  • 12/26/18--18:08: This is just frustrating
  • If i can recall on Dec 20th Adobe AE started acting up on me, I would open like i usually do but when i reached the point of starting a project and clicking it, after effects would just freeze for a few seconds then crash. What is this. Ive done everything ive seen online. I do hope Adobe fixes this frustrating thing. I had AE 2017 and thats when it started i tried to clean my system left with nothing btw and start on 2019 praying for it not to happen again but sure enough after the second time opening the app it did the same frustrating thing. Im trying so hard no to curse in this forum but this kind of thing bugs me and annoys me'


    And pls dont bring media encoder fixes into this cause i tried those too

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    Also, people often run into this issue because they are trying to rotate the layer that E3D is applied to.  You have to use the transform controls in the effect's settings, not on the layer it's applied to.

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    Not sure what version you're using but the behavior is the same in 15.1.2

    I've never encountered this before because I've never used solids in this way.

    I either use shape layers or masked solids.

    This behavior doesn't happen with either of those workflows.


    Instead of un-constraining the scaling & changing  the x & y of solid separately, leave the solid scale alone and apply a mask.  You won't encounter this issue.  Or use shapes.  Or create the solids with desired dimensions to begin with.


    Once you scale the solid un-proportionally it messes something up.   If you know for sure this has never been an issue before then file a bug report

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    Well that's what the roughen edges effect does.  It distorts (roughens) the edges.  As for the distortion remaining even after you delete the effect I would try cleaning your cache or restarting the app.

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    Thanks Gutterfish, the solids I sent was just a quick project as an example, the real project has many layers and it's a logo animation where layers from .ai file are following others layers that has rotation and scale applied they are not only solids.


    But yes it seems that the bug is when the scale and rotation are applied together before parenting a layer. To be honest I can't tell if this error was there before or not, it's a pretty common operation so I guess it has to be a new bug I guess everyone will notice a major error like this.


    file a bug report to adobe didn't work for me in the past, neither sending them features recommendation so I don't feel very optimist about that. anyway, I guess I will need to do a new workflow for this comp.



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  • 12/26/18--19:38: Re: This is just frustrating
  • Can you be more specific about what you've tried? We'll be happy to help you troubleshoot, but if you don't want us to suggest the simple stuff, you need to let us know what you have an haven't done already.

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    Did you happen to hold down the Shift key when you parented?  If yes, don't.

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  • 12/26/18--19:54: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • As I've said in my second post - start by reseting (turn of and then on) your OS. After that  try to add to AME render queue - sometyimes you have to wait a bit for AME to start (depends on your OS and project). And to be sure - did AME installed by default when you installed AE or did you do that separately? That is important because dynamic link works only between aplications from the same release.


    If nothing will work you can always do what Warren recomended - that mean rendering to lossless from AE and then reencoding to mp4.

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    Ok, so I've got a png file doing a flying in effect, but after the effect I want to have a white screen that goes into a transition. I'm doing it with a shape but the problem is the shape will not show up. It shows up when the png file is hidden but not while its active. The png file does have a transparent background. I'm fairly new to After Effects, does anyone have a fix for this?? Pictures are below to show what I am talking aboutUntitled1.pngUntitled2.png

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    If we are talking about standard AE curves effect then are you sure that there is no button to change from pencil?
    Show us a screenshot of your Curves effect. It should look like that:


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    no Dave, I don't hold shift key for parenting.


    I tested and the result brings same error on 15.1.2 and 16.0.1 mac

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  • 12/26/18--20:15: failed to open how to fix it
  • mocha.png

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    I think I've got it! I restarted AE and then made the shape layer first, then put the  png file in after and its working!

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    Also, while the sun symbol enables "Continuous Rasterization" for vector layers, it has a different function for compositions - "Collapse Transformations." Essentially, it will see into the precomp, preserving resolution, bringing through effects, blending modes, etc. With that switch on, you'd need the layer inside the precomp to be 3d, not just the composition itself.


    If the above notes aren't enough to figure things out, post some screenshots and we'll try to help you figure it out.

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  • 12/26/18--21:08: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • I restarted my computer and everything went like it’s supposed to. Thank you guys so much!

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