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    I have been using AE for 4 years already, this year I switched to Mac. And got the issue

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    Have you already tried to reset the preferences to default?



    Reset preferences



    To restore the default preference settings, press and hold the following keys while the application is starting.

    • Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows)
    • Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS)


    Setting preferences in After Effects

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  • 12/26/18--23:43: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • I'm glad we could help. If you have any more questions - feel free to ask. And you also should read bit more about exporting from AE and how to do that correctly: Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC

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    I cannot import PSD file into AE. It physically imports , but when I try to open the new composition (created by importing PSD) the program just stops responding. This happens with every psd file i have.

    After downgrading to 16.0.0 - psd import works just fine.





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  • 12/27/18--00:31: Hardware for AE
  • Hallo AE community


    I have just started to use AE more in my business, but find it very slow on my iMac 5K 2017, RAID, 64 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 8GB


    What would be more effective for AE only, a kick a** PC?


    What is most important for AE, RMA, Processor, Graphics Card or a combination?


    I have searched the net, but have not found any clear answers, that is why I ask here too.


    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.





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    i have another laggy thing with ae2019 and its about shortcuts when i click any shortcut ae is laggy like 20 second for answer but when i click on menu it responds quickly another.and its the same with every shortcut

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    i test it on mac os x Mojave with AE 16.0.1 and it work fine without any issue,

    Try to reset AE preference so may this can help some time, really i don't prefer to use the 16.0 release since it have a lot of issue.

    To restore the  preference settings in AE, press and hold the following keys while the application is starting.

    Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows)

    Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS)

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    Thanks for your reply!

    And sorry that I wasn't very clear with my question, but I was looking for a way to do this without creating a lot of layers, since I have to do this for a lot of layers.


    The echo effect as suggested above works wonders though! Exactly what I was looking for: a simple but effective way.

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    Yes, setting back the preferences was one of the first things i tried (along with updating/rollback the drivers). Unfortunatly the crash still remains.

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    Hi Everyone.

    I need some help on AE program.



    This problem has started after I changed the name of the HDD while the program is still running by mistake.


    By changing the name, Missing file error messages came up and then AE stopped.


    So I choosed to quit AE by force, and tried to reopen the project file.



    However, every time I try to open this file, AE launches and it says there are some missing files. So I hit the return key, then the auto-save window pops up and then the program immediately freezes. Then again I have to shut down the AE.



    Each time I quit the AE by force, a new file appears with [original aep name_1, 2, 3...].aep and it goes on forever like this but none of them properly work.



    Does anyone know why this is happening and maybe how to solve it?



    so far, there are no troubles to open other aep files even with those missing errors. I just need to simply hit return key and relocate the missing files.



    but now I am a little afraid and worried to open other files, thoese too might be get damaged.


    Do you suggest to change the HDD’s name again like it was used to?



    Maybe it seems silly but I am quite serious and desperate cause this HDD has this whole year’s project in it.  


    If there’s no solution about the first ques tion, that’s fine. But I need some advices on the second one, badly.



    Somebody please help me  

    Thank you for reading this.


    Oh, and im using AE on High Sierra.


    Thank youuuu!


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    lynnyh74499945  wrote

    Do you suggest to change the HDD’s name again like it was used to?

    Since you say the problem started when you changed it then then I would suggest changing it back........yes?

    good luck.

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    [AE CC 2018] Working with proxies: little FAQ

    Hi everyone,
    I'm starting to use footage in 4K and I would like to use Proxi in AE to better manage the limited resources of my PC.So I would have a few preliminary questions about it:
    1 - With a comp proxi, the graphics (Shape) and the texts generated in AE will then have the same dimensions and resolutions as the original comp in 4K?
    2 - Same thing for vector files imported into AE?
    3 - Both tracking (2d or 3D) and - if need be - a subsequent stabilization, should instead be done at full resolution (to take advantage of the higher resolution).
    So I wonder if these operations (tracking and / or stabilize) can also be done using the proxi, since they will actually be done at full resolution in the background?
    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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    I just realized that the original post is asking, “Why don’t I see a difference when I enable the Continuously Rasterize Switch for vector based layers?”


    Unless the layer is scaled above 100%, you will not see a difference.


    Pick a vector layer, change the scale from 100% to 250% (or higher, just be careful not to go so high that it’s hard to see the layer in the first place), and then toggle Continuously Rasterize on and off.  The imporvement in quality should be obvious right away.

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  • 12/27/18--07:13: After Effects travando muito
  • Oi! Atualizei meu after para a versão mais recente 2019.1. Entretanto, ocorre erros para os caracteres especiais (quando abro caixa de texto e digito qualquer caractere especial como: @,?,! - ele dá erro e fecha o programa). E desde que ocorreu este erro, o after trava a todo momento. Eu abro o programa, e do nada ele trava. E preciso ficar forçando o fechamento dele. Sou usuária de Windows. Tive que voltar para a versão 16.0, mas o problema do fechamento continua. É algum problema no windows?


    0 0  wrote


    here is an example project.. it seems that rotation is the problem. what why? 


    Dropbox - parent problem.aep

    Maybe a bug? or some weird new preference....?

    Not weird. Predictable and expected. There is no change in behavior here. It's a render order thing. The properties of the child are recalculated based on its position, scale, and rotation of the parent. For example, if the child is 200 pixels left of the parent and 100 pixels above the parent the new position for the child is [x parent - 200, y parent - 100]. If the parent is at 10º then the child will be at -10º. If the scale of the parent is [50, 100] then the child's scale will be [200, 100]. When you add rotation to uneven scale the values will be combined with rotation giving you the parallelogram you are seeing in your sample project. Parenting has always worked that way, and if you really think about it it makes sense. The only option I can see would be to somehow change the render order so that rotation was calculated before scale.


    The workaround is to add a null to the project, hold down the shift key and parent select the A layer to move the null to the same position scale and rotation as the A layer, release the parenting, reset the null's scale, then parent both the A and B layer to the null.

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    But Rick.  They said they've been doing it this way for "decades" and it only just started behaving this way.  How can that be?

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    Hi Roei, yes that is the case. unconstrained scale plus rotation. It looks like the error was always there, I think I never realized about that bug before. I will try to find a workaround with nulls or resizing objects on precompose or outside AE

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    Thanks Rick, I agree that doing the math it make sense but visually it doesn't, is far from being predictable and expected, what I mean is that AE is for making visual results not just math calculations even if everything in a digital image world is an excel in the interior the results has to be visual. So if one layer has an unconstrained scale plus rotation and you parent another layer that doesn't have unconstrained scale the scale shouldn't be deform as soon as you parented. I think we all agree on that.

    Thanks I'm doing nulls now for the layers that have unconstrained scale.

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    Gutterfish there are two answer posible to that:

    1) I was lying I just downloaded AE for the first time and I don't have a clue of anything in AE like for example, what was reduce interlace flicker when mastering to beta SP tapes

    2) we keep learning things every day

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