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    Thanks guys for your help!!!

    unfortunately i couldnt fix the problem in the meantime and i wasn't able to upload some screenshots. It always tells me "That image type is forbidden" and i tried JPEG, PNG, PDF...

    i will go on vacation tomorrow, so i wont be able to fix this till next year.

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    Thank you so much for this- this was incredibly helpful, I switched to cineform and all of the renders sped up dramatically THANK YOU!!



    One question~ with the source footage as cineform the renders go much faster AS LONG AS I TURN OFF THE AUDIO FOR THOSE LAYERS- if the audio is on then the renders take quite a long time still~ any way to speed this up and keep audio on?




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    Since working on a 4K monitor, After Effects UI is very slow and although the preview is fully cached to RAM, it does not play in real time.


    I've read about a workaround for this issue, which also works for me: overwriting high dpi scale by the system. When using this option, it runs smooth and fast.



    But it makes the UI blurry and that's why I am looking for a better solution.


    The not real-time RAM preview issue is solved by choosing the "Full Screen" preview option. But the very slow/choppy UI happens all the time when not using the previously mentioned setting.


    Windows 10 latest Build 17134,472

    Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 @ 3.4GHz

    RAM 32 GB

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (latest Driver)

    Monitor: AOC U3277PWQU

    After Effects, Footage, and Cache on separate SSDs


    I have tried to activate/deactivate Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels, with no impact on performance.



    Any tips for this issue?

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    Hmmm... JPEGs and PNGs are what I usually post.


    Happy new year, janaf72333420!


    May 2019 bring vector awesomeness to you all year long (assuming we get your issue resolved).




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    A simple copy and paste usually works for me

    * for screenshots

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    Copy and paste?




    Well, copy and paste from now on it is!


    (I use that for emails and text messages all the time.  it's great to know that works for the Adobe forums.)

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    I'm teaching myself After Effects. All of the tutorials I've seen so far focus on combining video and graphics, like opening credits for a movie.


    What I am interested in doing is creating some vector graphics in Illustrator and then using keyframing in AE to blend them together. i.e. I will draw scenes "A" and "E", and expect AE to supply scenes "B" "C" and "D".


    Is this the right program for that?

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    Hi all,


    I have googled my little heart out trying to find a solution.. if there even is one..


    Long story short, I have been asked to create a small set of animations to be used as a streamers cut scene transition..


    The clip has a transparent background and will not be used in any other post production - it simply needs to be the video file with the transparent background.


    I have exported out as lossless with animation and this does work.. however the file size is 1GB for an 11sec clip - Any suggestions to reduce this at all?




    P.s I am no means an expert at this.. kind of learning as I go..

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    Adobe After Effects does not work on Mac 10.14.2. I'm getting the following error:

    You can’t use this version of the application “Adobe After Effects CS6” with this version of macOS.

    You have “Adobe After Effects CS6” 11.0.

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    I am trying ti understand what you mean when you say :

    1. You want to "blend the scenes"

    2. Expect AE to "supply" B, C and D


    Do you have an example vid you could share so we can fully understand what you need assistance with?



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    "The workaround is to add a null to the project, hold down the shift key and parent select the A layer to move the null to the same position scale and rotation as the A layer, release the parenting, reset the null's scale, then parent both the A and B layer to the null."


    100% on the money

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    hehehe nice answers

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    You need to update to any version of CC.


    Adobe software older than Creative Cloud (CC) versions are not officially supported on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)



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    you could also parent the child to the null and the null to the parent and be done with it, as the book suggests. simply make sure rotation is set to 0 degrees in the parent before you do.

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    Take this file in Media Encoder and use a H.264 codec


    It will substantially drop the file size down based on the bitrate you choose.


    Higher the bitrate higher the file size.


    In ME you will be able to see the export file size before you render so as u play with bitrate you will be able to find a comfortable resolution and size to suit you



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    H.264 with alpha channels?

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    Does this help?



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    Sorry, but no.  ANY video file that carries an alpha channel is going to be large.  There are no small file sizes.


    The best you can do, it appears at the moment, is to export a quicktime in the Animation codec.

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    From the pic I see it seems only the colour, opacity and blur amounts will change


    Easily done in AE :

    1. Keyframe 1: Set coler property ,blur amount and opacity

    2. End keyframe : Set end color, opacity and blur amount


    This might be oversimplifying things but its the basis of your animation from what I see in the pic


    NB: You might need to do a few hold keyframes on opacity should the value not be going from 100 to zero and there are varying values in between

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