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    Hi LazareC,


    Sorry for the launch issue. Have you tried launching the app as an Administrator? Steps: Run an Adobe program as administrator | Windows 7, Vista

    Please try using the steps in this article and let us know the status.




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  • 12/30/18--20:10: AE track text moving shot
  • Hi guys, just a warning that I am a huge noob to this and follow tutorials to do most things in all ,adobe apps.


    Ok so I am trying to make a video (in a game (halo)) where i follow a 'person', at the beginning ive made the camera face to the right mostly, then slowly as a the characters moves forward, i pan to the left slowly showing a large wide hallway on the left, my problem is that while im moving the camera to the left the corner wall is still showing in the frame, but my text shows through that wall, to explain in another way, imagine a video where a camera is going forward, starts panning to the left slowly to reveal some text around a corner, but imagine the text isnt right and you can see the text before you can actually see around the corner.


    What i need to know is how to hide that text before the corner, i very nooby and all i can think of is something like a mask that stops the text from being shown, but i am a visual learner and do best like that.


    sorry for the bad wording of the question, and any help is much appreciated. /// as you can hopefully see in the screenshot, the wall is on the left, but the letters are showing through (if they were how i wanted them to be then the "GINS PROD" section would not be visible)

    Screenshot (55).png

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    I don;t understand.  The tutorial shows you how to adjust the path the orbiter takes by adjusting the orientation of the null.  so just do that.  If the orbit (circumference) is too large reduce the radius by moving the orbiter closer to the null.  If it's too small move it further away from the null.  Continue tweaking everything until it matches.  If it still doesn't match up perfectly it's because your rings that you drew are not perfect ellipses.  If you created them using vector paths they should be fine. If you hand drew them then they're probably not perfect and you either need to hand animate the POSITION in 3 dimensions to match your drawing.  Or you can animate the position in two dimensions and use the split layer method Roei described to fake the third dimension.  Another option is to  create vector (shape  or mask) paths over your artwork, copy the path information to the position of the atoms, orient them to always face the camera as Roei described and then, because paths can only be drawn in two dimensions, use the split layer method that Roei described to fake the third dimension

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    I'm trying to use masks in After Effects. I'm unable to figure out why this is happening, but my mask is leaving a very thin line around its edge, when I animate the mask's "mask expansion" parameter. If you click on the image below, you can see a very faint yellow line. That's the mask's starting point from where I animate the mask expansion.  I've been unable to figure out how to get rid of this very faint but noticeable fringe line. Thank you in advance very much to anyone who can help me resolve this.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 12.49.20 AM.jpg

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    I'm also chiming in here because of how annoying it is.


    Windows 10

    Intel i9-9900k 8-core

    32GB RAM

    GeForce 970ti



    All I was doing was trying to trim and crop a 1080p video and it was basically impossible. It would've been faster to print out every frame, cut the paper manually, staple it, make a flipbook, and video tape that.


    The 2018CC is unusable on what I consider to be great hardware. I understand some people here have beefier machines than me, but the 9900k 8core + 32gb should be more than enough to trim an 1080p video without waiting multiple seconds at A THIRD (NOT FULL) per frame.


    I just downgraded to 2014 and am hoping that will make it better. I read that worked for some people in here.

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    Does it go away if you switch from half to full resolution?

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  • 12/30/18--22:46: Re: video playback problem
  • I use AE since it was necessery to use intyermediate codecs so even i I know that AE can work and works with mp3 - I still convert to Wave. I do that also in most cases in bigger projects with video footage. But I stopped recomending that because when i do that I hear:
    "That is the old way, now AE likes all codecs and formats and look - it works perfect with mp3"
    I know that It works until it does not (ignore that non compressed files or with intermediate compression are much less complicated for CPU to process during work and payback) but most people have to learn that the hard way. And anything what you or I say cant change that.

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    Shorter answer: MASKS
    You have to duplicate your footage (movie clip) mask out (or roto brush) that part of the wall that have to cover your text. Track that, and put your text between your bacground and your cutout wall as foreground.

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    here also 2 tutorials that I found that are maby not the best but will show you what I meant in my previous post and give you idea how to accomplish what you need.


    and best for you would be to learn some AE basics: After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC

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    Have. look at this thread:


    how do i make so you cant see parts of a track solid object at certain frames


    Rick Gerard did a great little demo that I am sure will help you out



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    I want to create a null and camera, by rightclicking in the gosted area around the bulls eye, but only my selection dissapears and no null and camera shows up.
    What do I do wrong?                                                                         Skjermbilde 2018-12-31 kl. 10.34.28.png

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    imeilfx Nice tut pity part 2 uses FCP lol

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    Thanks for your reply! i decided to give masks a go and it refused to work with my 3D text outright. so i restarted and used flat normal text, i got that to work and made the mask etc, then my adobe ae crashed, which has never happen but i thought oh well, but now i have 2 problems, my mask doesn't seem to work anymore, after I've duplicated the footage and i get a mask, all goes well, but the second i press "mask path" it just seems to lock the handles of the mask and make it 1 single non malleable item. i don't know why since it worked before.


    the other problem im still having which i think is my biggest problem which i really need someone else to give me the idea, and may be hard to explain without video, but basically, while the camera is panned to the left and is looking at the text, the text doesn't really stay still, you can see this obviously at the start when the camera looks at somewhere where you should be able to see a letter or 2 (but you cant see them at all), and then when the camera turns all the way to the left to look at the text you can look at that exact same point where you looked before and suddenly the text it there, i know 3d tracking cant be perfect so there has gotta be a way to fix this right? i just have no clue how that would work.


    sorry for the long messages, just been trying for about  9 hours now on something that should be a 30 min job probably haha.


    if a video needs to be put up i am more than happy to do so, im also at the point where i will pay for someone to record them doing what i want to do so i can copy it and try myself. although i am more keen to get it myself i am worried i wont be able to on this project.



    and with the videos, i have watched beginner ones but i tend to do projects within months of each other so i usually forget anything special i did in past projects, will watch again now though.






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    so i looked at that csgo footage, and there was that tutorial that was really helpful, i tried out the solid, and your probably about to cringe at what im about to say, i made one solid, then inverted alpha etc, then i tried to add a 2nd solid but i cant make it turn transparent like i did the first one with alpha invert.

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    i just realised the other one is hidden so ive hidden the 2nd one, is that a permanent solution even when finished and rendering, those walls will or wont show up?

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    As for tex not staying where it should - I'm not sure what you describing but I guess it is because of not so good tracking. If that is the case - maby you are using wrong tracking method.
    As for hiding your text/object behind foreground object there is also several methods:
    - simple masking and puting layers in desirable order as I described and you see in short vid that I put for you (simple masking and/or mask tracking and voila. If your foreground is flat 2D not 3D and it is above your text layer - it should and will cover your text)



    - using Mocha Tracker (second yt vid that I posted above or f. eg. also that one:

    - or method with track matte that Rick showed in topic mentioned by Mo Moolla

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    It should work as you described and as you see on vid bellow

    tracking null.gif

    If it works different in your case I would try to remove/hide layer/precomp above your layer with tracking -maby there is something there.

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    How would I make the orbiter follow that path, but still maintain the smoothness and the way it goes in front of and behind the object, like it does in the original tutorial video I posted?

    you create keyframes and adjust the motion path in the compositing window to make nice curves, and in the timeline you make sure the velocity is in a smooth pace. here this tutorial was just posted:


    you might want to invest some time learning the basics here: After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC

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    Skjermbilde 2018-12-31 kl. 12.17.31.png

    I tried that, but with same result unfortunately.
    Is there a shortcut or a key I can use unfortunately of the right click?
    Or can my very bad internet connection make the trouble (all my Adobe apps are downloaded on my iMac)

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    ok so i did do the masking, all done, i really do enjoy masking, could do it for hours without a problem.


    i figured out my mask problem as well.


    so the update:



    the tracking doesn't seem to be spot on like imeilfx has said, it is better then i had it a while ago though so to make it more clear ill send screenshots:

    (don't mind my walls i got rid of them and did the masking)

    Screenshot (59).png


    Screenshot (60).png

    one can see that the text has moved from screenshot 1 on screenshot 2 and is now in a different place.

    how would this be possibly solved



    my 2nd problem is now that the text doesn't look 100% like its sitting properly and kinda looks funny


    Screenshot (62).png


    my 2nd question is how would i make it look more 'there' as in you could feel like its actually sitting there, would the simple fix be for me to extrude my words and give them a light and front colour? so it looks 3d? i fear that would not work and the text would still look like it is weirdly placed and not sitting properly, my other question relating to this is: the first time i went to make 3d words i changed to 4D rendering to get the geometry options for the text, but masking the text would not work, so i fear if i do the same, my masking will suddenly decide to not work with the 3d words


    once again thanks for the help

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