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    When I was wondering why my clip was blurry in fcp x I changed my fcp x settings  to better quality from previously  setting of better  performance  and it cleared it up. Whike editing better  performance  seems to be better  for me but always exports in quality. Maybe it's a setting and your export will be fine. Just a guess.

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    Hi baileyw,


    +1 on OussK's comment. Did it help?

    If not, let us know more about the computer that you're using. Which OS are you on?


    I wonder if it's because I am using a Mac. any solutions?

    I don't think that should be an issue.


    Let us know.


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    When do you get this error exactly, D.H.Kim? Are you getting this after launching the application? Or does it happen after you click something?




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  • 01/03/19--10:17: Re: After Effects appcrash
  • Moving this discussion to the After Effects forum.

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    Hi ralphsamps,


    Were you able to find a solution to this?


    Let us know.


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    Roughly once or twice per AE session, my plugins will stop functioning, and I'll receive this error when I try to run something:


    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.01.22 PM.png


    If I receive this error, it lasts until I close the plugin and then reopen it. It doesn't seem to be related to a specific action, as I get this error sometimes right after I open a composition as well as several hours into a session, and it happens with all of my plugins.


    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Remember that to be able to visualize the motion blur you need two actions: activate the Motion Blur in the Layer and activate it in the Timeline, both must be activated, otherwise it will not help you if you activate only one.

    Captura de pantalla 2019-01-03 a la(s) 14.44.23.png



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    It would really help if you were specific.


    When you try to run "something"?  What does that mean?

    It happens with "All" of your plugins? That seems very unlikely but... How many plugins do you have and what are they?

    What plugin are closing and reopening?

    We're not mind readers/.

    Also what operating system and version of AE are you using.


    FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?

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    Do you mean Just the cup shape itself? Because the cup as a whole is divided up in multiple layers. There's not just one layer for the cup.

    I believe I did import it as a comp while retaining the layer size.


    Yeah I've been looking at every single layer and can not find this line or whatever is blocking my steam graphic.

    I'll attach a link to both files in case anyone wants to take a look.


    The ramen graphic is one artboard, but the steam, water, and the cup peeling off was done in AE.


    Thanks for your tip about the vector sizes! I didn't know that. Most of the lines on my ramen graphic is 3 pixels. Although I'm not sure about my text.



    Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


    After Effects

    Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

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    I created the steam, water, and the peeling top on aftereffects. separate from the artboard on illustrator. In case you wanted to take a shot at it, I posted links to both files in the comments.

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    So I should use two artboards on illustrator?

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    I was having the exact same problem. I ended up just finding beginner tutorials/walkthroughs of After Effects on YouTube and following along with them instead. The tutorials from YouTube include similar steps that the in app AE tutorials want you to do. My conclusion is that there is some type of bug within the app tutorial.

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    I just opened up the file and there's no problem for me.

    Whens the last time you emptied your cache?  Sometimes a full cache can cause weird graphical anomalies.



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    I did. I went onto Edit>Preferences and emptied the cache, but the little steam blobs are still being cut off. It's the strangest thing.


    I also messed around with it a little more and found when I moved all of the steam layers torwards the beginning of the start time, they were not cut off at all.

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    I downloaded your clip and was able to get a decent quality track in Mocha 6.01, using Perspective.  There are not any major known tracking issues with Mocha 6.0.1.


    When the finger occlusion gets in the way, I stop the track, back up a couple frames, then move the search area to avoid the finger and continue tracking. For a shot like this, after doing the basic track pass, I would then use the AdjustTrack module to correct any drift or errors.



    If you are still having issues, you may want to try disabling the GPU tracking in Mocha under file>prefs. Need to close out and open again for changes to take place. Hope this helps.



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    We suggest that you update to the newest After Effects CC build which includes an updated version of Mocha AE.

    In the AE 2019 release, Mocha AE is now a plug-in and will be able to open any video file format that After Effects can read.


    The error you are seeing occurs when the old Mocha AE tries to open a video file that it does not support. A workaround is to convert your clip to sequential files such as jpeg or tif sequence.


    You can learn more about the updated Mocha AE 2019 here:

    New: Mocha AE CC in Adobe After Effects 2019 - YouTube

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  • 01/03/19--14:26: Re: Most efficient way
  • there is nothing that you are zooming too much into. Since you arent doing any "macro" type work I would bring down the image files to a comfortable pixel size that will be easier on AE. That can be done from PS as smaller export files

    Thanks Mo, I would do that but there are things that I will be zooming in to that need to at 1:1. I might even reuse some parts for output at 2k, 2.7k and maybe even 4k and I won't be resizing.

    If you use one giant layer, After Effects has to buffer that layer in every frame, then apply effects (such as blur) to the entire layer, then composite it.  If you've segmented your image and only on or two of the segments are visible in a particular frame, After Effects ignores the layers that can't be seen and only renders the smaller segments it needs to.  Huge RAM saving, less CPU load, and overall faster renders

    That's what I had an inkling about, I knew I'd seen or heard something like this and I'm so glad you replied Andrew. That's what I will do, cut them up into smaller tiles. Brilliant thanks!


    Thanks to everyone else who bothered to reply, I learned something useful from everyone

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    Hello !

    I made an animation of some illustration I made and I used the slider controls to make a butterfly flap.

    the butterfly is in a 3D layer with two slider control effects on a Null object ( one named speed and the other flap ), flap slider with the expression:  Math.sin(time*effect("Speed")("Slider"))*45

    everything is fine when I preview in After Effect BUT after rendering in Adobe Media Encoder (H.264, Youtube 1080p), the flapping of the butterfly is no longer visible.


    i'm in an active camera, comp is classical 3D, no camera layer


    here's videos to illustrate my problem:


    slider effect in the butterfly comp ( butterfly flapping ): butterfly flapping - 3D layers + slider controls - YouTube


    How it looks on the final comp when previewed in AE ( butterfly still flapping ): butterfly flapping - final comp preview - YouTube


    how it looks after being rendered in AME ( no more flapping ): After rendering in Adobe Media Encoder - butterfly not flapping ! - YouTube


    Thanks !


    screenshot of my butterfly comp with slider effects + 3D layers

    butterfly comp in the final comp ( 3D layer )

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    Since something like AE CS 5.5 -- quite a few versions ago -- Adobe has not even touched Open GL.  I recommend that you don't use it.

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    Hi Gutterfish,


    1. When I try to run "Something," I'm referring to using/running one of my plug-ins.

    2. Yes it's happening with "All" of my plugins, but these are the most common ones I use :



         Motion Tools 2.0

         Motion 2

         Ray Dynamic Color





    3. Whenever that Modal Dialogue prompt occurs, I have to close the plugin window and reopen it. Sometimes that works, other times it doesn't and I have to restart the program. I notice it the most with GifGun, Overlord, Labels3 and Motion 2 as I use these the most. From the little I've gathered, it seems like there should be some kind of window waiting on a prompt from me . This seems to be the most likely cause of my problem, as I use two monitors...but I can't find this misplaced or hidden window if that's the case.

    5. Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 and AE 2019 is up to date.

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