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    I'm gonna give that a shot. Thanks Dave!

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    Why are you using After Effects to edit?  It isn't made for that.  Use Premiere Pro instead.  It's a video editing application. 


    With 4K H.264 it probably won't be able to play back in real time -- BUT -- and this is a very big but -- it WILL be a lot better to use than AE! 

    There is one worse video editing application I can think of other than AE: Microsoft Word.

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    charlieg46861227  wrote


    I'm trying to cut multiple pieces of 4k footage into one meaning, basically layering a ton of 4k footage over itself with effects and layers moving in and out

    Do you mean one short comp that is basically one effect or do you mean you are cutting a longer movie in After Effects that have multiple layers?


    A lot more detail about the production process and the goal would be very helpful. After Effects is not an editing system, it is a tool used to create shots and short sequences that you cannot create in an NLE. I work on long-form projects all the time that include everything from explainer videos to feature films. Some of these projects have visual effects and graphics in nearly every shot, but my average comp is less than 7 seconds. Even long form explainer videos that must be created using AE's motion graphics capabilities are broken up into comps that are no longer than a single sentence or phrase, then the final film is cut (assembled) in an NLE (Premiere Pro). Even most of my dynamic link projects are rendered in AE, then the footage is used in the PPro sequence because I can render complex comps a lot faster in AE while I'm working using Render Garden than they can be rendered in Premiere Pro through Dynamic Link.


    I still have a ton of footage to go through still so I'm not sure the fastest way to accomplish this is. the camera shot with was a sony a6500 and Phantom 4 pro. I don't know if that should matter because I've done graphics on top of 6k Raw RED cam footage with tons of effects with lots of ease.

    The A6500 and the DJI Drone are going to give you compressed footage that takes longer to decode and process in AE than it does to decode a proper digital intermediate. If you are going through footage to pick shots then start in Premiere Pro, do a rough cut leaving handles (extra frames to allow for transitions) on your selected footage. You can create comps from each shot or even from short sequences using Dynamic Link to easily import the needed footage into an AE project and create comps from trimmed shots. After Effects is just about the worst tool there is to sort through footage and pick shots. There are a bunch of other tools you can use to pick your shots and plan your production than starting the project in AE.


    If these suggestions don't give you some guidance please give us some project details and goals and we can get you pointed down the most efficient path.

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    It sounds like you need to understand tracking and compositing. These are basic tasks but they require a fair amount of practice and a good understanding of the process. The best place to start is the User Guide. You can get a direct link to it by typing something like tracking in the Search Help field at the top right corner of After Effects. Do not use the Help menu, use the search help field at the Top Right Corner or AE. Type "motion tracking" there, press return and consult the User Guide and community resources that show up.


    YouTube is full of tutorials by amateurs that may not give you good advice or help you develop good workflow habits. Make sure that you vet your trainers and make sure that they know what they are talking about.

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    Then don't use Bridge!  It's never worked properly for many users.
    You can crab about it to Adobe, you can spend hours & hours tracking down a fix... or you can just get on with your life.


    I for one, didn't bother with using it after a while.  Too much of a pain to troubleshoot with each new version.  And I don't miss not using it.

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  • 01/05/19--11:12: Re: Export in another Mac
  • The easiest thing to do is to use the File Menu in AE. Select the comp or comps you want to move to another machine in the Project Panel. Go to File>Dependencies>Collect files.


    You can copy all the footage used in the comps to a footage folder and create a new AEP file that has everything needed. It is a common practice when the footage is not located on a shared production server.

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    nilleg57851248  wrote


    Only a still picture show in the preview. -

    ARe you sure you're looking at the preview panel and not the content browser?  You have to select a preset in the content browser

    and it will play in the preview panel


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    You may want to learn the keyboard shortcuts for applying the various preview settings -


    1) CTRL + ALT + 1 (Final Quality)

    2) CTRL + ALT + 2 (Adaptive Resolution)

    3) CTRL + ALT + 3 (Draft)

    4) CTRL + ALT + 4 (Fast Draft)

    5) CTRL + ALT + 5 (Wireframe)


    And you set Adaptive Resolution limits in the Prefs, in AE.

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    Your issue is related to AE trying to play back audio while it is caching. You can solve this issue as follows -


    Enable Mute Audio When Preview Is Not Real-time.



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    This is not the problem, it is cutting out when playing in real time

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    Noted but I would still enable the feature. Then ensure you have the newest update for 2017.

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    I've always had it enabled, and yeah i do

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  • 01/05/19--13:08: Help with animation
  • Hi Folks,


    Let me start by saying that I know my way around AE, but I am by no means an animator. This is why I am creating this post. I need help or a point in the right direction with an animation. I need a solid shape to animate as though it were paint with a line being drawn through it. Basic idea in the image below:



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  • 01/05/19--13:48: Re: Help with animation
  • Hi Hugo


    The line and initial shape are simple


    You can use the shatter effect to create the line passing through


    This is the easy way. There are mire complex ways but don't want to confuse you


    Shatter has tons of variables that you can customise to achieve what you need.



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    Hi guys


    I have been using AE and trying to get to track a a face with Mocha. In the first video I can track the face which is coming down some steps and turning away.

    How can I track or copy(?) a face in another video and replace it, this one is more stationary than the first video.


    Any help would be great, I can do it with a still image but video to video now sure.


    Thank you

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    Dave, cmon dude I'm not a complete amateur. I don't think you read my post and put any thought into it. I wish I could share a clip with you of what I am trying to accomplish but I can not. All though I did create my body of work in Microsoft word here is my website to prove it.

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    Thanks man I think you are right, it's the footage. It's my camera (A6500) and I've done a ton of compositing and shots with it and have always wondered why the 6k Raw footage cut like butter opposed to my 4k footage but it's the fact it's in the MP4 wrapper an its XAVC Long. I basically thought, well hell I can cut 6k RAW, I can cut anything. So I guess I'm going to have a field day with the Media Encoder? I will research it. Thanks a lot man!

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    Thanks Rick, Yes I used Premiere to pick the shots. this is a music video so Timing to the song is essential but i believe It's the h264 compressed footage that is giving me the trouble. I could send you a private vimeo link to what I am doing but I can't send public. And I have to pick the shots in AE, I know but it's the nature of the effect on what looks good and experimenting with it. So I think my solution will be to break up the song into around 20 pieces and go from there. Thank you again


    To give you more insight It's a video sort of like this but with a lot of different clips and effects and PSD layers. Mirror City Timelapse on Vimeo

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    You should be able to get some idea of what shots will work in Premiere Pro. You can even layer things, flip them around and create something similar in PPro. When you think you have an idea for a single musical phrase:

    • Pick the shot or shots in the sequence and create an AE comp using at most the shots in a single phrase of music and the audio track
    • As soon as the comp is created and the Project File saved, go back to Premiere Pro and undo the last action so the original shots return
    • Back in AE - Duplicate the created comp and try a few experiments
    • When you get something that works save an animation preset for each layer, render the working segment to a suitable visually lossless DI (digital intermediate format) without audio
    • Import the rendered phrase and try it in Premiere Pro by adding it above the original layers in PPro and fine-tune the timing of that shot
    • Repeat as necessary using the Animation Presets as templates for other sections of the video

    Just poking around in AE and experimenting with various clips is going to be a huge waste of time, organizing, visualizing and planning using PPro as the basic building block will speed things way up.


    If you have trouble in AE with the compressed files then, and only then, transcode them to a suitable visually lossless format. I didn't see anything in the sample video that could not be produced efficiently using the workflow that I outlined. The only other workflow hack I can think of would be to export some still frames from PPro and use those as placeholders in AE to fiddle with the effects. If you want to show me some of the footage you can PM me by selecting my profile. I'll be happy to try and take a look.

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    Hi Charlie


    Firstly let me say that motion graphic reel on your site is awesome. Love that spaceman on a rock in the middle of the ocean hehe. Love that shot.


    The H.264 is the issue.

    Get into media encoder and get to out to a format thats less likely to eat all your resources.


    What I normally do for large projects (and this take me back to an IMAX project I did for Castrol isL


    Footage was

    4k UHD Alexa Mini (drone shots)

    5K  (Red Dragon). 30fps to 240fps.

    4K Phantom Flex at high speeds (1200-300fps)


    I first brought all into PP, and set in and outs and created subclips

    I then set the ins and outs and dropped this onto a 4K Seq

    Created a new 1080P seq and dropped the 4K timeline clips in and resized down to 1080p

    Then took the whole edit into AE as a 1080

    Did all effects work there. Then used instant 4K to upscale andUsed instant 4K to upscale an

    Pretty seamless and there was zero loss of quality.

    Render times were spot on for this given the very heavy use of particle effects and that the entire project x 2 was 139 layers deep


    Just a different workflow that worked for me. My 2 c worth




    VERSION A.jpg


    VERSION B.jpg


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