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  • 01/05/19--23:06: Re: Help with animation
  • Isn't there some particle system that could do something like that (or would it be not that difficult to create?). eg. if particles/circles/ovals were created for the overall shape (maybe in a way that there were no gaps) and then as the line moved into them it created a force on the "particles" it came into contact with which created a force on the others which then moved outwards from the line that was moving into the shape, maybe with a bit of randomness. Some effect could be applied to the particles/circles to blend them into each other.


    Maybe the puppet tool could also be used to distort things or mesh warp or masks or images with masks that could be moved about to make them move in the directions you wanted.

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    Skjermbilde 2019-01-06 kl. 08.22.27.png

    Yes. I'm quite sure? :-)

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    did you try to change the destination where you want to save your file?

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    Hi there! Yes I did and I just found the solution for my problem,

    Apparently you have to clear all the projects in your render queue and then

    you’ll be able to save it! Thanks anyway!

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    try to purge your ram and disk cache from edit menu

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    if you zoom out and you still see the time like this, this happen because your composition time is very short, so try to increase the time for few seconds. anyway it's not  issue as Kyle say's

    Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 9.55.19 AM.png

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    One quick question for you guys... or maby not so quick and not preciselly one question

    So as we all know AE is not so good with using multiple CPU cores (multithreading/multiprocessing) efficiently for rendering... so we have to use some kind of workarounds to try to compense that. We know that there are some third party pugins to help us with that as Render Garden.
    But I'm wondering if thyere is different way. So what I'm thinking is:
    1. use multiple instances of AErenderer to render composition to image sequence
    2. take that sequence and render them to f. eg. ProResWe know that we can do that manually and it work as it should and works well in most cases.

    But what about some kind of optimalization?


    We can make image sequence with AE and output it to AME watch folder and AME will render for us to anything we want. But we can't set AME to start render after 100% of our sequence is rendered so it wil start at any set time intervals. We can try to predict how lon our AE render will take and set AME to that time but it is not to officient. Or if maby there is some way that I don't know - let me know.


    We can also use post render actions in render queue and make AE to: after rendering to image sequence, render that sequence for us to video file ... but as we know and as i said - AE by it self does not work to well with multi cores so any of those renders will use multiprocessing.

    But... what if we use multiple AErenderers in that configuration?
    So first render goes perfect because if we set output setings as we should (skip existing files) each AErenderer renders separate frame and use more cpu and renders faster but second render to movie file - if we have f. eg. started 6 AErenderer instances, AE will render that movie file 6 times ovewriting (because rendering into movie file we can't check "Skip existing files". As final we will have of course 1 final f. eg. mov file but why wait and use unnecessary CPU ressources?


    So, I have two scenarios in mind for that (i mean that trick with post render actions) and I need you to help me figure it out if any of those is possible and how:
    a) multiple aerenderers start and renders sequence but after that only one stay for rendering that sequence to movie clip
    b) multiple aerenderers start and renders sequence but we can some how tel aerenderers to stop rendering if any of them already started rendering to movie clip


    I know that we can start f. eg. 5 aerenderers with only render to sequence in queue and 6 one with sequence and export to movie file but do we have certainty that that 6th renderer wil be the one that will render last frame of our sequence and start render to movie clip? If I'm overthinking it - let me know

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    Hello! A super super beginner here!


         I know this is a stupid problem of mine, but I'm still a baby when it comes to puppet animation here. My dilemma is that every time I use the puppet pin the MESH just goes wild and appears everywhere then distorts the whole paper when I move the pins (lol). I don't have any clue at all where I went wrong.


         I hope someone can help me ASAP please I really want to learn this so much T v T


    Thank you!


    -HuiLin <3

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    Still not working

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    you can try to add some more pins to fix the position of the immovable elements. But it would better to show the screenshot to see the situation and help you more

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    I'm using CC 2019 but when I try to use some VR effect, I have this red banner saying that I need to activate GPU acceleration.


    My computer has two GTX980 with SLI, Cuda v10 is install and I don't see any option to turn things on.


    There is the paste from GPU information.


    Ebauche rapide : Disponible

    Mémoire de textures : 3257,00 Mo

    Lancer de rayon : GPU



    Fournisseur : NVIDIA Corporation

    Périphérique : GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2

    Version : 2.1.2 NVIDIA 417.35

    Mémoire totale : 7,85 Go

    Modèle d’ombrage : 4.0 ou plus récent


    Version du pilote : 10.0

    Périphériques : 2 (GeForce GTX 980, GeForce GTX 980)

    Mémoire utilisable actuelle : 6,52 Go (au lancement de l’application)

    Mémoire utilisable max. : 8,00 Go


    Thank you very much.

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    Thank you. This really helped me:)


    Second problem, how do I link a picture. I would import the picture (.ai) just once just to the master comp, and then use it in several pre-comps in different positions.


    All the best,


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    I've double and triple-checked the output module...switching to another module doesn't seem to help.


    After further testing, I seem to be narrowing in on the problem: my animations are 8 fps stop-motion. The slow frame rate seems to be creating an export problem whenever audio is included. My test videos at 24 fps export with audio just fine.


    How should I set up a correct export module for slow (8-12) fps with audio? (I can re-post this as another question)



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    Your "render to images then transcode to video" idea is precisely how RG etc. work. There is no possibility, either within After Effects or using the command-line renderer, to distribute anything other than an image sequence to a network.


    AME's Watch Folder engine does not support image sequences as inputs, precisely for the reasons you're talking about. 'Farming' tools like RG run the image sequence into a temporary folder then either send a conventional queue job to AME using the API controls, or transcode using a separate engine (such as FFMPEG). Since the farming tool has created the image sequence job from within a running copy of After Effects in the first place, it can tell when it finishes.


    To home-brew something that can run external to AE (e.g. as an OS-level batch script), you just get it to periodically count the number of image files in the AE destination folder. You cannot predict the order that the frames will be written, but if your composition is 1234 frames long then you know it's done when that many images appear.

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    raminami  wrote


    Thank you. This really helped me:)


    Second problem, how do I link a picture. I would import the picture (.ai) just once just to the master comp, and then use it in several pre-comps in different positions.


    All the best,


    That's how it works anyway.

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    Hello everyone. I bought the cc cloud yesterday, since then I am only having trouble. Premiere crashes on start (already asked this in the right part of the forum). After Effects also crashes on start. I tried to reinstall, adobe cc cleaner, restart computer, closing the program per task manager and reopening it and roll back nvidia drivers. Nothing works. Photoshop and Lightroom are working fine.


    My system:
    Windows 10 -  latest updates installed
    MSI GTX 970 - latest drivers installed

    i7 6700k -  latest drivers installed

    krait gaming z170a motherboard

    16GB Ram


    I'd be glad to get some help.

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    There is no expression nor animation to change, but the whole picture. Thanks to you, I know now how to parent the expressions, but how do I change the entire picture with nothing to express:)


    Yours, Rami

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    i don't know if i understand your question but if you want to replace a picture with other one you can simply right click on you picture or any imported file and replace it with new one

    Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 2.49.37 PM.png

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    Thank you for your advice.
    I know that AME Watch folder is not to good idea because it work as you desribed but in most discussions - AME watch folder is the thing that is being adviced - in my opinion wrongly. That why I mentioned it.
    I know how RG and such works and I know that it have to first render to series of frames to then transcode to video but I was wondering if there is some way to use standard or maby not so obvious AE/Adobe tools to (hence Post Render Actions) do that and I just did not yej figured it out or there is none.
    As for extrenal script counting frames - that is a great advice ... I will play with that and we will see.


    I'm not new to AE and I'm using that tool for long time and I did use several tools as Render garden (who even remember thing like Nucleo Pro from GridIron) and I can't still figure it out why AE nativelly don't give that kind of capabilities.

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