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  • 01/06/19--18:55: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • Hi, select both layers and precompose them both.

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  • 01/06/19--19:47: R+B+G=White. R+B+R=... ?
  • I'm working on a basic "primary colors" tutorial in AE. I have 3 large ellipses (one RED, one GREEN, and one BLUE,) which overlap. I set the BLENDING MODE to "Add." Where the ellipses intersect, I see white, (which is what I would expect. Red+Blue+Green=white.)


    But then I tried something different - Change the BLUE ellipse from BLUE to RED. I would assume that RED+GREEN (which is Yellow) plus RED should yield ORANGE, but instead I get... Yellow?


    Am I using the wrong blend mode? How should I set up these layers so that RED+GREEN+RED yields ORANGE? (kinda like stage lights.)


    Any input would be welcome. (am I wrong in my "math?" [R+G+R=O?])


    Many Thanks!!


    - Mike

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    WOW it fixed that, thank you so much! Now the problem is that when I apply that expression (modified for every sound effect layer) and export the MOGRT to premiere, I can only hear one of the audios I've added, I mean I can only listen to one out of the 10 audios, the audio I had the Slide Control on in the After effects session.

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  • 01/06/19--22:20: Re: After Effects Suspended
  • Thanks Yiannis!

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  • 01/06/19--22:59: Re: Newton 3
  • Why on earth did they abandon the simple installer of N2?

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    Hey! Thank you very much for replying.


    I'm going to try that later. If it still won't work I'm going to send a screenshot ^^

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    Thank you for your quick answer.

    @Slazam: Are you able to dock the panel somewhere?

    -> No it was impossible to dock the window, the window was floating.


    @davidarbor: The easiest way to get back to your Default workspace is to reset your preferences: Reset After Effects Preferences

    -> I reinstalled AE to fix the problem. May be your right sorry I've just seen your answer. Next time if needed I'll first try to reset the preferences thank you. Now my AE is ok since I don't use this extension panel.


    Thank you Happy new year to all of you

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    Hello RameezKhan,


    Just for information as I fixed by reinstalling AE. I use the last version of AE (16). I opened te Adobe color theme panel via the menu Window>Extension>Adobe Color Thème.


    Thank you

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    so I have recently upgraded the PC so I would be able to turn everything up to 11 but I have not found a tutorial to shows how to use the best PC at the best settings.
    They all just want to show how to use a reasonable PC to make it work.

    I want to know how to help the PC go as fast as it can.
    when I am using things like wrap stabilizer and camera tacker the CPU runs at 14% and ram at 14GB!
    Its a lot of time wasted to find out if warp stabilizer didn't work for that clip.
    Using adobe cc.




    Intel i9 9700K (Water Cooled)

    Palit 1080 OC (soon to be a Asus 2080 ti)

    32GB Corsair 3000Mhz (4 x 8)

    2 x Samsung M.2 970 1TB

    3 x Samsung 860 1TB

    2 x WD 4TB


    Everything is up to date.Nothing is over heating.


    Is there a way to make this go faster!

    Any tips or tricks would be really helpful, want to get the best out of this machine.

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    Yes - I know that help document.
    And as for using Post Render Actions as I mentionned earlier it works ok when you are using on AE instance. With severa AERenderers not so much (multiple renderings of the same final file).

    So first render goes perfect because if we set output setings as we should (skip existing files) each AErenderer renders separate frame and use more cpu and renders faster but second render to movie file - if we have f. eg. started 6 AErenderer instances, AE will render that movie file 6 times ovewriting (because rendering into movie file we can't check "Skip existing files". As final we will have of course 1 final f. eg. mov file but why wait and use unnecessary CPU ressources?

    I'm familiar with what AE and I know that AE was never "final" tool for video and I'm not asking for "transcode to.." capability but more about why AE don't have more obvious tool/technique for utilizing multiple CPU cores for rendering.

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    Rick, your entire post reads like spam soaked in snakeoil. It seems you take every opportunity to promote this company and insert links - anyone would think you're getting paid to lie for them.


    After Effects may not be the most optimal system in the world, but statements like "experience little or no performance issues in AE if you have even a modest system" are just stupid. RG works by loading many parallel instances of the AERENDER core, each of which cannot possibly be any more efficient than After Effects itself - they are running exactly the same subroutines. If a frame takes 10 seconds to render, it takes 10 seconds no matter what.


    The render-to-frames job might complete a bit faster if the parallel instances can utilize a multi-threaded CPU, but it has to consume vastly higher resources to achieve that - including RAM and CPU ticks, so the computer cannot ever run without a significant performance hit. Or do you believe that RenderGarden magically installs a truckload of extra RAM and a Xeon in exchange for your credit card number?

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    Absoutelly right. RG works exactly as you said, and the same like - i guess quite new - plugin called Render Boss or in that matter BG Renderer that if you don't know how and don't wanna to play around with commandline AErenderer can use to execute multipe instances of AERenderer and also still work on another projecy while render goes in background.

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    Doesn't work. The problem is still there

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  • 01/07/19--03:09: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • Hi Towerguy,


    First of all thanks for your reply.


    I read the whole thread a lot of times and tried the procedure so many times and I am exhausted.


    My problem that after made all the steps particles don't work as they should. They come out just randomly as and where they want and they don't come out when the bars hit the piano roll. Furthermore the bars are cut when I draw the wide thin box above the top of the keyboard


    I don't know what to try more.


    My Trapcode particular version is 2.5.1


    Here a screenshot of my project



    Hope you can help to figure it out.


    Thank you again

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    Thanks for your reply to this! I tried this but the video size is massive! Do you know what the ideal setup for Instagram would be?


    Thanks again!

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    Thanks for your help. I'll try this when I get home tonight! I did try the media encoder last night and it still seems to crash my computer. I'll let you know the numbers as soon as I have them.


    Thanks again for your support!! Really helpful

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    Screenshot (5).pngi have intel core i 3 8100,12gb ram, amd sapphire r7 260x gpu ..using gpu-z i have seen there is opencl support available.But my composition takes 24hours for a 32 second video..Please Help me out.

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    That is a long render time for 32 sec clip. But all depend on how complicated is your composition, what effects you used etc.
    And to be honnest dynamic link is not the most officient way for exporting video from AE.
    So try to do that render by going to Composition/Add to render queue... and render your file to some intermediate codec or image sequence, and then put that video to AMe and convert to h264. That will not be fastest way in the world but if you don't have more advanced AE knowledge or/and you don't want to spend any money on third party plugins helping with rendering - that have to suffice.
    Here you can find more on rendering from AE: Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC 

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    If your OS is crashing while rendering that is probably because of OS/hardware issue not AE/AME issue. What is the issue - hard to say but it can be:
    - faulty GPU
    - RAM memory overclocked and unstable
    - CPU overclocked and unstable
    - CPU overheating

    As for why you got large file from AE:
    a) different codecs give you different compressions so everything deppends on what codec did you chose and with what settings
    b) AE is not made for exporting final h264 or other highly compressed formats - that is why you can export your composition to AME for rendering. But if you have issues with dynamic link you can render from AE to some good intermediate codec (mov/animation, prores, cineform) and then pot that file to AMe and reencode to f.e. h264

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    Hello I have adobe after effects cc 2018.From Windows->extensions->Adobe color themes

    for example which was installed when after effect was installed(it's a default extension) or other ones when I click on them.They open and I can see them for a fraction of second but they close immediately.I just want to keep them open.How can I do that?I tried to make a regedit string under user..->software->adobe->csxs.8 and added "PlayerDebugMode" with value of 1.As suggested a lot of places.And this didn't help.

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