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    Yeah, I'm just gonna wait it out until it's fully addressed in maybe a new update. Older versions work fine, so I'm not really complaining until I run into some compatibility issues, none so far. Hopefully I don't jinx it.

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    I use 'CC composite' all the time, but this week I started working in CC2019 and some of my comps gave all sorts of artifacts and edge problems. I figured out that it was the CC composite. I haven't found any other posts about it.


    To go a bit more into depth. It's only in specific cases that the "CC composite"-effect works differently in CC2018 then in CC2019. In most cases, you won't see a difference, but combining certain blurs on multiple layers gives the CC composite a bit of an offset to the upper left.


    Let me give an example: A simple comp with three layers. The two upper ones are adjustment layers. The bottom one is a black solid.


    - The top adjustment layer has an opacity of 50% and has a "CC Composite" effect on it

    - The middle adjustment layer has an opacity of 1% and has a "Fast Box Blur" with a radius of 20

    - the bottom solid is has an opacity of 100% and has a "Circle" effect on it (Radius:10, Blending Mode: Normal), then there is a "Fast Box Blur"(Blur Radius:5) or "Directional Blur"(blur Length:5)


    If you have a comp like this, in AE CC2018 you'll see one dot and in AE CC2019 you'll see two dots. The CC Composite effects give the original dot an offset two the upper left. And I assume that the offset is based on the the bounding box of the calculated effects since the position of the 'ghost dot' can be changed by changing the direction of the 'Directional Blur' or by changing the blur dimensions of the 'Fast Box Blur'


    I've filed a bug report, but I'm wondering: Has anyone else encountered this problem?


    I've uploaded the example AE-file to dropbox

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    I recently encountered this problem yesterday before leaving work. It's probably an easy fix because I pressed a wrong key ( that I can't remember) and it gave me this larger circle in the Rotobrush panel. I assumed I had just made my brush larger but even if I'm trying to make it smaller it won't work. The circle by itself does nothing and it doesn't let me switch between the zoom tool/navigation tool or any tool. The circle, however, doesn't come out when I move out from the Rotobrush panel.


    I tried to paste a screenshot but the circle doesnt show



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    Thanks. Used Adobe Cleaner Tool. Then also deleted all folders related to After Effects, in Program Files.

    Still getting the error. Maybe i'll need to do a thorough deep clean to get this to go away?

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    Thank you for the link.

    Having read it, it would make sense if the performance was the same with 2017 and 2019 versions of AE but it is not.

    They handle my files perfectly without any adjustment.

    2018 was handling my files fine until yesterday. Complete wipeout of the install and then a reinstall does not change

    the fact.

    Running 2018 on another pc and it works fine.


    Any one at adobe have any ideas? Because this seems to happen to quite a few people.

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    This whole debacle has caused trouble with me and my client now because of this sudden delay.

    This has been pretty disappointing to be honest and quite a learning experience.


    I hope you all find a solution.


    In the meantime it should be addressed that certain productions depend on a version number

    for their pipeline and depend on professional software to be stable and reliable. They cannot

    just in the middle just switch versions for the sake of it. Their plugins and scripts that improve

    their workflow depend on this. Especially the incompatibility of different versions within AE is just

    such a struggle for no reason and I feel the pain of pro users of premiere.

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    I'm creating a 1920x360 video, where the right half is composed of 4 compositions I need to rotate 90 degrees, pause for 5-8s, then rotate 90 degrees, pause, etc.. and it just needs to loop.


    I've set the 4 compositions as 3D objects, set their positions and rotations to create a 4 sided box essentially. I parented them to a NULL object, then set the key frames along the X rotation. If I grab the scrubber or play the video, I'm getting the desired effect. Problem is... it doesn't stop. It just keeps spinning. I just need to time it: Rotate 90 degrees, stop for 5 seconds, rotate for 90 degrees, stop for 5 seconds...


    I've looked through the forum, expression libraries, YouTube... I can't find a solution. I've tried keyframing it, but the effect started breaking down because I'm ham fisted. Just looking for a simple script that does this effect.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    c - Seems to fix the issue. Only problem with that is that playback runs a lot slower, but it's better than not working at all. 

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    Yes, this is After Effects, moving there...

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    Hi All,


    I would like to check if this is happening to me only or this is the product work in general.


    I have After Effect 15.1.1 version and PC Win 10 / 32Gb RAM/ Samsung 960 M.2 SSD / i7-7820X / GTX 1070 8Gb.


    When I'm doing a tracking of a small area and tracking of a slow movement it takes more than a minute to move from frame to frame. I do not see any CPU usage or memory usage while tracking, looks like it does nothing all the time and only the last second create a point and move to another frame.


    Maybe I have some misconfiguration, however, I did not found anything or any kind of settings related to a tracking mode specifically.


    Note: I did try it on the 4k video, Full HD video and even on 720p video, the result is exactly the same. Each frame tracking done in between 60 to 80 seconds.


    Do you have any suggestions about it?



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    By far the easiest solution is to use a loopOut() expression and 9 keyframes. The first keyframe is 0x0, the second is 0x90, the third is 0x90, the fourth is 0x180, the fifth is 0x180, the sixth is 0x270, the seventh is 0x270, the eighth is 1x0, the ninth is 0. Then set all keyframes to easy ease. Then set the eighth keyframe as a hold keyframe. Now adjust the timing of the keyframes by selecting them and add the loopOut() expression. Your timeline would look like this:

    Screenshot_2019-01-09 09.20.05_DztVTV.png

    The rotation happens every 2 seconds in this example and each rotation is 10 frames long.



    I can do that in my head but I can't write an expression that divides the time by the current frame duration and then starts accumulating values and making the calculations required to add 90 to the rotation every five seconds. Dan Ebberts could probably write that one without experimenting with AE, but it would take a JavaScript master to do in without some testing.

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    2 suggestions.

    re-set preferences... On Mac hold down cmnd/option/shift while the app is opening orr on Windows hold down cintros/alt/shift while the app is opening.


    Also try going to Edit/Preferences/ Media and Disk Cache (on Windows) or After Effects/Preferences/Media and Disk Cache (On Mac)

    And use the options to clean the cache.

    I hope that this helps.

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    Today I installed Ae, and I get an error. Help me



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    Thanks for the replies I deleted the folder and once I launched it,it asked me if I want to migrate from v12 I said no and it booted and now it's the same as before.What's wrong!

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    Guys- thanks for the trove of information!

    I no longer have After Effects on my hard drive, so this seems to be an Apple QT problem.

    I'll check with apple, and post what they say when I get time.


    Thank you again!

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    . . . and I want to add that it seems they should have put the word out

    to their customer base before doing anything this draconian.

    I've potentially lost very valuable personal movs.

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of hell-raising.

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    Wait? You don't have AE installed? I thought that you wish to playback animations generated with older AE in newer AE. If you can't play your files in some player like qtplayer etc.  and it payed before - that is not AE fault.
    But you have to remember files with .mcdb extension are not playable and never were so if you wish to playback your old animations you have to find your mov (or any other movie clip files) files thyat you originally generated.

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    Thanks for a fast reply, I have done all the steps you said and now it takes about 15-20 sec per frame.  I believe this is the maximum I can get from this software.

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    This is not enough information to help you, but you should fill out that box and include your email address and the application usage data. The After Effects team does actually read those.


    Does this happen every time you launch AE? What version did you install? Did you have any versions previously installed? What are your machine specs and what exact version of Windows are you running?


    If this is happening every time you launch you can try to clear your preferences by deleting the folder in here C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects


    You can also try creating a new user account as a test. If After Effects launches in that account then there is an issue with your local user account.

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    Sorry to hear that. Can you post a screen recording of your entire screen showing After Effects open, then you trying to launch an extension and then it closing?

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