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    The Golden Rule when using Nulls Follow Paths is to set all Content-related props related to Position, Anchor Point and Scale values to their default - [0,0] for Position and Anchor Point and [100,100] for Scale. Take note that this requirement includes the Transform Props for Group Transforms.


    After you have set these values accordingly, only then should you apply Nulls follow Paths.

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    Can you be specific with the difficulty you are having? This doesn't look too difficult.

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    AME requires a real Solid Layer at the bottom of the layer stack. It's also apparent that you already have a viable workaround.

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    I’m having problems rendering videos from AfterEffects to MediaEncoder. The first time, I needed to download again AfterEffects because none of the solutions given in the forums helped me, for example “deleting app’s cache” didn’t worked, and so on. But a few weeks ago, I found a file called “dyly” inside my “/usr” folder in my MacBook Pro, when I deleted it, my system crashed and needed to be reinstalled, none of my files or programs where deleted, but now, I’m having problems again withe dynamic link server when I try to render with MediaEncoder. Because the name “dyly” sounds similar, I wonder if it is from Adobe? I looked up on Google, but the results don’t show the word “dyly”, in Apple’s community I didn’t found enough information about that file, and when I reinstalled the OS, the file wasn’t reinstalled, so I asume is not from Mac.


    The first time didn’t had to do with deletion of any file, it just suddenly stop exporting to MediaEncoder.


    Well, if you can help me out, would be great. Is not too easy to keep downloading programs in my country (internet is too slow). But if I got no other option, I will need to do it.



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    I believe the issue has to do with your Project Color Space and whether you have enabled Display Color Management for the Comp.



    Enable these two options; then see if the issue persists.

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    I tried this multiple times and nothing happens.  I've tried doing it many different ways and holding these down for different durations of time and nothing happens except the same old thing.


    Still dead in the water.

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    One thing that I am noticing is that right when the white box comes up there is a little "Adobe" text in the left corner of the box and a loading circle in the middle which stay there for half a second then disappear.

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    I have encountered this issue with many versions of AfterEffects, from CS6 to CC 2019:

    when I open the project files from my clients, who use the English version, it prompts errors of not found parameters in some formula. This was caused by wrong localization - Adobe has translated these parameters into Chinese!!

    Before CC 2018, I can choose to install the English version as a work around. But now Adobe has not allowed Chinese users to do so. We can only use Chinese version! But can you fix the localization bug first?

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    That would be an issue for Adobe Customer Service. 

    Be prepared to wait a VERY long time when you call, and to explain your problem in detail.

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    You'll need to go through the User Guide and study up. Rotobrush is almost impossible to figure out without doing some homework. Just type rotobrush in the Search Help field at the top right corner of After Effects.  Depending on the shot you might be better off just doing the roto by hand. Post a screenshot of the stabilized video and I can give you a better idea of how I would do it.

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    If you had a footage layer in the comp that was created by Dynamic link you should be able to open the Motion Tracking workspace, select the footage layer, then do your tracking. The target will automatically be created. I know of no bug that would prevent this from happening.


    The comp Dynamic Link create does not know that it came from premiere so there is no difference at all between one that you create from Premiere and one that you create from scratch.


    If there are a bunch of layers selected in PPro or a bunch of cuts, sometimes you can end up with nested comps and it's a little harder to get those selected to do some tracking and to get the Layer Panel opened up, but, once again, I know of no bug that would make motion tracking fail in a comp created from a selection in a Premiere Pro sequence.

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    The speed of the tracker depends entirely on how big the feature area and search area are. The codec of the original footage can also influence the time it takes to analyze a frame. MP4 compressed movies are interframe compressed so the CPU has to figure out where the pixels go in the in-between frames and create them before they can be tracked. Visually lossless formats don't have that issue. Every frame contains all the data in a frame, so every operation in AE that is looking at the pixels in the frame will be faster when you use formats that are not using GOP compression (Group of pictures). All MPEG compression uses some kind of GOP compression and it not very suitable for production.

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    I presume you mean the camera push into the Earth?  Try this:


    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals



    Edit:  Sorry, just re-read your post.  The circle around text is easily achieved using the Write On effect,



    or the Paint tool.


    Use the After Effects Brush, Clone Stamp, and Eraser Paint tools

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    you can't move the AE file to camera roll as you do before, the AE file work only on AE and this case iOS didn't have any option to open the file so you can't see the ability to open this file anywhere, if you need to open the file in camera roll you need to export you file from AE as movie file (.mp4) than send the output you get to you iOS devices and open it inside the camera roll.

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    There is several ways to do that - some of them Andrew already suggested. Lookup f. eg. those tuts:

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    Did you mean expression error? if yes you can tell your client to use the Expression Universalizerscript

    and in one click the script will do all the magic and make the project universal and can be run on any AE language.

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    It still does not work.

    AE Version 16.0.1 Build 48 - ME Version 13.0.2 Build 39 - MBP 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB


    The solution to changing the OS language to english (from swedish) is not a solution, it becomes a problem for a variety of other applications / apps.


    This was working, why do you have to change it?

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    Hi there,

    Just wondering, when i update newest version of After Effects (CC 2019), do i have to reinstall all plugins in previous version?

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    I believe the issue has to do with your Project Color Space and whether you have enabled Display Color Management for the Comp.

    No, it's just broken. AE's user interface is not properly rendered - only the preview window is affected by DCM - and so eyedropping from the extension gives the wrong result no matter what the settings are. The only option is to manually type in the slider values.






    Frankly, Adobe's attitude to color fidelity has always been rather pathetic. I would never trust the color displayed on a UI swatch. The numbers are usually correct (in the sense that if you export a frame and check it in Photoshop they come out as expected) but the UI is all over the place.

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    Often times yes - but it's usually just a case of copying the files from the previous version's installation folder. Even if you uninstalled the old version, anything 'custom' should still be left in the old location - that includes files for plugins and UI scripts.


    Preferences are retained during upgrades, but that refers to things like workspace layouts and favorites; not third party stuff.

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