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    Hi there,


    my guess is that this issue is caused by the Adobe-made QT-Importer which replaces the deprecated Quicktime. I have now installed a trial version of Drastic Mediareactor Lite for Adobe which solves the problem. I get the same results on CS6, CC2014 and CC2018. Maybe anyone can comment if this problem is fixed in a future version like CC2019.





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  • 01/10/19--02:55: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • Thank you Towerguy and Dlui862 for all the tips and the video. These really helped to get this working for me too.


    This isn't an after effects query but since it is related:

    Does anyone know of some good Particular emitter settings to get the particles reactions looking a bit like those in the Rousseau Piano YouTube videos (if at all possible - he isn't the only one that has this nice fluid with dust effect)?

    I've tried quite a few presets (including the combined ones) and messed around with settings but it seems quite hard to make it look decent. With increasing Y wind you can make it look like a spark (With 1.000.000 particles/sec!) which is ok but totally not what has been done before on YouTube.

    Perhaps another plugin has been used.

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    I'd prefer to call matters, "work in progress" and this is what it is. ;-)


    I did a test; using the Fill Effect to pick up colors from the Color Theme extension.

    The image below shows a screen cap (with white borders) superimposedonto AE's UI. All the colors match, as expected.

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    There are actually two folders where you may install AE Plugins -

    1) the plugins folder found in each version/folder of AE

    2) a Common folder found in the main Adobe Folder where all Adobe apps are installed


    In this Common folder, is a plugins folder


    In the plugins folder are somehwat cryptic-looking forlders.


    The numbers pertain to different primary versions of Adobe Products (not necessarily versions). What you should be looking at is the folder named 7.0. 7.0 has been a catch-all folder for Adobe CC apps - or plugins for Adobe CC apps. For example, when you install a new version of AE, this new version will load all plugins found in the 7.0 folder as well as plugins found in the new version's plugins folder.


    So, if you install your plugins into the Common>7.0 folder, you don't have to move or reinstall any plugins when a new version of AE is installed. Of course, we're assuming all plugins are compatible with the new/recently installed version of AE.

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    Sure man.

    Is there any specific dll file or something only for the extensions?

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    Super, vielen Dank für deine Antwort.


    Noch zwei kleine Zwischenfragen:


    1. Ein zweiter Prozessor bringt somit auch keinen Vorteil, da AE eh nur mit einem Kern wirklich arbeiten kann.

         Bei den Prozessoren ist somit ein Intel Xeon 5122 3.6 2666MHz 4C CP oder Intel Xeon 6128 3.4 2666MHz 6C CPU deutlich besser wie ein Intel Xeon 6138 2.0 2666MHz 20C CPU?

    2. Bei der Graka geht es rein um die CUDA Werte eine Titan X 3072 CUDA Cores ist somit deutlich schlechter wie eine RTX 2080 Ti mit 4352 CUDA Cores.

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    I'm not yet fluent in English but i hope you understand to figure this bug out. so i was suppose to track the footage below but i saw a lot on YouTube about on the Effects Control on the 3D Camera Tracker effects that there was a status (Initializing, Percentage to be done) beside Cancel, mine doesn't have Status (even in CC 2017). Even it was stuck in that "Analyzing in background (step 1 of 2)" for more like 2 days with a 8.6 seconds footage.

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    There is nothing in the example but basic motion graphic animation. Let me break it down and make some suggestions:

    Screenshot_2019-01-10 03.33.11_Ey4RZU.png

    1. The entire title effect contains a Text layer at an angle and a few animated lines. There are three animated elements, text, the larger circle, and the small animated arrow and small x.
    2. There is a text animation preset included in After Effects that fades text on one letter at a time. The text element can be a single text layer that has been rotated then the Fade In by character animation preset added and the timing set.
    3. The animated lines are just a graphic element revealed by an animated matte. All of the lines have a hand-drawn look that would be very easy to achieve in Adobe Illustrator. The line around the text layer is the second animated element in the scene, then just before the shorter line with the arrowhead and the "x" is revealed. Because of the tapered nature of the lines, the easiest way to set up the artwork would be to create an Illustrator document with a placeholder text layer at an angle on the bottom layer, the curved line around the text would be easy to draw with the pen tool using a custom brush. That would be the second layer. The next layer would contain both the line with the arrowhead and the x. In the example, the elements are just revealed from right to left, not individually drawn on.

    Inside After Effects the easiest way to reveal the hand-drawn lines would be to create a shape layer just above each line with a stroked path to be used as a track matte. The easiest way to animate the track matte would be to apply Trim Paths to the shape layers. You could create those paths inside Illustrator by placing a simple stroked line on a layer above the second and third layer, import the graphic as a composition, convert the simple (no brush effect) now third and fifth (top) layers to shape layers, and then add Trim Paths to the new shape layers, delete the original simple paths you converted to shape layers, then set up the track mattes. The hand-drawn lines are pretty simple so I would probably just use the pen tool in After Effects to draw a couple of simple paths just above the two layers you created in Illustrator. The last step would be to just adjust the timing of the animation.


    These are all really basic skills you should have. I would choose to create the artwork in Illustrator because it is extremely difficult to create the tapered and variable opacity lines in the example entirely in After Effects. I would also use trim paths rather than write on or animating a stroked mask path in AE because write on is difficult to control unless you are good with a stylus and a graphics tablet and adding a shape layer with a mask, adding the stroke effect, then animating the stroke is more work than just grabbing the pen tool and adding the trim paths animator.


    The AI file would look like this:

    Screenshot_2019-01-10 04.43.37_cNazEP.png

    The After Effects project would look like this:

    Screenshot_2019-01-10 05.05.16_WjKUNY.png

    The next step would be to open the Essential Graphis Panel and create then save a Motion Graphics Template you could use in Adobe Premiere or render a movie using the Render Cue and the Lossless With Alpha template in the Output Module so you could have a file to use as an overlay in an NLE. You would never want to edit something like the sample video in After Effects. You would only want to use AE to create the motion graphics.


    Since you did not know how to do this I would suggest that you start here to learn how to use After Effects: Basic AE. It's not an app you can just open and poke around in with success.

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    You are Camera Tracking a comp, not a movie. That will work if the comp contains a movie and no other elements that the tracker would interpret as elements in the scene. Without knowing a lot more about your workflow it's pretty hard to figure out what is going on in your project.


    If you are new to After Effects I would strongly suggest that you take some time to take a look at the user guide and some tutorials that you can find by typing Camera Tracking in the Search Help field in the top right corner of After Effects. If you found the tutorial you are watching by just doing a search of the internet you may be watching a poorly done tutorial by an amateur. It is very important that you figure out if the folks doing the tutorials are experienced users. There are almost as many amateur tutorials with bad advice as there are good ones.


    The other thing that could be causing a hang in analyzing the scene is a shot that will not camera track. A simple camera pan must be identified as a camera pan in the Camera Tracker, and shots with little or no fixed geometry in the scene are very difficult to analyze. Even the format of the original footage can cause problems.


    Please give us more details. Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements to run After Effects. Check out the user guide and let us know a little more about the shot you are trying to analyze.

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    If your plug-ins were originally installed with an installer (Borris FX, anything from Red Giant, almost everything from AE Scripts) and you did not customize the install everything should be included automatically. If you have plug-ins that you manually placed in the Effects folder or scripts you have installed by copying them to a folder they may or may not be included.


    When you install an update it is a good idea to check the install preferences in the Creative Cloud app and make sure that you keep your previous working version installed. I keep the last 3 versions of AE on my production machines just in case I run into problems.

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    Thanks for this. I can't say if there's a specific DLL, but I don't think the answer would lie there.


    A few more questions:

    What version, including the build number of Windows are you on? You can easily find this out by hitting Win+R, typing "winver" and hitting enter.


    The quickest way to figure out if this is localized to your account or if it's a global bug is to create a new test user account, launch AE, and then launch an extension. If it does launch then that means there's an issue with your account. Perhaps it's permissions-based? If so, you could try this article: Troubleshoot unexpected behavior in specific user account


    Also, I wouldn't think this is related, but are your GPU drivers up-to-date? I noticed the text isn't rendering nicely in your recording, or did you intentionally disable the extra Windows features to make things prettier?

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  • 01/10/19--06:24: After Effects Animation Help
  • Dear all,


    First of all, I wanted to apologize if I am asking the wrong question in the wrong place. If there any other resources for questions like the following - I will be really thankful to you for sharing.


    The Question:


    I have a request from a client for his logo animation. He needs the drop o to be animated as a drop. How would you approach this? Animation concept attached.




    The .AI file is made up from a bunch of dots grouped in one layer.


    With Respect,

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    Issue persists


    I greatly appreciate you attempting to help, but with those options enabled I am running into the exact same issue. I would post screenshots but they would be identical to my earlier screengrabs.

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    I also should have mentioned, my coworker with identical rig and software builds has this feature working properly for him without any color management profile. Even after I matched any preference I could find to the same on the other machine I am still encountering the problem.

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  • 01/10/19--06:57: tracking, overlays ?
  • Hi. Please, give me an advice.



    You do not know how to make these effects see the video.





    Minute: 00:07 highlight part of the jacket








    0:10 red sleeves, 0:23 back contours part of clothing, 0:37, 0:47



    You do not have a tutorial, please.



    Thank you

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    Hi All,


    So I've got 100 comps that all need an opacity adjustment from 80% to 60% on Layer 10 of all the compositions.

    Is there a script I can run that will automatically adjust the opacity value of layer 10, to 60% on all open/active compositions?


    Would save loads of time copy and pasting the opacity value on to all 100 comps.






    Running AE 2018 on PC if that's any help.

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    Thanks.I'm on Windows 8 Enterprise Version 6.3 (Build 9600)
    No I don't think so the account is the problem that pc is not connected to internet and not signed in to adobe yet.

    No it's the video was recorded on a lower resolution so the output file size is less and easier for you to download.And the recorder softwares make the quality a lot worse that's not how it really looks.and I have no problem with my gpu and after effects I'm sure because I made an animation with it and got no crash or anything.

    I think it's just the setup problem also adobe illustrator didn't work on my machine because windows 8.1 is not supported on 2019 version and windows 7 is!And then I tried to install the setup on my other pc with windows 7 and again it gave me errors and they were all about reinstall and restart and these things.Years ago the setups were ugly but at least worked much better.But now this is so vice-vercia.I'll downgrade to 2017 to see if extensions work there thanks for your time and help.

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    I've ran into an issue today with importing AI files into AE CC2019.
    They're quite large files but nothing unusual, their only particualirity is to have shape gradients or color gradients.


    So when I try to import them, AE will create the tiny image preview you when clicking on the name in the project tab, but nothing will appear in the visualisation window or when I put them in a composition. Then suddenly and randomly, when I go other applications and come back they appear ..!


    I don't understand why it keeps happening, when my cache is empty and tried to reboot AE and my laptop.
    I've come to think it's maybe my GCPU :


    Radeon Pro 555X 4096 Mo

    Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 Mo


    But mostly I'd like to know if this in fixable and I don't have to try random things to make my layers appear, because it is really really annyoing and costs me tremendous time.


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    You're welcome, and thanks for all that extra info. Yeah, Windows 10 1703 is now the minimum required OS for AE 16.0 (CC 2019), but I would at the very least connect to the internet and sign into a CC account. Extensions are CEP panels, which are built on HTML and really run a mini web browser. You shouldn't need to have internet for most of them to work, but at least the Color Themes panel wants to access your CC account and pull in your synced themes. That alone could be causing it to crash.

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    One other thing, if you aren't connected to the internet or not using the CC Desktop app to sign into an account, how are the apps deployed on your system?

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