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    Some great suggestions from our fantastic community members, riyadf.

    Have you given them a shot?



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    Hi everyone,


    imagine this project panel:

    > COMPS

    >> 01_Long-Version

    >>> Comp 1a

    >>> Comp 2a

    >> 02_Short-Version

    >>> Comp 1b

    >>> Comp 2b

    > ASSETS

    >> Solids


    Now I want to render all 4 comps, but they should be automatically put inside a folder corresponding to the "bin" names that they're inside ("bin" being the AE project folder structure). So my output folder structure should be:

    /Renderings/01_Long-Version/Comp 1a

    /Renderings/01_Long-Version/Comp 2a

    /Renderings/02_Short-Version/Comp 1b

    /Renderings/02_Short-Version/Comp 2b


    How can I do this? I know that the render queue has this "Output To:" dropdown, but there is no option for this (but lots of stupid alternatives).


    Thanks in advance,


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    Short asnwer: You can't.
    Lobnger:  AE is a piece of software that is mostly using CPU for rendering so there is nothing that you can do to delegate tasks that CPU is taking care of to your GPU because that is not possible.
    There are some things that can go faster with GPU (there are not many of them in AE) and to do that you have to turn on your Mercury Render Engine by going to File>Project settings and check CUDA on1.jpg

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    Thanks for sharing, Mathias!




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    I would have never found it. Thank you!! It was driving me crazy. Now looking at it I can see it looks like a custom folder. But until your post I just saw it as an .exe icon.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hello Brigitte,


    Are you using the latest version of AE?  We did fix a number of alpha handling issues on certain VR effects in the 2018 Fall release.  If you are using the latest version, let me see if one of our AE experts on the Immersive team can help you out further.



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    Hi, I have this weird problem where I set the composition's fps at 60 and when I preview it (even after cached), it plays at 20 fps. I tried different settings and it seems

    to be dividing it by 3 eg: set 99fps, plays at 33. How do I fix this?


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    Check in your preview settings if you have any skip frames set.


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    Oh my god thank you I was going crazy

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    Glad I could help. Happy aftereffecting!

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    Thanks for keeping us updated, Swarby!

    Let us know what you find out.




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  • 01/11/19--07:15: Re: Stacked Fractions
  • Are you sure you want this in the After Effects forum? Here is a link to After Effects Scripting forum which I believe is more suitable.

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    Hi Brett_Beko,


    Thanks for posting in our community.

    Is there a specific reason you're using After Effects for this task? Normally, I'd apply these edits in Premiere Pro.

    However, if you have to use After Effects and apply the effects to a trimmed part of the clip on its own layer, the effect should be applied only on the trimmed part, not the whole clip.




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    The reveal of the text layer looks like an opacity fade and a rotation in Y of a 3D text layer with the anchor point at the bottom of the letter. I see no need for a track matte.

    Screenshot_2019-01-11 07.04.46_7FRV15.png

    There is no need for a pre-comp if you don't use a track matte.


    If you do use a track matte then you can either parent the track matte layer to the text layer or pre-compose and collapse transformations.


    When you ask procedural questions like this it is always best to include a screenshot with the modified properties of the layers you are having problems with included. Just select the layers (your track matte and text layer) press the U key twice, make sure the CTI (current time indicator) is set to the frame where the trouble starts, make sure any problematic footage you have in your composition is selected in the Project Panel so we can see what kind of footage you are working with, then Print Screen and Paste to the forum or take a screenshot and drag it into the reply field. That will help us help you.


    Here is a screenshot with a recreation of the shot but I added a track matte of the letter E to stylize the number 1. It shows you everything I did to create the text reveal and transition and I even revealed the color correction applied to my shot:

    Screenshot_2019-01-11 07.38.41_DKKvIx.png

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    Hi everybody,


    I am trying to make something as simple as to recreate the EU flag. Here a link:


    We have stars aligned in a circle, all oriented in the same direction (towards down) and I want to be able to animate them on this circle.


    This proved to be a real issue (I don't want to make it manually, since I want a smooth movement and the ability to make easily changes). It doesn't work as would work with text... I had found some AE scripts online, but there must be another easy way to do it.


    Does anyone have any idea, at least for the part of aligning the shape layers? The animation I might figure it out if I just manage the first step...


    Thanks a lot.

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  • 01/11/19--08:05: AE Particle tutorials
  • Are there any tutorials for using the various particle plug ins that come After Effects?



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    Several days ago someone was asking similar thing so look here: Animate multiple objects along path  Hope that it help - if not let us know.

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    This looks like a half-tone effect. There are about a hundred ways to achieve what you are trying to achieve without using 2200 layers. Everything from Camera Lens Blur and levels on top of a shape layer of a single circle with two repeaters to CC Ball Action + luma key and a few other effects. You'll find at least 3 tutorials here:


    I think you are having problems because you are running out of memory by using an incredibly complex and inefficient way to change the size of the spheres.


    I hope this helps. Juggling image sampling thousands of times for each frame is a lot more difficult way to achieve this effect than you need to use. If I have completely misunderstood your design goal let me know.

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  • 01/11/19--08:12: Re: AE Particle tutorials
  • really it depend to what type of work you need to do, anyway a quick search on google will give hundred of tutorial related AE particles.

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    Is there a specific reason you're using After Effects for this task? Normally, I'd apply these edits in Premiere Pro.

    I'm still trying to get to grips with After Effects and learn that application.

    Learning Premiere is a whole other thing that I don't have the time for at the moment, unfortunately...


    However, if you have to use After Effects and apply the effects to a trimmed part of the clip on its own layer, the effect should be applied only on the trimmed part, not the whole clip.

    Really? I can't see any evidence of that in my example.


    Here's what I have and what I am seeing...


    My single source MOV file has 5 scenes in it:

    1: An outdoor scene, very green.

    2: An indoor scene in a gym, kids kicking a ball about, fluorescent lights, yellowy-orangey.

    3: A vox-pop of a person talking to camera, blue shirt, blueish background.

    4: The exact same indoor gym scene again, same kids, literally same camera angle, lighting, etc. following on directly from #2.

    5: Indoor classroom scene, quite dark, light blueish lighting.


    As I said, I placed this ONE source clip onto FIVE different layers in AE, and I then dragged the in and out points for each of the layers to make these five different scenes, as listed above.


    I then applied an Auto-Color effect to each of these clips. Based on the fact that #2 and #4 are almost literally the same – exact same scene, lighting, camera angle, action contained within, etc. – then if what you say is true, then I would *expect* that the Auto-Color effect would make scenes 2 and 3 look pretty much the same after the effect has been applied.

    But it doesn't.

    My scenes 2 and 3 look *vastly* different to each other.

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