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    Select the Layer in the Timeline and go to the Time / Enable Time Remapping menu. Then grab the end of the Layer and stretch it in time.

    Captura de pantalla 2018-11-17 a la(s) 10.11.34.png

    Captura de pantalla 2018-11-17 a la(s) 10.22.57.png



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    I think Rick is closer to what is going on in that composition and the issue here is that bethanyh58355940is importing still images, still vector graphics as a sequence and as a seqquence it have ste time. Way you shown works with compositions, image swquences and video file not with still graphics. Time remaping will not work with single images/graphics.


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    After Effects CC 2019 16.0.0


    I'm working with a .mp4 video file in my composition. I have it time-remapped (freeze-frame) so that it stays on a specific still frame of the video. I want to scale this layer up from 0-100%. That works fine. I then want to go into the graph editor on the scale keyframe to finesse the motion -- BUT everytime I click and hold on the second keyframe bezier handle to change the motion curve, After effects freezes and I have to close it from my task manager Or it will crash and ask to send in a crash notice. I've never had this specific problem before and It started happening this week. The layer is not parented to anything or is a 3D layer. I can click and hold the actual keyframe square and move it around, but ever time I click or try and click-and-hold the bezier circle handle, after effects freezes and crashes.


    Anyone else have this specific/bizarre error lol? Or have an idea as to what is causing this problem. I am able to parent the freeze-frame video layer to a null layer and then scale the null just fine with the graph editor controls....but I'd like to avoid creating nulls for each instance.   


    ref image.jpg

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I am a little confused reality with what is happening to her, I am not sure if her sequences are very fast or if she has imported as a sequence of images by mistake while she wanted to import as a composition with the separated layers. I answered my answer based more or less watching the video hehe. There are lots of ways to resize the sequence of images but I do not know if that is what she needs to solve.

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    Hi Turner.


    That is truly weird. I can't find an explanation that would explain why just the 2nd keyframe is doing this.

    Have you added anything extra on the 2nd keyframe that could cause e.g an expression or a plugin?

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    Do not get me wrong - I'm also little bit confused bythat video but according what author wrote those are separate artboards from one Ai file imported as layers/separate files so - that is where I took idea of single static graphics.
    But ... there is also a part:

    I may have made the mistake of creating all my frames in one big Illustrator file with multiple art boards.


    And now
    - if she mean frames as every each single frame of animation made in AE on separate Artboards - that is why she try to import it as a sequence - but that is not how frames of animation should be exported from Ai to AE for AE to see those as correct image sequences and being able to import those correctly
    - or if writing "frames" she mean scenes/sets - then it should be imported as single graphics not as sequence


    But ... as you said ... we can elaborate on what is going on for next 2 days - so we shouldwait for what person asking original question will tell us and hopefully clarify it for us.

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  • 11/17/18--08:56: 3D Track Issue
  • Hello,


    So I bump into this issue with 3D camera track every once in a while and I just can't figure it out.

    So I track the camera it solves it well, I create a null object which stays in place, but when I parent something to it it just doesn't work. It moves along with the camera almost as if there was a big distance from the camera. If I play around with the position properties I can make it work but it's just a pain in the ***.
    I always do everything the same way and yet it's not alike. The shot isn't crazy shaky, there is enough detail for the tracker, so I really don't know.


    Have anyone ever faced similar issue?

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    Yeah it's super weird. I don't have any expressions or plugins involved in the layer.


    I am able to make a new composition. Copy the video layer over. Then change the bezier handles just fine with no freezing. Then copy that layer --> go back into the original composition and past it, delete the original, and then I can change the bezier handles again just fine. BUT THEN later on it seems to go back to crashing if I edit those points again.


    I wonder if it has something to do with it being a video file and maybe my cache/preview files are getting weird when I scale it. Not  sure.

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  • 11/17/18--09:12: Resize Comp for Instagram
  • Hello there,


    I was wondering. I've made a composition which is 1580 x 1580 but I'd like to shrink it, and everything inside it, down to 1080 x 1080. Is that possible? And if it is does anyone know how to do it?



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  • 11/17/18--09:34: Re: 3D Track Issue
  • Just parenting a 3D layer to a null placed with Camera Tracker won't make it stay in place because its position in the 3D world can be anywhere. If you hold down the shift key when you parent the layer it will snap to the same position, orientation and scale as the null.


    If you need a layer to stick to some geometry in the shot you've got to find trackers on that geometry or find an intersecting plane and then adjust the position manually. You should spend a little more time studying the Camera Tracker section in the User Manual and do some more testing.

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    Turner try this


    Take of the time remap and leave the keyframes as normal and try this.

    Let me know. I have a feeling the time remap has something to do with this.


    If not we then look at the preferences and see if those are causing the issue.

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    Did a test and all seems to be in order.

    If its not the remap I suggest you :

    1. Trash preferences file and test

    If that doesn't do it then my recommendation is:

    2. Uninstall using Adobe CC Cleaner Tool








    Make sure you allow it to delete preferences when prompted.

    3 Reinstall CC2019 and let me know what happens



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    Nest your 1580 x 1580 Comp into a 1080 x 1080 Comp and choose Layer > Transform > Fit to Comp.  Export using Adobe Media Encoder using H264 Match Source - High Bitrate (or whatever preset you usually use).





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    What are you trying to create? A video for IGTV, or a still frame to post as a photo?


    IGTV doesn't accept 1080x1080 square footage. See


    To export a cropped still frame, it's much easier to just save it as-is and crop in Photoshop.

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    ok buddy i'll try and let you know and tysm for help

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    sure and tysm for help

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  • 11/17/18--10:34: Re: 3D Track Issue
  • Thank you so much!


    Now that you're writing to hold down the shift key I remember I'm starting to remember! This should be the solution!

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    Hey Mohamed, thanks for the suggestion. If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't it be the same thing? Either way I'm creating a sign using the existing still frame that ends up being smaller than the comp size, ultimately needing the sign to be scaled within the precomp to full comp size for it to work.


    What are my options here? Again, I have completed the shot, it looks perfect, but it was messy, so I'm looking to see if there's a way to quickly scale a weird 4 sided shape to comp size (Distorting it is ok and is actually necessary).

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    If it's for the Instagram mobile app where the limit is 3 second to 60 seconds, 1080x1080 is fine.


    Instagram's new long-form video sharing service (IGTV) is a new service with different delivery specs.

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    This is the timely answer to this question.

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