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  • 11/20/18--09:55: XD + AE - HTML Combination
  • Hi all,


    New to this and just can't find a clear answer for exporting the correct format for XD and HTLM.


    I have a diagram I am making interactive, click on the dot and information appears which I created on adobe XD as you can embed this on your website.

    I then wanted to make it more elegant and more interactive by having a hover effect. so I got it into AE ok and managed to do the coding for the hover effect just now I want this information back in XD so that the embedded function works as well but with a hover effect.


    my issues was XD did not have a hover effect it recently been given an great tool for auto animation but does not work in the way I want it too.

    state1 (XD)

    state2 (XD)


    what I want is a hover effect on that. (AE)

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  • 11/20/18--09:55: skipping frames in Preview
  • Hi,


    Suddenly skipping frames during preview...have I accidentally changed a setting? Haven't been able to figure this out.




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    Please disregard...I did figure it out...I'm dumb

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    All of a sudden all of my effects and presets are missing from the effects & presets window. I can still see them in the effects tab, but not the drop down list.


    What can I do to get this back? Maybe I'll try to reinstall the software.



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    The first thing to try is to rest the preferences and restart. If it’s still an issue try uninstalling and reinstalling via the Creative Cloud app

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    If you click the link that says “Options” at the top of the Effects panel for Cineware. In here you can select which version of Cinema 4D will open when you attempt to edit a C4D file. It’s possible that this link is broken or that the disk permissions are blocking access to the app. In here make sure to select the version on C4D you want to use. Then, in the timeline, select the file and then go to Edit > Edit Original to open it in C4D

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    I've tried to refresh the list, didn't work. I've tried to uninstall & reinstall, didn't work.


    The effects are listed in the applications folder under plugins, the show effects, show animation presets options are checked in AE.



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    much easier solution than all of that.... just closing and opening the effects window did the trick.

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  • 11/20/18--11:06: Realtime Preview Not Working
  • My AE is wonky the last couple days. I had kernel_task running slowing everything down so I updated the OS to mojave, that seems to have solved things being slowed, but some of AEs features haven't been working as they should.


    My preview window isn't updating in realtime, if I add a solid or text or change text in a comp, it doesn't show... only after I hit spacebar does it update in the comp window.


    I have an iMac with 64GB of ram, so, things are normally going smoothly.


    When I try to go page up/down to go frame by frame nothing in the comp window changes. It stays frozen unless I press spacebar and then it updates to the frame I'm on.


    What can I try?

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    for some reason the memory usage AE is taking up is 40GB in the activity monitor... I'm not doing anything complex, it's just pictures and text.


    What is going on???

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    srcleo2984827 is your pc connected to a network, server etc.. ?

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    German version here as well

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    I have also experienced this issue, please fix adobe!

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    Hi Rick (and thanks everyone else),


    I'm pretty sure I'm following the correct steps but I figure I must be doing something silly. Here's a few screen shots.


    For example if I try to export this comp (in terms of footage there is only the wav. and .ai file and everything else is created within AE so it's a simple enough composition):


    Here it is in the project panel:

    The audio file sits in 'Imported Sound Effects' and the .ai file in 'AI Files'. As I've been doing, this comp is selected in the project panel and I am following the path I indicated before:

    The folder created from this is pulling files from everywhere that have no link to the composition in question as far as I can tell. Here is what the project panel looks like when I open this exported composition:


    The two files that I need for that composition are there (in the folders indicated above) but there are a host of others and tidying up everything in this exported project on the desktop as well as within the AE itself for this project is actually quite time consuming given that I am doing this quite regularly for compositions that I will benefit from reusing.


    I guess I'm doing something wrong but I can't spot it. Could it connect in anyway with the arrangement of the project panel or how compositions are nested? It would go against my understanding but I'm out of ideas.


    I’m not sure if this is correct but when exporting the composition in naming it I am naming the folder where the .ae file within takes on the name of the parent project. I assume this is how it should be?


    Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated.



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    What is in the footage folder?

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    Hi, I'm trying to use mocha for the first time and I'm following a tutorial. I finished most of it, but I couldn't export data at the end.

    My layout looks like this (I'm in the most recent version of iOS):

    Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.54.12 AM.png

    But it's supposed to look like this (although the tutorial was done in Windows):

    Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.58.56 AM.png

    I looked in the view menu and changed the layouts around but I still couldn't find it. I couldn't find anyone with a similar issue online. If anyone knows where the Export Data menu is I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Happened again after upgrading today to version 16.0.0

    I found this thread in which I took part two years ago...

    the solution today was:  uninstall all versions of after effects and then install the latest version.

    so... keep calm and reinstall

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  • 11/20/18--12:20: Marking a Layer
  • Anybody here know how to put a marker on a precomposition?  I'm trying to mark where an action happens, but all I can do is mark the timeline within the precomp, but what I want is to see it when I'm placing it in the larger composition.  Surely there's a way, but I sure don't know it, and I am not finding it anywhere.

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    Thank you - I've not had a chance to try this but definitely will.  Appreciate it.

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    Thank you - I've not had a chance to try this but definitely will.  Appreciate it.

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