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    thanks i will check the shy switch and let you know the result.

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    thanks i will check the shy switch and let you know the result.

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    Reset or trash your preferences


    Reset After Effects Preferences

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS) while the application is starting.
    2. A dialog box launches asking you if you want to delete your preferences file. Click OK.
    3. To also restore default keyboard shortcuts, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the OK button.


    This should hopefully resolve your issue



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    issue still there. look to the quality of the clip when i play it from the comp. however when i play the clip outside AE it is clear.

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  • 11/22/18--11:20: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • You need to really crank on the settings and use Echo. Here's a sample project just using just this photo:

    Hidden Falls Trail DSC00347.jpg

    I used Content-Aware fill in Photoshop to remove the girl and saved a PSD. Used a rotobezier mask to remove the background in the original image, make the layer 3D, added an expression to Y rotation to get the layer to rotate one full time in 7 frames, added CC force motion blur jacked up to the max, precomposed that layer and  added Echo and adjusted the properties to get the look I wanted, then pre-composed that and added Time Remapping to the second pre-comp, dropped in the clean background and experimented with Blend Modes. This shows everything I did in the comps to get a similar effect. If I had shot the girl on a green screen and she was spinning around I might not have had to add the rotation keyframes, but I would have still wanted to force a lot of extra motion blur.

    Screenshot_2018-11-22 11.11.59_YfoWiV.png

    I think that this a pretty good recreation of the effects used in the movie.

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    TOday i just started with after effects. After installation tried to edit a file. First thing noticed there was no sound. Then the sound

    was a bit off, i guess it sounds like a robot. I have enclosed a video of the sound and my settings. Could you guys

    please help me by telling if this is normal or I need to fix something? after effects question - YouTube


    Many thanks in advance

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  • 11/22/18--11:34: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • As Rick showed. Use Echo and work on that or force motion but I guess Echo with some bluring and levels or Glow will work better.


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    Kyle can you wetransfer that  footage to me so I can check it. Just one of the files

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    This is normal. The "stuttering" you heard was the audio being rendered on the RAM preview. Once the render area goes green the sound and vid are rendered and play normally as I hear in the latter part of your vid

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    thank you very much and sory for the stupid questoin. but I used to work on sony vegas but after effects is the best so very new.

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    Hi. There is no such thing as a stupid question... Glad to be of assistance and enjoy the edit

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    As Mo Moolla said - you can send us that file and we will check, but I can bet that guys that said earlier that this distortion is because some hidden (shy) adjistments layers in your comp with some distortion pugins. You can see on your screen that there are some shy(hidden) layers... uncheck that and you will see what exactly is going on in your composition.


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  • 11/22/18--12:12: Re: Huge brush problem
  • Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 22.09.53.png

    Untick spacing. I see your Size is set to pen pressure which means that the pressure from your Wacom Pen on the surface takes precedence over AE's size. Check your Wacom preferences and check what they are set to

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    Yes agreed that shy switch is hiding a few layers that are affecting the footage. Perhaps the template uses a cc glass type filter that we can't see. I highly doubt its the footage,

    OP press that shy switch and send the screen grab of the layers plz

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    The screenshot shows layer 1 in the timeline. If there were other layers that were hidden with the shy switch they would have to be below Layer 1 - the footage layer because the shy switch does not redo the layer numbers. Here are two screenshots of the same comp. Notice the .mov layer is still layer #3. You are also not showing both the switches and modes column so I can't tell if an effect has been applied to the layer.

    Screenshot_2018-11-22 13.02.02_72XjAP.png

    The very first thing I would do is show both the layers and modes column so I could see if there were any effects applied to the layer. If there are, just turn off fx in the timeline. To find out everything that is going on in the timeline press the U key twice to show all modified properties. If there are no effects on the layer, and we already know there are no layers above it, then there is a better than 90% chance that you are seeing a decoding error from the compressed MP4 file. To check for that double-click the footage in the Project Panel to open it in the Footage Panel. If you still see the distortion there is a problem with the footage. To fix that add the footage to the Adobe Media Encoder and check to see if it will correctly read the footage. If it does then render a suitable DI (digital intermediate) using a frame based and visually lossless format. MP4 should never be used as an intermediate render in a production.


    Learning how to use the switches and modes column and how to reveal all modified properties (uu), expressions (ee), and effects (3) in the timeline will make it easier to figure out problems and save you hours of fiddling around in the dark.

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    Thank you! That worked. very happy that issue is resolved.

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    The first thing I noticed was that the comp is more than 5 minutes long. This tells me you are trying to edit in After Effects. AE is the wrong tool for editing. You use it to create shots and short sequences that you cannot create in a Non-Linear Editor like Premiere Pro. More than 90% of my comps are seven seconds or less and one shot. Almost all of the motion graphics or animated sequences that I create are no longer than a single phrase of music or a single sentence. Very few of them are longer than 10 or 12 seconds. You create those shots or sequences in AE, render them and then do the editing in Premiere Pro. You can also pull individual shots out of Premiere Pro and modify them in AE using Dynamic Link.


    After Effects will be completely frustrating and impossible to use effectively if you don't start with the basics. I would suggest that you start here: Basic AE. Two or three hours going over the material on that site will save you days of fiddling around. You also have to be very careful about the tutorials you watch. Most of the ones I have seen in the last several years on YouTube are presented by amateurs that do not know what they are doing. They present inefficient workflows with poor explanations and many of them propose techniques that should not ever be used. Make sure you figure out who your trainers are so you don't waste time and develop bad habbits.

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  • 11/22/18--13:30: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Thanks, but why the glow ?

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    Start here: Basic AE


    It's almost impossible to figure out how to use the AE interface without spending a few hours learning the UI.

    Screenshot_2018-11-22 13.30.18_vWR3mL.png

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  • 11/22/18--13:33: Re: Spinning like The Mask
  • Thank you, I'm working on it, get good result but, still... those blurry lines around, those how can I fake them ? ( example from the movie I posted )

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