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    It sounds to me like you have set up a custom composition size and are not working in square pixels. You can't be messing with comp sizes and PAR's unless you are an expert in video production standards. It's time to study.

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    Just deleted that .aex file.

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    Why did forum staff mark this as "Answered"? This method doesn't provide consistent results. It's a possible workaround but the software still doesn't work as intended and we have no fool-proof ways to fix it.

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    I just made a simple Essential Graphic and tested it. When I attempt to load the graphic Premiere say 15% loaded and then stalls and I have to Force Quit Premiere.  Very sad,  -C

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  • 12/16/18--15:09: Re: Animating Clipping Masks
  • Here are two screen shots of the rotation of two clipping masks within Ai. Unfortunately, till now I didn't succeed in importing the Ai file correctly into An nor Ae.


    Ai rotate 01.jpg

    Ai rotate 02.jpg


    Can you help, please?

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    Happens to me a lot sometimes.
    Just go into the Task Manager and close everything related to Adobe

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    so I'm trying to rotoscope a clip and all that it's selecting is what the red line is here's a screenshot...


    Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.27.25 PM.png

    and when I try to deselect this happens

    Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.28.19 PM.png

    any thoughts?

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  • 12/16/18--15:59: Recreating Smoke
  • I'm working on a gift for a friend and I've run into a problem recreating the effect of the smoke flowing out of the cylinders in this screenshot (ignore the embers and surrounding smoke):


    I have access to Particular but I'm a beginner with it. I've used motion pathing to emulate the shape as here:
    Screen capture - 24c8e2b472d966012f907b4313d4f32b - Gyazo

    ...but it obviously isn't close. I haven't been able to recreate those small distortions in the smoke, and I haven't found any tutorials that could help me. I've also tried looking for suitable stock effects, but I couldn't find anything exact.


    I've thought of either using multiple Particular emitters or using a displacement map to simulate the movement of the smoke based on the original image, but neither of those attempts has been successful either. If someone with more experience with Particular could guide me toward recreating the effect (or if luck permits tell me how to recreate it exactly) I'd greatly appreciate it

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  • 12/16/18--16:53: Re: Recreating Smoke
  • Thin Smoke 20 - 90s - 4k res - FREE STOCK FOOTAGE on Vimeo

    I suggest using or paying for stock footage.

    Realistic smoke is essentially a liquid simulation and very difficult to achieve even with proper liquid sim software and all but impossible inside AE.

    Apparently the new Trapcode particle sims are boasting liquid simulation but I haven't tried it and can't tell you anything about it.

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    Thanks mapleandjamprod, this worked for me

    mapleandjamprod  wrote


    Looks like they are now in C:\Users\**YOUR NAME**\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe\Premiere Pro\12.0\Typesupport

    You now have to go to that Adobe file and click in each of the folders

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  • 12/16/18--19:16: Re: Recreating Smoke
  • With Particular it's easy to create wisps of smoke (match, candle, cigarette) - see


    Big clouds of smoke (fire, explosions, etc) are much tougher, that's where 3D fluid simulations come into play.

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  • 12/16/18--19:49: Re: Animating Clipping Masks
  • You need to release the clip shape and separate in another layer. Ungroup all of this. And to be honest, you don't need to import an image from AI to AE, just import the original image directly to AE. Use the AI to draw the mask shapes in separated layers  And as Roei already said, use Alpha mates.

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    The exciting bit is that AFX can still export QT animation codec, and import those files, but any of my older QT animation codec files give this error.


    I swear I looked through all the documentation when they were saying there was going to be some issues with old codec, and no one said Animation codec in QT was on the chopping board.

    What a freak'n pain.
    I have 3 episodes of an animated web series with about 800 QT master files...

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    Oh, yeah, missed it this time. Thanks for the help!

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    I don't see much in your shot for Rotobrush to work with. You need some contrast and edges. Have you gone through the tutorials? I don't know anybody that figured out how to use Rotobrush by just poking around in the UI. You have to study up and you have to use it on the right kind of footage.

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  • 12/16/18--21:03: Re: Recreating Smoke
  • I would strongly suggest that you go to the Red Giant site and dive into the tutorials for Particular. It's almost impossible to figure it out without doing some serious homework. It would be hard to give you settings on the forum that would work for your application and there are so many variables that your best bet is to educate yourself on the proper techniques. The Red Giant site is the best resource for that.



    It is also so easy to drag screenshots to this forum or use the tools to link to an image on the web that we would appreciate it if you just include images in your posts. It's less work than posing on another site and creating a link.

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  • 12/16/18--21:16: Re: Recreating Smoke
  • Oh yah.  I've actually seen that tutorial before.  It's a great one.  Thanks

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  • 12/16/18--21:37: Re: Animating Clipping Masks
  • Thanks a lot, Lucas Lago. Within the next days, I'll try again to import the Ai file to Ae, using your hints (and the hints of Roei Tzoref).


    Is it that you recommend to separate ALL of the images into ONE layer of Ai and ALL of the clipping masks into another?


    Importing the Ai file into Ae (or An) would help to reconstruct all of the artwork within Ae (or An)...

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    are you sure you install the latest update for both AE (cc2019) and AME (cc 2019)?

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    Before the 2019 update for After Effects, my expression for a countdown clock was working a treat. Now the If else statement seems to have had a definition change and I can't seem to find where the issue is. Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening?


    Here is the original expression:


    rate = -1;

    clockStart = 899.97;


    function padZero(n){

    if (n < 10) return "0" + n else return n;



    clockTime = Math.max(clockStart + rate*(time - inPoint),0);


    t = Math.floor(clockTime);

    min = Math.floor((t%3600)/60);

    sec = Math.floor(t%60);

    msec = clockTime.toFixed(2).substr(-2);

    padZero(min) + ":" + padZero(sec) + ":" + msec;




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    Just opened the software to know the entire files went missing. Need a solution to recover the files asap..

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    Hi every one. I want to make data-driven after effects project (.aep) file that the data are stored in json file. so that i can change the data in the json and the .aep get updated wuth new data. so far i made this with mamoworld plugin.


    now i have a data-driven aep with json. if  i open the project in the AE, every thing is good an  if i make a change in the json, the opened project in the AE get updated.


    the problem is that i want to render the project with aerender. when i use aerender, the aep in NOT getting updated data from json and get rendered with the initial data(the data that inserted in the project while in was built.).


    sorry for bad english. it's not my primary language.


    here is my aerender code:

    aerender -project D:/latest/new/pr1.aep -comp "Comp1" -output D:/latest/new/video.avi


    is there any thing that i missing? or some thing i'm doing wrong?

    any guide or reference or anything that helps will be great.

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  • 12/16/18--23:48: Joysticks n Sliders
  • Hello,

    I am an animation student who is fairly novice with AE. I have come across many artist using Joysticks n Sliders to create wonders with it and I wasn't too sure how to get my hands on that. I found a website with 100's of plugins for AE which leads me too ask (1) is Joysticks N sliders already included in AE or must one purchase it via a plugin? (2) If so, what is a trusted marketplace for such adobe plugins? and (3) Are there any other plugins like it that can help improve character animation?


    Thanks, any help is appreciated!

    Please don't respond if your going to disrespectfully address my lack of knowledge to the software, just looking for honest help.

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    Did you make the original project files by After Effects CS6? I searched the forum and found the same problem in the past post. I hope this link helps you.


    Re: After Effects Error: missing data in file. (33::4)

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  • 12/17/18--00:13: Re: Joysticks n Sliders
  • 1. No


    3. Yes, you will find most of them there, but also worth mentioning tools like “rubberhose” and “duik” (google and you will get there)

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    if (n < 10) return "0" + n else return n;




    You sure that's proper syntax?

    Shouldn't it be

    if(condition) {code} else {code}


    Also AE should be telling what line the error is on.  You don;t get an error message?

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    Gutterfish is right. Adobe changed the expression-engine in CC2019 to a strict one.


    Hold on proper syntax and it will work again.

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    They renamed some folder in Programme files. It's stopped working now though and is back in slug mode... I have it working on 2 machines. My old machine is totally fine and scrubbing away. It's the new and supposedly better computer that I'm having a hard time with

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    Can I ask what operating systems the two computers are running and their spec? I am trying to piece together a map of what hardware and software works and what doesn't

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    I have some trouble with the latest Adobe Versions.

    I start the Software, as soon as it is loaded, the start screen shows black.

    I can skip the screen when I select File-new-Project, then I can work normally with the Software, although not with Photoshop.


    I guess it is my GPU ( Nvidia Quadro M3000).


    In the Photoshop Preferences I disselected the GPU.-Still the same Problem.


    The GPU Driver is updated.


    Thanks for help

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    I just published this tutorial about a very powerful compositing workflow using the mocha plugin that is bundled with Ae CC 2019 and our extension MochaImport+ V6:


    In this tutorial we use a stabilized precomp to manipulate the facade of a building: We add additional windows and even an oriel in just five minutes - even though the shot has a moving camera.



    If you have any questions about this workflow, feel free to ask them here :-)

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  • 12/17/18--03:04: Multimachine - H.265 codec
  • Hello.

    I am trying to render in multimachine, an H.265 codec. When i import the watchfolder, a pop-up message says that i need to sign in to CC.

    I have the codec install on the machine, and the Node text placed to the right folder.

    How can i fix this problem?

    Thank you.

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    Finally, in the last update this bug has been fixed! Version:


    • PR version: 13.0.2 build 38

    • AE Version: 16.0.1 build 48

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    I have read a hundred different versions of this thread, and I still am having issues with my output file.  Here is what I have tried:

    • In After Effects, exporting my composition to Media Encoder using H.264 with Bitrate set to VBR, 2-Pass
    • In After Effects, exporting my composition to Media Encoder using H.264 with Bitrate set to VBR, 1-Pass
    • In After Effects, exporting my composition to Media Encoder using H.264 with Bitrate set to CBR
    • Rendering in After Effects and getting an AVI file (which works), but has an exclamation icon over the file in File Manager (I have yet to figure out why this happens, as no error is recorded). Then using Media Encoder to create the MP4 file using the three settings above.
    • Rendering in After Effects and using the AVI file in Premier Pro and exporting to file.
    • Rendering in After Effects and using the AVI file in Premier Pro and exporting to Media Encoder using the three different settings.  This one produces an error and stops the encoding process.

    I am at the end of my rope, here.  Someone please help!

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    Video formats are generally not compatible with multi-machine rendering unless you have a routine in the loop that will break the video into sections and then stitch it together later into a single file. Image sequences are the way to go.


    On the other hand, I may not be understanding what you are asking.

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    Same issue. After effects has a dynamic link issue trying to import characters. After Effects will not allow Dynamic Link.


    After Effects Error: Failed to connect to Adobe Dynamic Link Project. ( 86 :: 1 )


    Have tried:



    Moved files to local internal disk

    Upgrade to CC19

    Downgrade to CC18

    Removed Plugins

    Removed suitcase Fusion


    None have worked. Running Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.1.


    Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 11.57.38.png

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    Same issue here. After Effects is crashing when starting, and Adobe Premiere 13.0.2 send me the message "could not find any capable video play modules" so, I'm using the 13.0.1.

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  • 12/17/18--05:05: please help. text problem
  • IMG_0700.JPG

    im new at this after effect.

    and i cant get this picture like it use to be.. i keep having this "mask"

    works fine, but when i open 3d element, and come back, it looks like this

    please help a neewbe

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    Hi tazz912567120,


    Is it a mask, or is your region of interest turned on?Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.32.45 AM.png

    (Above) Just to the right of where you see "Full," there is an option to toggle on and off "Region of Interest."


    (Below) If it is a mask, then you can either delete the mask, or reposition the mask into the proper place.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.37.02 AM.png


    If neither of these answer your question, can you include a screenshot that has more of your screen?

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    Same issue for me!!! Same issue for many users.. I have reverted to CC2018...

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    thanks for your time..

    still have the problem,year it is turnt on.. i think, but outside the red dots, i cant se the object, did not have this problem all the time    IMG_0701.JPGIMG_0702.JPG

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    Same issue in CC2019 on Scripts loading, for me and many others... and without any installed plugin..
    CC2018 works perfectly...

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    i think it´s first after i have been in 3d element, and add a camera, then i cant see the hole picture of the text

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    Hi every one. I want to make a website to edit the after effect projects (.aep) files and then render them to make online videos.

    the scenario is :

    1- i make some editable aep files and put them into the server in a website

    2- users get online and put their data into inputs in website (text, logo and  etc.)

    3- the server must gets the data from user and update the aep files with new data from user

    4- server renders the data with aerender to make video outputs for user.

    and the AE must be installed on the server.


    Are these steps right? can i edit/update aep files with new data with EXTENDSCRIPT?

    I want to make something like renderforest.comwebsite.

    another question is how can i make editale aep files?


    any approach or help or startpoint or anything will be great.



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    i just dont get it ???

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    Creative Cloud applications cannot be run on a server in any type of "software for rent" scenario.


    Try it and Adobe's lawyers will take you apart.

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    What do you see when you turn OFF Region of interest? That's what I was meaning for you to try.


    Or, is this actually a layer mask? You can tell if it is a layer mask by clicking on your layer in the timeline, and tapping the "m" key. If there is a layer mask on it, then a mask will show when the triangle twirls down. If there is no layer mask, then nothing will happen. What happens when you try these two questions?

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    then only this happens, when push interest

    on and off, the white line apear and not apear


    and nothing happens when push m key over the timeline.. what i can see..!!