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    Hi, im new to the adobe forums (not after effects though) and im having some trouble with Mocha tracking corner pin data. I have been practicing this sub-surface skin effect from Iron Man 3 that Video Copilot made a tutorial on, but im having some problems. The first time i did it, everything went fine. I got the effect the way I wanted it and it looked amazing. The second time, things began to go wrong. I had all my footage elements in the correct place and pre-composed. I had tracked out everything in Mocha previous to creating the effect. I selected the correct corner pin data type (the one that does not support motion blur) and copied to clipboard. I pasted it onto the composition with all the effects footage and... it got about 3 times smaller. Ive tried to do this many times since then and it keeps happening. Ive resorted to using a null object when this happens, but i want to know what im doing wrong. Ive looked all over the web and someone has probably posted a fix somewhere, but im tired of looking. Please, if you know whats going on, reply.


    Thanks Again,




    CS6 of course

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    because I am completely new to the program


    Your journey starts here:


    Getting started with After Effects


    The rest is mostly beside the point. Without seeing your footage, nobody can advise specifically. Could be that you need to use the clone stamp in AE, could be that you need to produce an oversized clean plate in Photoshop, could be that you end up manually patching things together based on multiple masked duplicates of your source footage. In any case, your question is way too generic and if you really never have used AE before removing objects might without it looking cheap and unrealistic might prove more difficult than you thought...



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    Your comp is set to Raytrace 3D. Change it back to Standard 3D. Otherwise we need to know much more.



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    Continuous rasterization, footage size mismatches, whatever. We can't know. Your info is far too vague. Provide screenshots with exact settings visible.



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    Hello all.

    I was using CS5 master collection without issue, for a year. 


    Decided to upgrade to the CS6 master collection and that’s when the problems began.


    For example, I can’t import any .psd files into AE.


    All files are saved in RGB mode.


    The previous files were made on CS5.


    I made a new .psd file in CS6 with just a couple of layers on it, couldn’t import that either.


    I’ve tried Ctrl-alt-shift to delete preferences, that had limited success. I can import a file and do a little bit of work on it but as soon as I close the file down and opened it up again, it does not recognise the .psd file.


    The errors I’m getting in AE are many


    For example:

    • After Effects warning: Reading past end of file
    • After Effects error: Could not open intro.psd because it is not a valid Photoshop document
    • After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message:<8104><dynamiclink><5>C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Adobe Premiere Pro exe
    • After Effects error: Not enough memory to initialise PSL


    I have un-installed and re-installed many times.


    I’m using Windows 8, with 32ram. Hard drives C: 100mg, D: 2 Tb


    I’ve tried installing on both drives, still the same thing happens. 


    Does anyone out there in Adobe Land have any ideas?


    Totally confused





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    I took some photos of a simpler version of whats going on.pic 1.JPG

    Just in AE with my footage.

    pic 2.JPG

    About to track in mocha.

    pic 3.JPG

    Tracked in mocha (only tracked half because i didnt want to wait).

    pic 4.jpg

    Adding a solid to paste my corner pin data to.


    pic 6.JPG

    Masked it to where I wanted it.

    pic 7.jpg

    Selected the type of data I wanted.

    pic 8.jpg

    Copy to clipboard.

    pic 9.jpg


    Great... the insert image thing grayed out.

    Going to have to post the last pic separately.

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    pic 10.JPG

    Last image.

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    Hello, Im a Mid-Level user in after affects. I've been using AF for 2 years, and this problem has never occured.

    Whenever I ram preview my video, it shows me two screens? Like the original screen is frozen, while it shows me another screen, zoomed in, and I dont understand the problem. I have posted a picture showing the problem. That one little screen on the right side is playing while the other one is not.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 1.51.06 AM.png

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    Do the files open back in PS? Are they saved with the Maximum Compatibility setting?



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    This issue has been reported if you use multiple spaces/ desktops. Somehow OSX tries to draw the overlays centered and at the wrong size then... Look into that. Otherwise you'll have to provide more info about your project or what Mac you are using.



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    Thanks Tim

    I did follow the link, and just went back again, but can't see any explanation as to why we now have to use the media encoder for H.264. Just curious really! I've not tested it yet, maybe it's better:-)

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    I am using a Mac OS X, 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

    I dont know whats been happening, Im not using multiple desktops or anything,

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    What is the GPU in your computer?

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    I believe Intel GMA 950 64 MB graphics

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    Hi Mylenium,


    Many thanks for your response.


    I can open up .PSD files in Photoshop without a problem. Just checked the PS preferences and the max compatibility for PSD and PB is set to 'always'


    My only way around the current issue to export single layers as .jpgs or .pngs and put it back together in AE.


    Just frustrating I can import the .psd files for some reason.


    Not sure what I've done, or if I've done anything at all during the instalation process.


    If you, or anyone else has any ideas, I'm all ears 



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    Whoops - amendment to the above.


    I still cannot import .psd files into AE


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    You are moving your titles at 6 frames per frame and that's too fast or not fast enough. The pixel accuracy is perfect but the speed does not follow the rules so you are ending up with stroboscopic judder. Try 3 or 2 and the playback should be fine. Generally, follow the seven second rule.


    BTW, you didnn't include the pdf so I made one of my own.

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    Hi Todd


    I wanted to confirm that each time I switch to any other software while AE CC is running

    and I switch back to AE, I receive the file error:

    "After Effects error: Error (4) reading frame from file "path of the file". ( 86 ::2 )"




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    In Animation Presets, check out the "Buzz Words" text animation. There is an expression under "Source Text" that you could play with to achieve what you might be seeking.   

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    Your workflow is wrong. Corner pin distorts and scales a layer to match the plane you tracked in Mocha.


    You track in Mocha, adjust the planar surface in Mocha to match the plane you are tracking, export the corner pin data (copy to clipboard), paste to your solid in AE, and then draw your mask on the transformed solid. Mocha transforms the entire solid. There is no way for Mocha to know anything the size or position of the mask you you'll have to draw it after the layer is transformed. The layer can't be properly transformed unless you set up the planar data in Mocha.


    If you want to mask in AE first then apply tracking data don't use corner pin. Use export position scale and rotation.


    If you are trying to do some rotoscoping in Mocha then the technique is completely different. If that's what you are trying to do let us know or search for roto in Mocha tutorials.

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