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    With that amount of people reporting this issue I think this must be a bug. You should file this bug at the UserVoice site: After Effects: Hot (1061 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps


    Hopefully BorisFX can fix the issue in the next AE update or two.

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    Hello Team,


    We would like to have REST call from extend script of Adobe After effect project. I have install NodeJS in my machine. I installed npm packages for http-server on C drive and In Scripts folder of Adobe installation as well.


    I have created one sample Adobe After Effect project and added one extend script with following code -


    var http = require("http");


    But, I am getting an error saying "Function require is undefined".


    Please provide the steps to have NodeJS functionality via extend script in Adobe after effects project.

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  • 11/20/18--04:46: Re: Bulge Line Effect
  • I'm assuming you're talking about variation in the 'inked' line widths?
    In that case Roughen Edges with a larger scale value is probably what you want.


    Having said that - this sort of artwork would typically be drawn / inked in Illustratior, using a variable line with tool; or created in Photoshop with a width sensitive drawing / painting brush. Those assets would then be brought into AE and animated.


    What is your intended workflow?

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  • 11/20/18--04:56: Re: Bulge Line Effect
  • Ohh.. the line work    Sometimes I'll use a little roughen edges in combination with a simple choker.

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    Hi all,


    This issue was resolved in After Effects CC 2018 (15.1.2). More info here: Bugs fixed in July 2018 release of After Effects (version 15.1.2)




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    I've been having some issues with Adobe After Effects 2019.
    I'm currently working on a 2D motion graphic animation but as soon as I open my project all of my images (mostly .ai files) are offline. However, it is still connected to its original folder, so basically there's no reason for them to be offline. I haven't switched any of its file locations. If I try to reload the footage, it says the file is not found.


    Once I try to replace/reload an image A.E stops responding.

    I never had any issues similar like this in A.E, and it happened only after the recent update.


    Hopefully someone knows a solution.

    Thank you in advance.



    Kind regards,



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    Thank you!!!!

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  • 11/20/18--06:08: AE 2019 startup issue
  • Hi, I have just installed AE 2019 on a weeks' trial version, but the second day I try to access it I am prompted again to verify my email address.  For some reason, however, it is sending the verification mail to the wrong address because it has tried to repeat the email address after the .com so of course I'm not getting it.  There is no button to change email address to a correct one.  I have updated my password and have received those emails OK, but I still cannot use the application.

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    I have finished editing a 29.97 frame rate 2 minute long sequence that contains about 30 clips (in premiere pro).  I need to color correct the entire thing and add a motion graphic to just one of the clips & I have not added sound yet.  I'm new to both of these applications and feeling confused on my work flow.  Is there a way to color correct my footage in adobe after effects, do one motion graphic, and then send it back to premiere pro to work on sound? 


    I tried clicking on clips in premiere using the "replace with after effects composition" and sending them individually to after effects to do hue/saturation and selective color but when I return back to premiere and render the clip I find that I can't seem to alter the newly altered after effects edited clip without the footage freezing.  Why is it that I can't make any cuts to the  footage I edited in after effects and sent back to premiere?

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    Ok. So ... why do you wanna to make color correction in AE? PPro is more than capable to do that so do that in PPro by using one adjustment layer on all clips or if you need to do that one by one do that, and as for motion graphics - just send that one clip to AE for that by using what you were using (replace with ae comp).

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    When you track something in the new version of Mocha you get an apply panel that pops up that shows layers. I think the confusion happens when there is one layer in the panel. You have to click just to the left of that layer to select the layer.

    Screenshot_2018-11-20 06.22.42_iOxou4.png

    A little gear icon will appear indicating the layer has been selected. When you complete the process the corner values for tracking data will change. If you press the U key you will see keyframes and if Mocha AE is selected in the ECP you'll see the corners in the Comp Panel.

    Screenshot_2018-11-20 06.24.29_c1mYFg.png

    I admit that it took me 4 tries to actually figure this out. I would click on the layer and then hit OK and wonder why no tracking data was applied.

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    Hi Rick,


    thank you.

    But as I mentioned in my post before: I did all that.

    You may try to continue as I describe to apply the generated data to a Corner Pin and click then "Apply Export" to a new layer in your comp.

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    This sounds like simple user error. When you want to collect files for a comp you have to select the comp you want to target in the Project panel. If the Project Panel is not active and you have not selected a comp, everything in the project will be collected. This is all explained clearly in the User Guide. You can find the section by typing Collect Files in the Search Help field at the top right corner of After Effects. When the Collect Files Panel pops you have to make sure Selected Comps is checked. If you have no comps selected in the Project Panel then the option will be unavailable. You will have to cancel and select the comps you want to include in the Project Panel.

    Screenshot_2018-11-20 06.41.15_ufAKED.png

    0 0  napisał(-a)


    This sounds like simple user error. When you want to collect files for a comp you have to select the comp you want to target in the Project panel.

    I thought so too but he said that he is doing aeverything as he should

    (selecting the composition in the project panel / File > Dependencies > Collect Files > For selected comps (with reduce project ticked) to export my composition

    so there are 2 scenaros:
    1. those files are needed in those selected compositions in some way
    2. AE doing some weird stuff - but 1 or 2 more files are not so hard to remove by hand after that export in my opinion

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    Serge, same here. All things done right (I´d suppose), still that flaw..


    Hoping for an update..

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    serge-m. are you telling me that you have keyframes for the Tracking data and you cannot apply that data to another layer? I have no problem at all. I did it about 15 times yesterday. I usually use with motion blur because it offers more options. I just tried corner pin only on a text layer and position on a shape layer. It worked perfectly:

    Screenshot_2018-11-20 06.57.11_D1ioDu.png

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    Hi hqhempen,


    Sorry to hear about your issue!

    I understand that you created a project in After Effects CC 2019, saved it as an After Effects CC 2018 project and when you try opening that in After Effects CC 2018, the app crashes. Is that correct?

    • Which OS are you on?
    • Do you get any error message while you're trying to open that project?


    Try this:

    1. Create a new project in After Effects CC 2018.
    2. Go to File > Import and choose the project file that you exported from the CC 2019 version


    Let us know if you're able to import that.



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    Here's an easy way to do it:

    Duplicate the layer with the effects.  Then use the Replace Footage command.  The replacement footage takes on ALL attributes of the duplicated layer, keyframes included, at the identical times in the comp.


    If you don't need the original layer, just delete it.

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    The new workflow needs an english AE installation.


    See Mocha forum -

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    audioninjaUK  wrote



    Has something changed or am I doing something stupid?!




    No, it's an Adobe screw-up.  It's a bug.  They haven't fixed it yet, and there is no estimate of when it will be fixed. 


    You need to use CC 2018 or earlier for ProRes 4444.  Be sure to thank Adobe for breaking something that worked flawlessly before.

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