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    I wonder what version of Illustator you have saved. Have you set the proper permission to get access to the files?

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    It would be better to try the driver of Blackmagic from the latest version to older. The latest version of the driver sometimes does not work with certain PCs. I would recommend you use one-step older drvier in this case.

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    What version of After Effects and OS do you use? Would you specify the information?

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    Having bizarre errors in tracking with Mocha in AE.


    I did most of the tracking spline of an object in Mocha. I had to go back at various spots and edit the spline points to track better.

    Once I did that, all hell broke loose. Suddenly at odd frames the spline points scattered all over the place. I did not touch them. I merely moved points of the spline many frames away from any edit.


    So I go fix them, but that then causes other frames to have scattered spline points… It was then I checked the matte in AE and it at times jumps around, even though when I go to Mocha there seemed to be no problem with the spline.


    It’s a fool’s game to continue as every fix yields new problems. And unfortunately this is a complicated rotoscope that I spent hours on and don’t want to lose.

    So, how can an edit in a spline affect the spline 100+ frames away?


    And back in AE it looked like maybe the matte did not match the spline point for point, accurately. That could just be those points in Mocha jumping around, tho at the time I went to AE those points were likely fine.



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    You are welcome. I'm glad I could help. If what I've wrote resolved your issue pease mark that answer as correcy to help others with that same issue find faster that topic.

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    Screenshot 2018-11-21 22.25.27.pngHI.

    I have some footage that I have 3d Camera tracked in AE. The track is solid and runs around 150 frames long.

    I export my file with cinema 4d exporter and save the .c4d project.

    When I open the .c4d file in cinema and play it back it will play fine. I can see the little solid plane tracking along and it's all good. However, around half way through playback it seem to lose the track and the solid layer stays still and the footage continues playing though??


    When I open up the timeline and look at the keyframes for the camera they just more after around 94 frames.



    Any ideas what is going on??

    I can supply the File if you want to have a go at it.


    Thank you

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    Partly you are 100% right but I would make that rule more general - I mean rule of not jumping on anything new and shiny specially during working on a project. I learn that hard way several years ago.



    As general rule - that I learned the hard way - for all operating systems, software and even hardware i suggerst in the future not to jump on to new software or new update just as it is release - specialy if you are just removing older working perfectly version on newes shiny one during working on commercial ()or even private) project.
    I highly recomend of course instal new version, test new version but if it is possible instal as a separate instance not to replace your working older software, and then work on your project on older version. The same time make a copy of your project and open it in nevest version, test run it, check if all works as it should - and only, only after being sure that new software works start your normal work there.


    How did I learned that? No. Not with Adobe software. Long time ago I was working on quite big commercial project (AE/PPro) ... just in the middle of that i've got a message from operating system (Windows XP - yes... that long time ago ) that new Service Pack is ready to download and instal, serviec pack that make system more stable and faster - who would not want that. So I installed it.
    Long story short ... Microsoft stopped distributing that SP and apologize for "instability issues" and I - I landed with bricked 2 computers (main computer and other used as quasi render farm), part of my files and footage errased from my hard drive. That was the result of that "instabilty issues" that MS was talking about for me. And thank od I had one other even older PC that I did not updated and thank God I had quite fresh backup of my files and onyl because of that I could - spending much longer hours and sleepless nights - finish my project and send to client just minutes before deadline.


    Sorry for my long storry but I hope that my story will help and stop similar stories to happened to you. And does not matter if we are tralking about Adobe software, operating systems, other software oruntested new hardware.

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    Because it is a bug (which come up after the video was finished), don´t know on which side - AE or Mocha...guess they did not test other languages then english.

    But anyway, I use the english version of AE now and it works as designed

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    Je n'arrive plus à utiliser les logiciels Adobe. La licence est valide et les maj faites.
    Je ne peux pas plus créer de nouvelles compositions, ou même ouvrir des projets. Aucun élément n'apparaît dans mon visualiseur depuis quelques jours, lorsque je souhaite mettre un solide ou autre dans une composition (After Effects).

    Ils fonctionnaient pourtant très bien auparavant.


    Avez-vous déjà rencontré ce problème ?


    Merci beaucoup pour votre aide !!

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    I am sure there are more than a handful of users with similar experiences. And its a really valuable lesson to be learnt from this. I have also learnt the hard way not to do anything mid project. As with most things in life, nothing beats a proper beating to learn how to get up and not get beaten again

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    It was helpful i faced the same issues because of corrupted fonts

    thank you

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    Same here!




    H264 @ VBR1pass Hardware Encoding available on rMBP Mid-2015 (guess because of Intel Quicksync) which does the job a lot slower than my Mac Pro 12c on sw encoding. It almost flies up in the air cause of the fans hitting a trillion rpm! LOL
    oh and in my case NOT available on:
    Mac Pro 6,1 12core 2xD700
    Mac Pro 5,1 Xeon Haswell 4core Nvidia GTX960 (HW H264/265 Encoder build in)


    Worthless if you ask me..


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  • 11/22/18--02:19: VR Exports
  • Hi

    I have been playing around with VR in After Effects. When using 2018 I had no issues with GPU warnings. When I try and export using Media Encoder I get GPU warnings (This Effect Requires GPU Acceleration).


    I have set the Render and Effects to Open GL and I have set Media Encoder to do the same.


    I'm using:


    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

    3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB


    Any help would be appreciated.





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    Am facing issue while using puppet pin tool in after effects CC 2018 . I have imported aa working file from illustrator while importing the image remains the same but when i work in that particular file layer in after effects using Puppet Pin tool am facing issue in the original composition file and not able to get the same action which i have worked in the layer file and also am getting after effects error " After effects error:cached preview need 2 or more frames to playback" while playing the video .

    Please find the attachment for your reference

    error.pngimported illustrator file.pngissue.png

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    Hy Mylenium,

    thanks for the answer. I came to the same conclusion. There are possibilities for YT to fiddle with code (python) and add markers but its way to work heavy to make it viable in this case.


    Thanks again!


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  • 11/22/18--02:37: Re: VR Exports
  • Solved the issue.


    • Export to Media Encoder from After Effects


    • Quite Media Encoder


    • Reload


    • No errors


    Sorry this is a Media Encoder issue not After Effects.





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    OK, so the error is a GPU memory failure (which wasn't mentioned in the question). As you guessed it's because you don't have a compatible card.

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  • 11/22/18--04:51: Re: Maya to Ae live link
  • this is not answered.

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    I have a flickering candle with puppet pins.  When I duplicate the layers, the new layers have the KF's but they do not flicker.   I highlighted the pins on the original and copied to the new layers, but that does not work either.   how to copy the pins from original to new layers?   Thank you

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    i think the easiest way is to copy the puppet effect from layer to other.

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