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    I have a main comp consisting of 5 comps (simple 2D animation). One of these comps suddenly went black with the message: cached preview needs 2 or more frames to play back (yes, we know that one)......


    My system meets the requirements, the program is up-to-date, I have restarted the computer.I have emptied Disk Cache, "Reduce Cache size when system is low on memory" is NOT checked, my cache size is 33 GB.


    I can preview all the other comps in the same project, just not that one anymore (it worked few hours ago).


    When rendering it out, that comp is Black. When rendering through media encoder, it gives me an Error code: -1609629695.



    Of course, it's not critical. I have an auto-save, but I have to redo a bunch of things, and it would be nice to know, why AE suddenly behaves like this.

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    That's what I have on the right image. But I need the position of that anchor point on layer level (left image)...

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    it must be same for triangle and for layer, i tested, just be sure to follow same step i explain before. create your triangle inside a empty shape layer.

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    Is it possible to animate source text from bold to regular over time using keyframes smoothly using percentages?

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    Check the workarea  for that composition,

    a quick shortcut, press the home button then press B

    then press the End button then press N

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    My apologies! Seems to be the fix! Weird but very hulpful, thank you so much! :-)

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    can you share a screenshot from this composition? so we can get better idea about your workflow

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    Thanks for your answer! I've already red that thread, but it dosen't help


    Right now my solution was to reinstall my OS and all stuffs.


    Thanks a lot!

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    Don't know if this image gives any idea. When pulling the time indicator, I can see the bounding boxes move.

    Ulla error.jpg

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    And Media Encoder says this when trying to render:


    Export Error
    Error compiling movie.

    Render Error

    Render returned error.

    Writing with exporter: H.264
    Writing to file: (edited out)
    Writing file type: H264
    Around timecode: 00;00;28;01 - 00;00;28;09
    Rendering at offset: 28,061 seconds
    Component: H.264 of type Exporter
    Selector: 9
    Error code: -1609629695


    The bugged composition starts in the main composition at 28 seconds to 46 seconds (total main comp time 56 seconds)

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    Even after that the project wont start!


    But I found the solution!


    The problem was an OBJ file in the project created by Trapcode Particular!
    I don't know why on my Macbook Pro everything was working fine even whit this OBJ file.
    But after deleting it the project start on my workstation to!


    Happy me!!

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    look like you have some layer cause this issue (you did't have any preview), my advise is to turn off all layers in this composition than start turn it on one by one to get what layer cause this issue after that you can check the corrupted layer and see what effect apply....

    also try to stop the GPU accelerator got to file/project settings/video rendering and effects/use mercury software only.

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    Great that you find the solution, but really it was not clear from the beginning that you issue is with a specific project, i think it's a general issue and your AE crash every time you open any project .

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    I you are seeing this every time you close a project I believe it is an issue between AE 2019 and BlackMagic Desktop Video Drivers 10.11.2 and later. Running 10.11.1 will fix the problem, as will sticking with AE 2018. BM have been notified and hopefully will be providing a fix. I would be interested to know if anyone else has seen this as we've had it on two Win 10 systems and on Mac also.

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    As far as I know you can do that by morphing regular text to bold. You have to do that by converting your tewxt into shapes and morph between bold and regular font weight. If you are not to familiar about morphing capabilities of AE - that tut should help you:

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    Please help tell me how to make each Ps animation into a smart object which can be a looping asset put into a new file with other looping animations.


    My Ps file has all the different frames of the animation as layers, then I open the timeline, create animation, and go to make frames from layers, and adjust the timing.


    From there I don't know how to put this animation into a new file. I tried convert to smart object from layers menu (with all the layers and frames highlighted), and then right click, duplicate and destination of smart object to a new file, but when I go into this new file I don't know how to make the smart object "play" as an animation; it is just a static frame. I also tried going into the new file and double clicking to edit the contents of the smart object and animate it, with no marked difference to me. I beg your pardon, I have little experience with smart objects. I appreciate the help!

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    There a couple of problems you may not have considered in that idea. If you choose the right font with the right kerning, you might be able to do something as simple as add an animated stroke to the characters and get everything done with a text animator. Make sure the stroke color is the same as the fill color and width is set to zero in the Character Panel then add a stroke width and possibly a tracking animator to your text layer. This should work fairly well with a font like Helvetica and it would look like this:

    Screenshot_2018-11-28 08.02.27_8y5b7D.png

    It might get a little weird with some other fonts. You will just have to decide how accurately you need the bold version of the font to be with the actual bold version.

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    I'm new in AE


    I've try to search on internet but canno't find my answer


    my question is : It is possible for an object/ a layer, to be a light source ?


    For example, I want to create a neon sign crackling, how can I do


    I've an average result with a classic light layer but the shape of the light is still round an does'nt fit with the shape of the object


    anyone know a tool to do this or a free plug


    Thank you per advance !

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    If you want no distortion in the animation you'll have to pick a frame size for the project. Standard HD will probably be big enough. Any animation that you do in After Effects should not include duplicate frames. For example, if you want a symbol to change shape in a half second then hold for 5 seconds then change again you would set up the comp so the symbol changed shape over 10 frames, then you would have only one frame of the new shape, then 10 more that changed. You would render the comp using the Lossless preset in the Render Cue's Output Module, open the comp in Photoshop and set the duration of the middle frame to 5 seconds. You have to work this way to keep the file size as small as possible. You create the looping gif in Photoshop. You should not do that in After Effects.


    Personally, I think you have chosen the wrong format. A 1920 X 1080 animated gif is going have a very large file size if it is longer than just a few frames, you only have 256 colors to work with, will take a lot of bandwidth and time to load on your website, and mobile devices will have a hard time automatically playing it. If I wanted that kind of a design on my website I would use an animated SVG. You can create animated SVG graphics in AE that have a very small file size if you stick with vector layers. A much better tool for that would be Adobe Animate. That's the tool I would use for the project. The GIF is not a modern or efficient way to create any animations for a website.

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    You probably won't find a plugin for this because it's so dead-simple:


    • Make the sign layer 2-D.  Use no lights nor a camera.
    • Duplicate the sign layer. On the upper layer, isolate the neon tube(s), probably by using masks.
    • On the upper layer, apply and animate the Glow effect and apply one of AE's blend modes.


    Getting the animation to look right is then just a matter of tweaking the effect and one's experience in AE.  No lights.  No camera.  No 2D. Just skill in AE.  Get busy.

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